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Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

zii^''^B3ms^^ssm"^^^:^'.y7:'^wrfiSim- *^p^ 


Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 

Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged / 
Couverture endommag^e 

□ Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restaur^e et/ou pellicul^e 

Cover title missing / Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps: / Cartes g6ographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I A Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 




Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Reli6 avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available / 
Seule Edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along 
interior margin / La reliure serr^e peut causer de 
I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have been 
omitted from filming / Use peut que certaines pages 
blanches ajout6es lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela 6tait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas 6t^ filmees. 

Additional comments / 
Commentaires supplementaires: 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a 
6t6 possible da se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-§tre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la m6tho- 
de normale de filmage sont indiqu6s ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommagees 


Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaur^es et/ou pellicul^es 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
Pages d^color^es, tachet^es ou piqueos 

I I Pages detached / Pages d6tach6es 

[y I Showthrough / Transparence 

□ Quality of print varies / 
Quality in^gale de I'impression 

□ Includes supplementary material / 
Comprend du materiel supplementaire 

I I Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, 
' — ' tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages totalement ou 
partiellement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une 
pelure, etc., ont et6 filmees a nouveau de fa^on ei 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages s'opposant ayant des 
colorations variables ou des decolorations sont 
filmees deux fois afin d'obtenir la meilleure image 


This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below / 

Ce document est filmi au taux de rMuction indiqui ci-dessous. 















f^wm^ >^^ai-. 


Th* CO V filmed h«r» has b««n raproducad thanks 
to tha ganarosity of: 

National Library of Canada 

L'axamplaira film4 fut raproduit graca i la 
gAnArositA da: 

Bibliotheque nationale du Canada 

Tha imagas appaaring hara ara tha ba«t quality 
possibia considaring tha condition and lagibility 
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha 
filming contract spacif icationa. 

Las imagas suivantas ont At* raproduiias avac la 
plus grand soin. compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nanat* da raxamplaira film*, at •n 
conformity avac laa conditions du contrat da 

Original copias in printad papar covars ara filmad 
beginning with tha front covar and anding on 
tha last paga with a printad or illustratad impraa- 
sion. or tha back covar whan appropriata. All 
othar original copiaa ara filmad beginning on tha 
first paga with a printad or illustratad impres- 
sion , and anding on tha last page with a printad 
or illuatratad impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol — ^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUEO"), or tha symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Lea axemplairas originaux dont la couwerture an 
papier eat imprimAe sont filmAs en commandant 
par la premier plat at en terminant soit par la 
darniAre paga qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration. soit par la second 
plat, salon la cas. Tous las autras axemplairas 
originaux sont filmis en commencant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impreasion ou d'illustration at en terminant par 
la darniire paga qui comporte une telle 

Un das symbolas suivants apparaitra sur la 
darniire image de cheque microfiche, salon la 
cas: le symbole — *• signifie "A SUIVRE' . le 
symbol* ▼ signifi* "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hend corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diegrams illustrate the 

Lea cartaa, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent etre 
filmis A des taux de reduction diff Arents. 
Lorsque le document est irop grand pour atra 
raproduit en un seul clichi, il est fItmA d partir 
de Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche i droite. 
et de haut an bas, an prenant la nombra 
d'imagea nicassaira. Lea diagrammas suivants 
illustrent la m^thode. 














g^y, '6^3 Eo5t Main StrMt 

^T^ *^3chesler, Nw* rofh '4609 USA 

^aS , ''6) 462 - 0300 - P^one 

^S f^l6) 28B - 5989 - Fo» 









Commission of Conservat: 


Ciin»liliiliil itfiiirr ■ In tr7 l„ h\i„l,l, I. i- , . 

Chairman : 

IlliN. Cl.lFrollt) S|>-|()\ 

Mcmbcri : 

■Mil. I HANK D.WMiiN, Hri(|pu:i|. r .\ S ••'••• 

I.... «;Kca., .,...., ,, ,„;,;„,,, ., ^..,^ „^,__^^^^^^^ ,.^^^^^. _ 

Mh. U II.I.IAM ». Sn„wiu,.i., Chatli.wil N II 

II0-. MiNiii S, |in.,v„, M.I) \| |. St I,w,„^ I II 

Mu. Ki.wAur.(;„„n.H. St, I.u„n„t n,,'. " "' "Ity, l,i.v,il l.r.uvrHty. 

Dii. .Iamks U. l{,„„:,iT,<,N. cm;; CI, ,i_,,„. i>,„,,., ,, . , 

.|;'^riallr:uni,,«:u,.lT,vl,,u,..l^l,;i;;r; •,H?a^/;;r "" '"■ 

'" Tt^hX;;^ ' " "^'^' '^■'•^"- "•'"-'. <'"t.. n:ri,o, (,„...„. 

n»N Sknatok Uii.ruM ('\.Mi HON I:|(W^HI)^ Otim-,. ii„» 

>.uKnM..t, a „.,,:,, M.,.„ .^.v..n..,*V;,iv:.::r^;iw.,„,, T „, 

Mk. ('HAiii.M A. M.Coot.,, Out 


£ ";," ,s;:,;ni;';;,; 'fs^'j ■" ■>""<.. "- >•«. a.,.. 


Memben, ex-officio r 

Hnv" u"V"p '"^^"«^:;.' •.""'*"•>• of A,;ri..„ll„r,., Ottawa. 
Hon. \\ . J. HofHK, Minist,.r 01 the Interior, ( )ttawa 

Hon. Orlanbo T. Damim.s. Attorney (irncral. .Nova .S„tia 

""\^:Z" Ai,::^"^' ^"'"""' ^•"-'- "' '^-'-""n, and Provincial 
Hon. William 1{. Ros., Mini.-t.T of U,nU, British Columbia. 

^V cT I 

Commission of Conservation 

HUN CLII ' Kl) SinoN Lhi. 

JAME> WMl PF. . s„M.r, 

Water -Works 



Compiled by 


Hydro-Electric Eaginecr of the 
Commuiioo of Coniervatiao 




Committee on Waters and 

Chairman : 

Hon. H. S. Hi land 

Members : 

Hon. Jui.k.h Am.aud 
Hon. J. K. I'lkmmisg 
Hon. W. H. Hk.^kst 
Mr. C. a. M(,<;ooi, 
iloN. \V. K. KO.S.S 

Ottawa. Dec. n, 1012 


I have the honour to traiistnit herewith a report on the Wnter-Works of 
Canmla. whirh kIvos statistics of tlie principal physical a.ul financial .lata 
respecting these public utilities. 

Your obedient s(>rvant 




Coniiuission of Con.servatioii. 

To Field Marshal His Royal Highness Prince Arthuh Williw 
P..TRICK Albert. Duke op Coxnaccht axh of Stratheahn. K.G., 
K.T., K.P., &c., &c., Governor General of Canada 

May it Please Your Royal Highness: 

The undersigned has the honour to lay before Your Roval Highness a 
report on the Water- Works of Canada. 

Respectfully submitted 


Ottawa, Dec. 12, 1912. 






1. Introduction- 

II. XovA Scotia. . 


HI. Prince Edw.\rd Island 

... ^. IJ 

IV . .New Brunswick 

V. Quebec. . . . 


IV. O.vtario 

VII. Manitoba 

Mil. Saskatchewan 

IX. Alberta 


X. British Columbia. 


Al. Appendices: 

Table I. Nr.MBEn of Plants in ea. h I'n„viNCE. 1911 (Classifiod) .»i 

II. Number op Plants in C.\sa„\. 185()-l!)ll 93 

III. Rates and Co.NsrMprioN in Cities a.vd Towns 93 

IV. Sewage Disposal in Can vua 


I. Toronto Filtration Plant: Interior of Filter Showing 

Underdrains .nd FiR.s.r (Travel Layer ; . .TS.p.Vc.) 

II. Isometric ^-jew or Montreal Filtration Pl.nt w,t„ 

Proposed Pumpin(; and Power St.vtion . g 

III. TnuuNTO Filtration Plant: Site befo.e (■..n...,uction 40 

IV. Toronto FiLTR.vrioN Plant: Filter Masonry Construction 7, 
V. Number op W.^ter-Works Plants in Canada vt the Bfoin 

NiNG OP Each Five-Ye ar Period, 1850-191 1 93 

Water- Works of Canada 




'I'JtrtoCh,. ,„,.>..,„ report i.s,o pros,.,, 
tor rcfor'""" •' ■ • • i ^^^ n 

t III :i f(i 

as is here appended. 

(1) Xaiuo of city or town 

(2) Population 

(a) I. plant privately or nuau,.i,,allv owned? 

If the former, kindly state name „t ,onr,.inv 

(4) Sonrce of supply -.,etl,er taken fro:;!;;:; river or springs :::::::::; 

(a) Maxinunn and average h.p. used. , . 
b) Kmd of power (steam, electric, etc.) 

(c) If pumped to ...voir, stand-pipe, tik or direct ,y into mains 

(6) of s'ipply plant ... 

(7) Cast of distribution svstem 

(8) ^^•^eandofficialcapacityofofficerinchar.e::::::::::: 



(9) Mains: 

(a) Lenj?tlis in mile- 

(b) Kiiul of rniitcriiil in \Vi\w 

((•) Sizes and loiijrtlis of each kind 

(10) Number of liydrauts 

(11) Daily consuniijtion in iin|)erial Railous 

(12) Ordinary pressure in |)ouiuis 

(Ki) Fire [iressure 

(14) Annual cost of niaintenanee 

(15) N'lnnber of services and kirn' of pipe used for same 

(Ki) Number of consumers 

(17) Animal revenue from consumers 

(IS) Annual reveime from jiublic uses 

(19) Is water supplied on fiat (;r meter rat?? 

What are ciiarires for each? 

(20) If reservoirs are used, state 

(a) Number 

(1)) Sizes ...'...'..'........'..'. 

(21) Is any i)art of your plant duplicated for use in case of accident or em- 

ergency 7 

If so. state which parts 

(22) Yea.' in wliich jjjant besan operations? 

(23) Do you use a filter plant? 

If so, what kind? 

Are results satisfactory 7 " 

Answers to this letter were all very intelli<;ible and complete; but, un- 
fortunately, they came in very slowly, necessitatins the sendini; of several 
reminders to the tardy municipalities. This, of course, took some time; but a 
very complete set of answers was finally obtained. Howe\er, as such a long 
period of time liad elapsed between the .sendinj: out of the circular letter and 
the receipt of the last answers, it was feared that some of tlie information 
first obtained had become out of date. In order to remedy this a second 
circular letter was despatched; but, in order to facilitate matters, a synopsis 
of the information previously obtained was sent to the officer indiarj^eof the 
different water-works, askinj; him to revise, correct and brinp it up to date. 
To furtlier expedite matters, personal visits were paid to some of the delin- 
quent town.s by the Hydro-Electric Engineer of the Commission, and the 
deficient information was obtained directly. 

The mformation thus obtained has been arranged in a concise and con- 
venient form, and it is hoped tliat it will prove valuable to ihose interested 


i",„l rh.u it will ul., h,.,,, ,1..... .li,.,..,|v ,..,m,....,..,| 

; " ^-;'"7-";k.^ ^^-'<:">■^ t .,.,„.. u,.quainto.i wit!, n.n.litio,.: rHati. ,. 

other pliints tliim their (ivvn. - ' 

I.nmediHtPly f„llowi„,. vill i,e fo,„„l .harts and tul.les sm.uuari/ir,.' the 
nformat.on .n the h..,ly ..f the work and,,. .,f" " d 

siippij, rates, eonsumpiion, etc. 


Ti,e 'nforiuation rolatii,. t,. ea.ii water-wurk.s is given under the natne 
of tlu. e.ty, tou-n „r village, the.e hein, arranged alpl'd^tieallv , ,- I 
P^.^nu.e. the provnees are urran^ed .c.raphlallv fn.tneas; to ;;: 
, I ...■ populatum .served, a.-s esti.tiatod i.y tlie nu.nieipali, v .„,u.erned " is 
..v,.n .M ,,arenthoses following direetly the na-ue of the , „.nn- i, X ,1^ 
mun....pal.ty ts s.tnated. J„ a few eases, the population «iven does , 

. h .-...etu een,sus figures, this l.eit.. due to the faet that .s" 
uater-work.s .systent exte.Kl.s beyond the tnunieipal lintit.s, while i of 
c-ase., It does not inelude the whole of the .nuni.ipalitv ' 

t.Kler "rates," the figure.s ,dvon for •'bath-room" it.rlnde both hath 
el I'T ; Tr- "^'^ '^'""'^ '"• ^''' ■■■•'^^ ^"'' ^-"'"« - ^->i'v in. 1 
.epan>tely. Unless otherwise .seated, the yearly flat rate ehar.os are uiven 
The eonsuntption" is jjiven in imperial gallons per dav. Wherever it 
uas possible, the total cost or value of the plant has oeen sepan'ed !, 1 
ete"T;''r; '"""'"'"'"'"" ^-^••■^'""•" The former includes' Itnue 
nd .1"; ' T' rT' "'•'•-* ''" '"'''' '"^••'"'•^■^ streot-maitis, hvdrl s 

and material. In many i.istances, however, the ofTieer in ehar.e 

z:::^: ];:r ''"'- '''-''-'' -' ^'^ --^ -- ^^- ««-- ^"-"" «s: 

C"( •MMlJ'.SK )\ (II ( ( )« ».\' 

^ u 














= < 

»-. IB 

f Jt 














I if ?£^ss$fa :: I :: 

3 c - jlX 

1^1 = 

i2 ^^I 

;-: T a •-' ?; 4 * t; 3 ^ :; 

T fl 

r^ 3s -^ I • ?i I- -r .-r -i i- 
:: 5i - :- .' ^ 

r I I 5 ■-- = ,- 2 ?, 2 ?; 

•2 X ■" 

5r X ■/. 

^ 4- t- 


5 .^ § § '£ 5 J! .? B £ 

? 2 '-i J r. I? I i 'i i; 

?^' 3 £ =5 '- '^ = 5^ C-. 

-_ •- r. z_ — Z ce ^ i~ 


>^ tc '^ r* 

T :- -, ,^ ^ g^ .^ ^ 

y. ~ ■''. z^ o :>. rE 


■£ ■= i « ^ § 

c a § £ - J 

6 a 



«i«NC!|.:^B!i;>*, Mi=S'.--^1tv-inrr ?*» -^T^tF?^ :>■'.% *it"iS&>L>Si.'V59rCtri^^!!!' 


AMHERST, (•u,nh..,lan.l .■..., (I...:!.-,,,. I,, „,„.,a.ion „V,. iv... ,„,„.,, ,,, 
.j:--i,.ah,v. Supply: ,.,un,„..l r,„„. N.,,,.., ,,.,.,, , „„i... ,,,,,, 

I- n " '"" "-'I'"!!. Ill IMIUIT ii-cl; 1,1, tups ,.,,■(• ill ill,. 

I'I"H"'. Reservoir and Storage msin: ,s.'..mhmmi.. ...j ..',.„.;,,• ni« 
tnbution:.l,.uli.srj.^,,..,,.:,n,,v,,..,,,, ,,f;';,:^^^^^^^^^ 
»ure:<,7n,s. Consumption: I..-.h.,uu(I ,..,1. Financial: .,., ,.fM,r,plv 

*IH,.J7(.. Raes: Hat nu... ,,,..,•„.. fa„u|v. s.-,; l,a,lM...o,u. M- a,„l s, 
for rai.l, ,„|,l.„o„,.,l ,a,,; ,„.,.., ,a„, v. ,„,, ,,,„,„ .,,, ,,„..„,. 

ANNAPOLIS ROYAL, .Wpolis ...... „.ouo, ,„ .,..,,a,i,„ ,,•„,., „„. 

-n,..l ,y ,n„u...pal„y. Suppl;- 1,- ,,avi,y fn.n. '• l-i,., I'.,,.,!'' u.k.' 

MP'S 2', .,y.iru.,t.s; lOo .sorviios fe,..ii„. wli..|,. , Pressure- 11)0 il,s' 
Financial: of p.p.. lino un.i hydrants. .v.7.-,()(); „„al ,„s, . | o„„: 
annua ma.n„.,.a„., s,.„,, i. .„,„„, ,,,;,.„. Rates: flat .^., ',, ,,,: 
f.un.l.N , N, f„r bath-roo.u. OiVuvr in ..ha,-,..: Samurl l;ipp..y. ' 

ANTIOONISH An, ...... (2..,„„). I„ ..„„,aU..n sin,. IV.K,; owned l.v 

'--•...alay. Supply: l.n...l<, hy ,,aviry f,...n. two ....uiir.Tu.t 

d.M ant. Reservoirs: two, .aparity ;i.„„,).0(J,) ,.,1. an.l I.oOOOU., .'l 

n -,; n '"•/•■''™"^'^'' "•'-" i>'l)e; .Ui) •■.ins.nners. Pressure: ordi- 
nary, <„ lbs.; hre, HO lbs. Financial: ....t ..f plan,. s,sou... „ , '. i 

M.OoO. Rates: fiat rate, ,a,, and bath-room, $11; tap, .s.y ,,,,1,,., i,,' 
charge: S. A, Hulbert, Sup..rintend,.nt. 

BADDECK, \'i..toriaco. .Vo puMi,. supply. Two hotels have a private 
.Mipply in- gravity from a sprin-. I'"^.uc 

BRIDGETOWN, ^rmapolis ...... „.000). In operation sin..e 1SS7; ,.wn,..l bv 

muniapahty. Supply: by gravity f,.,.,„ spria..s and Cros.skill a . n , e 
Nortn mountam, 2i mile, distant. Distribution: 1 mile of S i . ; . 
of 6 in. G nules of 4 in. C. I. pipe; :n hydrants; 81o .servi,.es J i / , 
J^M oT- f """'"= two-l„500,000an.i 22,000,00.. ...^'pI 

'""^- '"°'"" Consumption: iHj.oOO gal. Financial: total ccst of plant 

•C.I.=c«rt iron. ' 



3tJ>:j£l-'-i. '■*■'■ ■-.••{*." #-V'-iiL^' 


*3.5,6(J<); iinnuiil imiint.-.mruc, liJ.iMH); n-vcnu.-, *:' 2(M» Ratei- flat 
rut.., W f.,r tap or l,ath-r...m, and ^1 ,,„ u.l.liti„n,a| ,.,,; social 
n.t.w f„r fa..,,,,.,.s. ,,,•.. „u.t..r ra... T,,- „. :.,,. ,H>r l.(KK) «al,. a...,.nlin« to 
"""MH.t. Ulhc.r i» .•ha,«,.: Ju,n..,s c;„l,ls„,i,h, Hu, 

CANNING, Kin,. ..o(,«M.,. I„ .,p.,,.,i.,n sin-o 1M!)4; ..wm-.l l.v „n...i,-i 
l-aUty^ Supply: l.y ,mvi,y fr.m, .,,ri„u, a„.l ,,ro.,k. o ...n,., ,,(,,„„ 
D,s nbution: 2 nnlrs of s i„, an.l 2 n.ilo. of .! i,.. ami 4 in. V. I pi,,,.- •>«) 
l.y.haMt.: I.'i0.s..,v„.,...ii„.j;a|va„i„.,liro„. Resen'oir: (),,.. 2 (MloorM) 
«al. Pressure .-V, ,o 7:, ll,s, Financial: total .•,..i of ph„„, s27(XM). 
anrt.r; .ua.i.f,.ua,..,.. ^2^(.; ■■..v.m.u,., ss5(). Rates: (lut rat.- S5 fo,' 
first .lo, tap, ^1 for a,|,„al: ^,-, for hati.-roo,,,. ()fr..'..r in 

:"•«(•: \V. 1). F. Siuitl 

luitli. .Siipi'riiitcii(|(.|ii, 

(•'>.O.VS). in operation since 1,S02: owncil by 
'■y «ra\ity from I.ainoiif an.l Topsai! lakes, 

DARTMOUTH, Halifax ., 
municifmlity. Supply 

areas J,{ an.l 111 a-n-s, n.sp,.,,, au.l 2* tuilos .listat.t. Distribution:' 
1.) miles ..t L. I. mams, 4 m. to 2.t in.; KM) hydrants; !t2r, servers lead 
an. «alvanue.l m... pip.-; Pressure: 2o il.s. t., »5 Iks. Financial: u.tal 
vo.t of p, .^2r,,S,2<)(.; a.wu.ul n.uintenati.e. .M4,;;()(); revenue, $14 S2;J 
Rates: Hat rate, $4 un.l ui.uar.l per dw,.-linj;, l.ase.l on value of pn.pertv' 
meter rate, S... to 15... per 1,()(),) Officer in eluw^e: W. I . Bshop; 
Supermtcn.len; and Enjrineer. 

DIGBY. l)i«l,v..o, (1,5()0). In operation sin..e ISOo; owned bv muni..ipalitv. 
Supply: l,y ,.r;tv„y from sprim: br..ol<s an.l Lily hike, :{ miles .listan't 
Keservoirs- two, on., at sour.e of .supply, eapaeitv 14, 000. ()()() ,ral an.i 
'.'.e m to« „ . ,,pH..„v jr,.,|. Distribution: !) miles .)f C I mains 
' ";■ '<• H. m ; 21 hydrants; 2.v. .servi....s, 1 in. lea.l pipe. Pressure:' 
"nl.nary, so lbs., !„■,., 12,5 lbs. Financial: .est of plant, *40,000: a.mual 
nKunte„an..e. $7:«.. n.veuue, $2,700. Rates: fiat rate. .$.5 per v 
•N-. f..r Utn .r iti ..hur;;e; (i..o. A. \ye. Superintendent. ' ' 

GLACE BAY, Cape I5re,„n ,,, ,17,000). in operati.m sin..e UMY-i: owned 
I'.v municipality Supply: hv ^^.avity fr.,m lake, n,il..s .listant to 
IH'.ups, thence ,,um,-. 1 t., mai.s an.l re..,., v.,ir; pumps aiv in .luplicate- 

t'l (Inn 'rlm 'T'"' "'/'^'■"""" '" ' ''P" '^'^^'^^ ' '" I'-P- Reservoir: one 
"t '."OO.OOO ,al. Distribution: :un miles of C. 1. and t^alv: nh.d iron 
P|i><'. -'in, t„ 10 in.; !»: hy.lra.Us; l.SOO services, i =n. i;alv..,ni.e,l iron 
pipe. Pressure: or.iinary. 7o ll., at hii^h elevati.m; fire, ;50 11., at hi.di 
> 'niuwH^ "',"i'" " '"' '^'-■^'tioo; av..ra«e. 0/5 lbs Consumptio;: 
J..^OO,ouo ,,.!. Financial: ,.,tal ..,>, .,f phu,,, .s;,,^,;, „.„„, t^.^j,,. 

WATKH-WuRKs oi nova sCOTIA 7 

U'iuuuv. S11.4;,,,; i,„„,,„, ,*,.„H,, ,,.„,,„„ ^.„,.^. ^ 

>.>.....:,,...r.iw..,ii... ..m ■in..u,...:.r,rM,,,,.,.,,;::;,;;X: 

HALIFAX, (4,i,,KK.) In .,,«„,,i.., .,„,,. „, „^^,, . „.„,, 

Supply: l.v -nui.y f,.„n. I.,.,,. laU ,w..l .1,..,. „,■ ,,u. I n.i ■ . u 

.....1 .Spn... 11.11 l.k..., 7 ,lMant. Distribution: 7.1 n,il... ' ' 

-nm.s, fn,m 4 .M. „. 27 in,, ..;.-, hv,|,u,us; |.,w .s..,.!,,. nutins ar. i„ 
. u, .nu.. 7,.i.K. S...VM.-. I...„ „ir«.. Pressure: ..linarv, ,', ,i,„. ,i, " 

■_\..M)m). nK,int..n:i.w... .S'Ml.uoO; ,,.v,.nu... .s1(|(.(mM( Rates- 
U.I. Otlir.T ... rhur:;..: I'. W. W. I.,,,.,,,, city k,,,;, , 

""nr^'r; """■/' ■-■"•—'-- ..•,„ni..i. 

H' >. Supply: l,v .nu.ty l,„,u l)avi«,... la\... 7 „.i|,. .lis.ant Reser- 
voir: ....... H,o.,M.o «,.,.,,,,.,..;,,. Distribution: 11 ...i,.. ,.f (• , ^'Z 

Pressure- III. II Pi . ■<'i\i.<'>, i 111.;.ni/..Ml in.n m..,,.. 

'■.-"«•. ^UO; ivvonu., M.l'OO. Rates: (iut ,„r,., „.,,, ..,; „.., ,.„.„.. 

? ;, r!"^^ •' ""'"'"•" ^'■'"" •'"" '"■""'^ ""'' ^^-^"^' luk.-. 4 .„il,.s 
...St.. t. Reservoirs: iw", 1.(KM).()(M) .,ml jo.oooooo .:j ,,.„..,ltv Dis 

.^L.M. .>. j n.. t., J ,n. k:.Iv:ii..z...1 .,„,. pii,,.. Pressure: >00 11,. Con- 
ump .on: .,-.o,..„o ,.,. pfnandal: ,,.,,.1 L ,.f ph.,.,. ,• : ■ 77 ■ .,.„" 

•'■ ... .NcMllo, &uponiiicii.|(.)it. 

LIVERPOOL, (Jiii-oiis ,■,, I-) iiHii i„ 

n._uu,..p.|„v. Supply: |,y „,,;,, ,,,„„ ,,,^„ ,^,,. „ il.-s . . .' 
E^s^n u..on:, 1,..^. .f (,,,.,;„,,,,,,,,,,, ,,^^^,,^ 

■M ...>,, w..K.,nuo.l,n,„ p.p.. Pressure: 7.". to s.', il,.s. Financial- ,„,■.! 

.ccue fn„n ,„ns,„n,.,>. .S2,i;ifl; f,,„, „„,,,;,. „,,, ,,„„ 
-..■'.a.....>p.., Kv,.|iin.: l,..h-,. s;;. . ,„i,...,. in ..,..,.,„: A 

LOUISBURG, Capo ,,..„. „,(,.„, ,, ..„..,,,,, ^,„„. ,^,, ^^ 

St..w.,..t 1..L-,. '1 r '■ ; '^ '••■■^^■'■L". Supply: i,v :;,aviivfr,,ni 

.^tcua.t lake an.l J-r,,,,, 1,,,,,,,,, j .^j,,, ,,.,,^^,„ Distribution:' s in. 


':.',■ ^"'•"^■' F'»i" ,.„s, of pLtnl, $..(),()()(); amu.ul n,ai,U<M,:tn, ,. 
J.W ; rov.M.uogs.,)„. Rates: Hat. $5 ,...,• s.,vi..... Offi,...- i,. ,.,.,,,.,: 
I . (' iNuil, h('('.-l leas. 

LUNENBURG, ,•„..,. J„ „,„,-ation sin... 1S!.5: ouh.mI 1,v 
:-""'l-lny. Supply: lV,„n Ca,,,,.,.,,,,. lak... ;; .uil.s distant; ,H„n,...;i 
nUn a .vs,.,v„ir l,y wat..r-|„nu.r. Reservoir: I „a| ,..,,.,,1,,. 

M-rviros i ,n. to 2 m. i:al vani/cl inwi pi,,,.. Pressure: 'ir, to <»r, ||,s 

Financial: .ost of plant, siio.OOO; annnal niaintonan..-, S.; , ia,i„ain..- 

mt'T.^ and ,ielH.nt,u-,.s; rovcu.,-, s,;.27S f,-on. -■onsunuM-s. Rates: Hat 
•at,^^^ or ,rst tap, s:; un- r-.u-U additional; l,ati,-,oon,. $o. OlliaT in 
<-inu-c: I,. A. ( omad, Snpi.riaii'ndcnt. 

MIDDLETON Annapoli. .o., „„.,„. ,,. „,,..,,, i,.,. ,;,.,.„ „„ ^ ,.^^,„„, ,^. 
'|>uni,.,palny. Supply: l.y .raviiy front a iak.- and spri„..s ;i 
d.M an, Reservoirs: iak- sorvs as rosorvoir (40 acos); attotlu-r reser- 
yo..-. M»..K.() cu. ft. Distribution: 7 tnil.. of C. I. tn.i,.; 4 i„. .nd i'l • 
-1 hydrants; 200 s,.rvi,.os, > i,t. ,0 2 in. .alvani.t.l iron pipo. Pressure: 
-"''"'-■■v,i»Oll..s.; ftrc. 120 1I.S. Financial: total , of plant s:;,, ),).)• 
annual .na.ntonanco, $200; r,.v..n,te fro.n .•otist.iners. $2.(K)(); fro.n 
puLltr US..S. ^:m. Rates: Hat. lirst ,ap.>;i to $10. ,)m,.,.r in ,.l,ar<..- 
.Jas. A. dates. Town Clerk. 

NEW GLASGOW. I'i.tou n... (7.500,. la oper.ation sinee l.S,S7; outu-d l.v 
muuicipahty. Supply: pun.po.l dirctly into mains from Kas, rivor -U 
m.1.^ .hstant; «toan, power nsed, average. 100 h.p. Reservoir: oii;., 
.,())(, 000 uJ ,.a,.ac.ty. A snivitation .system front M,L,.llan I.rook 
and I-orl„.s lake, to supply 2,.-,()0.00() ual, is heiiar installed at a , ost of 
.>200,000. Distribution: 20 miles of C. 1. mains, 4 in. to 14 it, ■ 7-, 
hydrants; 1 ,;{00 serviee.s, h in. to J i„. l.-ad ,,ipe. Pressure: !»' U.s 
Co.;:t^ption: .,.1. Financial: ,ost of suppiv plant s'OOOO- 
distrihution. $loS.OOO; animal mai.itenanee, SIO.OOO; revenue from' 
••"usumers, $22,(iOO; from puhli,. „ses, $i.o,sr,. Rates: flat rite $", 
iuidupw.-ird per dwelling; ,„,.ter rate. :U- to. We. per 1,000 -al. Odieer in 
iharire: ,Iames Hoy, Kmrin,.,-,-. 

NORTH SYDNEY, (See under Sy.hiey .Mines.) 

OXFORD, Cutnheriaml eo., (1,400). In operation since 1S07; owtied l,y the 
Oxford Water & Power Supply, Lt.l. Supply: by ^ravitv froni .springs 
1 mile disttmt. Reservoirs: two. 328,000 sal. and 72,000 -al. eapucitv 


Distribution: ;; nul,.s ..f nuiius. -1 i,,. t„ s i„.; <, hvdrmts- ■>„„ . 
«alvanu..,l in.,. pi,K.. Pressure: .{.) Ihs. Financial .,' -"'-■'V'"^- 

^nmu annual nuun„.uan,.,., s,;,; ,,^to R ev H ,' "^ 

PARRSBORO, CnnlMTland ..,.., ,.'.500). I,. „„, ,„i„„ ,,•„,,,. ,„,- 

---l-'i-v. Supply: •-.■■avi,yf.,n. sp,.in." u .; ,.''^::''''' '^• 
.lisian,. Reservoirs: ,.„■ „i ,,„m,,0.)0 ,al and tu ,, r" •'' "iT 

;i-->f.,o....oo and ..000,000 ,.d. ..a,;,.i,;:''i;:;^,^^^^ 

( . I. .Mains. 1 „,. ,„ ,0 n,,; .7> l.vdrants; 100 .s,.,vi,.,.s. Pressur ' n 
Consumption: .-'..OOO u,al. Financial: t,.tal ,„.t „f r • " 

snmo.s, .S2,700, fn.n, ,,„l,hV „s..s .s-^o,, Rate.ll , '""" 

PICTOU, l'i,.,„„ ,.„.. ,;i,2()„). i„ „,„.,;^,i„„ ,i„,.,. , 

.;''-^ supply: ,„„,.,,d...and-pip..f.,,..,;:;:;;j :, ■;:;-- 

:-■<■- :u.dpun.p. a,.o in dupli.... Distributio^: Vn i ! r " "'""^ 
-.'"•t..I2n,.; r;5 hydrants; OJO s.-m.os ^ in and 1 ^ ' 1^ '"• 

I'll"' Pressurp- 11(1 II,. r^ • ''""'""'"'• ~ai\aiu/.cd ii-,,u 

II . t^ressure. no 1|,,. Consumption: IDO.OOO ^-ul. Financiil- ,. .t 
"' MU'ply plan,, S20.000; ,■„., ,.f dis„.ihn,i..n s^U^n ^n "l] T 
"-' ".a.n...nan...., so.SoO; in.nvs, ,.,. bonds, >^4 7:u\nnT^ "'" 

;h- tap, *,, adduional ,aps, ./ea,.!,; hat,,:,..:;;:':,. ^ ;, .:^;;7'' 
^-...-, ..t. C).n..o,. in ,,,a,...: ,1,,,.. ,, Ada,ns, Supnin;;:;;,;.;:; ""' 

SPRmOHILL Cund.Hand .... ,.-,700). ,,. „„,,,,,;„„ ,,,„,. ,,„, ^ , , 

■ — Supp,y:l,y,,,v,,yf,.„„,4Hn.s<; , sdsunl I •■ 
voirs: two, of and lOO,,),,,, ,,,, ,, ; , ": 

I-^-..<>no ,,al. .apa.i.y. Distribution: ^^2 n ii s V ■^^''■"'-1"'"' "f 

'"■^ <'^nu-d,.a,i,s; I.OOO.s..,.vi„.s ^ in lu -■ p ''•'''"■''' '" 

11- Consumption: .0..,...K. ./ Finan ^ ' : .P"-^-"-"- f'-'^'O 
■^■10.000; ,.„s, of dis,,.il,„,i,,„\vs,en '» "\ ""''''•^- '''•""' 

^'•70; ..vonne, .s,:;oo. Rates: Ib^ u-^ ';.':'T;; '"='!"*7--' 
•■■l^<)ulton,«„p,Mim,.nd,-n,. • •" P" tap. OIIu-.m- .„ .ha,-...: 

STELLARTON, I'icou ro (loom i. 


hydrants; (110 soiviccs. J in. lead pip,.. Pressure: ordiimrv Tollw- fire 
NO 1I.S. Consumption: 450,000 jjal. Financial: total ",(.st .^f plant" 
NSO.OOO; annual maintenance, .S7,200: reveiuic, $7.S40. Rates: flat rate' 
$.. and upward vellin;;; liatli-ro,,,,,. $2; meter rate, in- to Sc' 
jicr 1,000 -als. Officer in diar-e: J, l'otts,T(.wn L'liKineer. 

SYDNEY, Cape IJreto.i co., (IS.OOO). In operation 1S93; new reservoir 
in li»()2; owned hy vhy. Supply: hy gravity from l.rook. 3 miles distant 
Reservoir: new stora^f' reservoir, capacitv 200,000,000 jral. Distribu- 
tion: 2S miles C. I. mains, 4 in, to 24 in.; 1.^7 hy.lrams; 2.15(1 .services 
i m. lead and -alvaniznd iron i)ij)e. Pressure: ,{0 to 87 Ihs. Consump- 
tion: 2,115,072 Kal. Financial: est of i)lant, S400,000: annual m-iin- 
tenance, .•;;(i,(32S; revenue, S;j;i4Sl). Rates, l.oth flat and meter rates- 
flat rate, .'<5 for first ta]); hath-room, ;>().,-)0; meter rate. 8c, to 20c per 
1,000 -al. Officer in char-e: 1). M, (^amphell. City Engineer. 

SYDNEY MINES, Capo Hreton co., (S.OOO). In operation since 100;{- joimlv 
owned l,y North Sydney, \.S. Steel ct Coal Co. and Svdnev Mine^ 
Supply: from Pottles hike; pumj.ed to reservoir; steam power used; 
pumps arc m duplicate. Reservoirs: one. ,,f 1,000.000 gal. capacity for 
whole .system and two for Company at their works. Distribution- 14 
n.iles C. I. mains; 1)3 hydrants; 1,003 services, galvanized iron inpes 
Pressure: ordinary, 40 to 70 lbs.; fire. 30 to 90 Ihs. Consumption: 
1.000,000 gal, Financial: of supplv plant. $45,000; cost of distri- 
Inition .^vsiem. .'>S5.000 for t,.wn and s.:;).()()() f,„. x.s.y. j^ c Co.; annual 
mamtenance, s,-)55; revom.e. .^7,000. Rates: flat rate, so per tap, sf l.,^,o 
for tap and hath-room. Officer in charge: J. (i. W. Campbell, Town 

TRURO, Colchester co., (0,100), In operation since 1,S75; owned bv nuuiici- 
pahty. ^ Supply: by -ravity from Leppi^r l.rook, li mile distant, have 
an auxiliary .^team plant of 300 li.p. capacitv pumpin- direct 
to mam^. Reservoir: one. .-iO.OOO.OOO -.1. ' Distribution: 10 

7 liydiants; ] .0,")l) .service: 

miles C, I. mains, 4 in. In 14 in,; 12 

galvanized iron pipe. T essure: ordinarv, ,V-) lbs.; fire. 120 lb< Con- 
sumption: 1.500.0()()i:a, Financial: t.>fai cost of plant to date. ,S25O.O00; 
annual mainlcnaiice, s;i..-)(H); revenue. .S14.000. Rates: flat rate, tap,' 
■•<•;: bath-niom, S4; mcicr rate, 5c. to s,-, per 1.000 -als. Olli.'er in 
char-e: (1. ('. .Mi'l),,\vell. Town Iji-incei'. 

WESTVILLE, I'ictuu ,„.. (4,4(10). In oiu'ratinii .ince fsiio; owned by 
niunioipaliiy. Supply: pumpe.l (o reservoir from .Middle river. \\ mile 
distant; 45 h.p. steam pumi) used; boilers and pumps in dupl'icate. 


FUter: gravel ,ind sand filtor us.-d. Reservoir: „ne. l.oooooo ,,^1 
rapacity. Distribution: 14 lailcs C. I. uadn,, 4 in. to 10 in, ; 5.' h'vdrants- 
8S0 services, i ni. and j in. lea.l pipe. Pressure: oidinarv, 75 Iks.-' fire' 
60 Iks. Consumption: IM.L'Uo -.1. Financial: of .supplv plant' 
000; cost of dist,.i..uUon s,s„.ni, .o7,400; .„,„,., .aljl,!;!:;:' 
.%,0-,S; revenue s;o.S2(i Rates: flat rate, .^O.oO per lanuly; meter rate' 
K.C. to oOc. per 1,000 jral. Officer in charge; 11. Curr, Town Engineer. 

WINDSOR, Ilant,^ co (3,000). In operation .ince 1S.S2; ..wned In- n.unici- 
pai.ty. Supply: by sravuy f.-oni .Mill lakes, S nules di.s.ani. Reservoirs- 
tl.ree, nvo of ...OOO.OOO ,ai. each, and one Mornge reserv<-i,- , ,f 700,000 000 
Ka . Distribution: 9 nules of C. I. mains, 4 in, to 10 in.; 0,; h.-.l.ants- 
•.00 services, lead pipe. Pressure: H) to S.-, lbs. Consumption- 
•^•><).000 ^-al. Financial: total cost ..f p.ant, .^80.000; annual m-dn- 
'enance S3,500 including interest on debentures; revenue. .S,5 000 
Rates: flat rate based on assessed value. $4 and upward per dwelling- 
'''"n->-oom„«:i. Officer in char,..: F. Mounce, Superimendem, 

WOLFVILLE Kin^s co., (1.4.1S). In operation since 1890, owned bv 
municipality. Supply: by ..-avity from Duncan brook, .3 miles di.fmt 
Keservoir: one, capacity, .5,000,000 -al. Distribution: 7 mile, of V I 
mams 2 m. to 8 in.; 37 hydrams. Pressure: SO lbs. Financial: total 
.•-t of p am. .s;43,000; annual maintenance, .^2.500, including interest - 
revenue from c.msumers. .^2.S00; from public uses, ,$10 Rates- flit 
rate, .s.-, per tap; 88 per bath-room. Officer in char,..: A (' J„hn.on 


_ ^ _ armoutli c<,.. (0.000), In operati,m sine 'Ssi- ,,wned bv 
•"-micipal.ty. Supply: by gravity from lak,- (;,.on:e a.d sprin.^s 9 mil.w 
'l..stant : pumped into reservoir and mains; 20 h.p. steam ,,umpin. plant 

-.000,000 «al. Distribution: 32 n.iles V. I. n.tins. 4 in. to 12 in - lOo 
hydrant.; 1 ,340 services, lead pipe. Pressure: ordinarv. ;io t„ oo 11. • 
hre. oO to 90 !bs. Consumption: s;is.7s,-, .,.,], Financial: total r,., ' ,'a 
l'.aut to ,ia,^. 8340.843; annual cost of operation, s;,.;,^,;; !„,,,■,.., „„ 
i;ouds M4.2S0; revenue fron. .■onsumers, ,-19,4.32; fnun publi,- um.< 
N....S4. Rates: ffiit rate from 87.50 to .820 based „n number of tap<- 
"H'Ter r,-ue r.r lars^^e consumers. 20.. per l.(J01» gal, OHi,.,,. i„ ,,h;,,..,,.' 
^■eo. II. Kobertson. Superintendent, 


CHARLOTTETOWN, (^,..,.„.s ..,.„ U-',.-..H.). In „,.,.,.a,i..n si,,,.. ISSS-V. 
•■^^'";'' ''^- M.,n,„,,Mliiy. Supply: i„„„,h.,1 fn.,„ „..||s, ,„..•„■ Thn.,.„,il,; 
'"'•-.ok ,„ ,-,..n.v..„-; s,...„. ,,„u,.,- us,.!; ..aiMrily „f pu,,,,,,,, -.;.()(.,,.„„ 

L:al. Reservoir: o,„. ,.„v..n.,| ,lisi ,.il„„ „,^r ,■ ,.,v„i,-. 1 .•.-,-,,,„( I ,| ..,,„.t 

■•.ty. Distribution: -oj uuU: „f ,„:u„s, ., i,, ,„ , , ;„ Z ,„; |7,,|, .;,;,;. 
..-'..0 sriMr.vs, |..a,i a,„l -alva„i/r,l i,„„ pi;,,.. Pressure: <;() il.. Con- 
smnpfon: 7;;l-,(Hhi ,al. Finar,cial: cial ,•,., „f ,.la,„ , sj7() .Ml.)- a,,,,,,-.! 
'"^"„I,.„a„r,., siMMHI; i„„.,-,.s, . s|.,„n(l: ,vv,.,n„-, .v',", (10(1 Rates- ll'a 
ral,.. N. p..,- ta,>„iy: ss lo,- ha,!, -,•„,„„: „„.,..,• ntto, ;;(l,.. p,., 1 0(.() ..',1 
(MI,r.M' ,1, ,-l,a,-u.-: Chas. Dalzi,'!, S,ip,.,-i„i,.,„|,.„|. 

GEORGETOWN. Ki,,,s ...... U.liu,.,. ,„ ,,i,„. si,,,-., n,,,,; „,„.„| ,,, 

I '•""■'■ l'''"^"-'l I-^l^u,.! .-ailway. I',i,„.,. K.luanl lsla„,l .•.lilwav ha. '; 
sys„-„, to .M.pply ,M,;;i,„..s aii.l Mali,,,,; wal,-,- is s„ppli,..l hv ..,,,vi, v (■■ „„ 

s,.,i„;;s a sh.,„-| .hs,a„,.- auay. Distribution: .' ,„ f r, ,„ ,„ai„.- 

Consumption: 10.0(1(1 L;ah 

SUMMERSIDE, l>,.i„.a. .■„.. ,;i.()00,. 1„ „p..,a,i,„. ..i,,,... |..,.i». „„,„.,i ,„■ 
iu,„u.,pal.ty. Supply: p„„,p..d f,,„„ a,-...sia„ uvils .lin.,.,lv in,,, ,„ai„s 
■iiul I.. st,uui-pip,.; s,..,uu p„u,M- „.s,>,i: „i:.xi„mm. r.O h.p •' av.aa.... ■)-, 
l..|.. Reservoir: .sta,„l-pipe :!(;(i.()0',) gal. ,.apa,.i.v. Distribution: M 
mil.'s .,f „,,„ „.ai„s; .-,(i hy,l,,„us; ■.'„ 1 Pressure: „nii„a,v 
.0 11.S ; l„v. 90 ihs. Consumption: (iO.OOU ^'hI. Financial: ,„tal 
-■-M ..f I'laiu. m).nm; ■uai,„..nan,a>, *2,(M;5; .w,.,,,,,. f,-,,,,, 
'■"»su„u.,vs. N{.;5<;,; t.-on. p„hli.. „s..s, .^LJiW). Rates: Hat ,-at,> 8,i an.l 
upwanlpc-,ath-n,..,„,$S; „u.|..,.. ;iO... p,.,- l ooo ,.al Oilj,,.,- 
m clia,-!:.': Alt", (i,'.,,,,,,. 


ANDOVER, \ iri,„ii, ,■,.., (.-,1101. |„ ,,|„.niii.,ii .m.i.t IS!),S; owimmI 1... i,i,,„i- 
<i|>:ililv. Supply: liv -riLviiy fnun lin.nk, I mile disduit. Reservoir: 
-'HI', l.-,i),()n(l ■^:i\. .-iiniciiv. Distribution: L' miles .,f (; in, ('. |. inains; 
LM» hydr.inis; 71 ^rrvicr^^, ; in. iron |.i|,(.; Pressure: .',2 |l,s. Consump- 
tion: •_'(),( )0( I i;al. Financial: (•(.>( ,.f phuii, si l ,.-,uu; .• luaim-n- 
iuuv. STUO; vvvi'unr. S7(l(). Rates: ll:il rat.', $.-. per laiuiiv. Wal.T 
('niiinii-sicjn in iliart;!'. 

ii-iM,k,.i miles 
i;al. caiia^ity. 
')() livdraiit.-; (JIJO 

CAMPBELLTON, Itestiucm.l.e .,.., (.-..(IdO). |„ ,,|,ei;,li.,|, .sin,-.. ISS!); ,,wi,e.| 
liy rnMiii(i|.:i!ily, Supply: l,y ,m-avilv rn,i,i s|>ririL's aii<l hro.,k,. 
disiaui. Reservoirs: tuo, 2.<M)0,(l()(l ami (iO, 000, 0(10 
Distribution: 12 iiiili's (,". I. main-, 1 in. h. Hi in.; 
servires. J in. to 1 in. lead pipe. Pressure: .S,", 
225,000 t,'al, Financial: .osi of plant, .S2I)0,000; ammal mai 
(includin- interest), .>I0,000; levenuo fiuni consumers, :<i;.:{00; from 
pul.lie uses, $1,000. Rates: flat rate, *,S per family for first taj.; Initli- 
room. -S"). Offii'er in -li,arf,'e: K, ,1. Sandover-Sly, Town lin-ineiu-. 

CHATHAM, \(,rtlmml.erland co., (5,000). In operation since 1001; owned 
I..V municipalitv. Supply: directly into mains froni l.rook :',i 
miles distant; steam jamer used, 1.50 h,p, max., 05 h.p. avera-e; pumps 
and h(,il(>rs are in duplicate. Reservoir; I stand-pii,(. 4S0,000 jjal. ca- 
p.'uity. Distribution: OJ miles C. I. mains. 4 in. to 12 in.; (i5 hy.lrants; 
.•{fiO services, '{ in. to 2 in. iron pipe. Pressure: ordinarv, liS tn 71 Ihs.; 
fire, 100 lbs. Consumption: 400,000 ^al. Financial: co-t of supt)ly 
plant, .$22,500; distribution .system, .SK^^.OOt); annual maintenance 
(without intei"st), §4,500; revenue, $5,000, Rates: flat rate, first 
taj), $5; bath-rooii;, $4. Otiicer in char-c: Alex, .\. .Mackav, Superin- 
tendent of Tc ,11 Works. 

DALHOUSIE, Kosti-ouche co., (1,0.50). In operation since I'KJS; nwne.l bv 
municipality. Supply: by gravity from brook, 2^ miles distant . Reservoir: 
one, capacity 1,000,000 jrai. Distribution: 4 miles,., in. to s in. C. I. 
mains; 2.S hydrants; 170 .services, i in. to 1 J in. lead pipe; Pressure! 
80 t.) So lbs. Financial: cost of plant, ,$05,000; aimual maintenance, 
S200; revemio, .$2,000. Rates: flat rate, $10 per dwellimr. Officer 
in char},'e: William A. Ciallop, Water Superintendent. 

FREDERICTON, York co.. (7,' 08). In operation since 1S8.S; owned hv 
municipality. Supply: pumped from St. Jolin river, about one mile 


coMMissmx or coxservatiox 

'I'stunt, thmu,l. hltrafon ..yst,-,a. into maias. Stou,,, pow.r u.o.l- 
pumps and statmn appliuru-os aro ia .iuplica.e. Filter: n o'l,. 2 l' 
n.p.lsan. u^.l. Reservoir: -.„.> ..f :.n,5()U «al. ..ap..;,v. D ^^^ o^! 

'''."'. •>.'-'.{. 14 1, an Kual ma.nt.Miai,,.,.. .SKiJOO; i„,o,v.t si „5(). 
"•^'•""" "•..„. n.nsu., Sl.^,oo„; f,^,„ ,,,• . „,,, ' • 

.ax:U.on, ^7,2...,. Rates: flat rat.., ,, fo. tap Lath- ;;^ 

GIBSON Vo,k,.,...„i,i,„, lu,,,.M-a,i,mMu,.,.,i.,„i; ..vucl l,v n.uni.i.aluv 
Supply: p,„np..,l ,>„„. ;voll, ij nule .listaat; wind pou. Si 

-mie.(.I.,nams.-..u.r„.S„,; 17 hvdrants; MO servi,,., ; in !,.,a 
.m.inmp.po Pressure: .is li... Consumption: .^00.00.) .al Financia • 
'■'-> ..f .supply plan,, s,;.„„„; ,li.,ril,u,ion svstem. mm)- .nnual 
.uam,..nan..o. s:«,; ..v.u.e, .700. Rates: Ha, ,.,0, .o po. ,ap. H I d 

I. UN. Supply In- .,,v.ty from springs i nule dLstan,. wi,h aux- 

i ; vL f"^"'r ^-'•^^■^■---^ -•'"«!».: 11 hydrants 

' 0) .!'^ ^^-^^uz.du.ninp.. Pressure: .^0 11„. Consumption 

1 eh m ■■''^■"'"•'•;^^""- ^'«= fl-^t ,-ate. 83 for dwelling „. s,,, f,", 
hotel,,. Officer m .haPKo: A. W. IJideout, Secretary-Trea.uror. 

iie .\Iame Va 0,- Co.. .supphod from 8t. Stephen. Supply p„n,„ed 
nn> re.ervo,r. f,.m well. al,out , miles distant; , as power' Ll i^ 
.'uc a.phanoos n, duphcato. Reservoirs: one in Milltown. l.oI.noOO 
.di. capacity, and one m St. Stephen, 2,o00,000 -al. capucitv Dis- 
tnbut>on: 4 m.les of C. I. pipe, « in, to 12 in,; ;« hvdiantl- 'Ssserv^:; 
^f' 'itZT'T "■"" ^T ^'■"'"'■"^ '"'^ "'■^- Consumption: 20,000 

SnihTffi •'"',""' ""'""' ''•'"'^- ^*«= flat rate, ..7 per 
f.«nih. Officer ni charge: I. R. H.-adley, Superinten.lont, 

MONCTON, Westmorland co„ (13,000;, In ope,-ation sinc3 1S70- owned 

;.v .uumc.pahty. Supply: pumped directly into n>air.s fron> wo im- 

.undm, supplied from brook, 4 n.iles distant; stea,n\ nd 

electnc power used; average h.p., 75. Reservoirs: two 220 000 oSo 


«:il. ..ul 1(),0()().0,)(, sal. .Mpa.i.v. Distribution: 'o .ail.. C | „.uu, 
■i '". to 20 in.; OS l.y.lrunts: is.iS .services, i in. „. , i,, ,,,,„, ,„i'.,|- 

..••OO.OOO ■ .i.s Fmancial: t..,al of phu.,, s;{77..m; a,u.„ ,1 main- 

™.o,.M.,,IUi: -evem..., s,^!,.- Rates: fla, rat. s,„ „. s,: ,,.,, 

■Iweilnm: n.ot.r ram, l,,,, ,,,r ,.,„„. .;,,. othrer in .har...: J. Ivlin.,!,,,, 

NEWCASTLE, .V„rtl„nul.<.,-la.,l,.„.. C.i.rm). Iu,.porati.,u Mnr- I:...,- „.„„i 

I..V mu.u.;>pal.ty. Supply: pvupcl fr,„u a,.„.,sia„ u.lls ..i,h,., i,,,. ,,.„,. 

^n,^ ,.,. ,iir..rtiy into mains; ..tfani poucr nst-.i. Reservoir: ..a... l.'.", (iiiii 

.al. ..apa.ity. Distribution: 7 nul,. C, I. n.aias; 27 l.v.lratu.- ' '.".O 

s.TV,^,.^ ^ah-.uuz,.,l iron and Lad pip,.. Pressure: onliiutrv. S^'lU • 

ln<'. 1-.. to 1„() ll,s. Consumption: Ummt) .,,]. Financial;' .„tal ,ost' 

"' H^^"t. a.uaad >uaiatonan,.o. s,i.-,„0; ivvnu.' fn,a. ,„a- 
snnu.r.s. ,s;..„„„; ,•,,„„ ,„,,,,•. „^^.^^ ^, „„,, j^^^^^. ^^^^ __^^^^_ ^^ 

!.rst ,,,,; l,a,h-,„„a,. s,,, ,,ffi,,,, ;„ ,i,^„,^„^ , ^^. ^,_^^.^.^^. , '^^^.^^^^^ _, 

""^""^^^hv '"'sir T' ,*"""• ^" "'"-"i"'-'- lt"»- ou-n,.,l .,v,a,uu,.i- 
: Supply: l,v „.av,ty „..,n. l,n,ok. IJ ndl. distant, an.l .pnn.. 

on I f ' r ^''''^'"'■- """• -•^"••"»" ^-1- '•Hl.uvity. Distribution: 
' m. o .,f v^I. nuuns. .; „,.; 1., l,y,!,.ants; ,s„ s,.,-vi..e.s. / i„, .alvaaizod 

^lO.OOO. annual naimtonanre, s,5(); n-vnu.., ssuo. Rates: fht rue 

on ass('.s.-inu'nt basis. 

ST. ANDREWS, Charlotte ,.o. In operation sin,. 191 , ; ..wae.l l,v Can Pae 
Hv. m eonnertion with hotel; to l,e e.xtende,! to the town. Supply:f,o,n 
( .uuncook lake. ,5 miles distant. 

ST. JOHN 8,. .^,hn eo., (4S,0(),)), Jn operation sin-o LS37; ouned l.v ,n,.,u- 

10 and onules distant, respeetively. Reservoirs: Loeh Lotnond. 2 4sO 

15''t;.e V "'IT"'''"'""^^ ^'•'^' La.;.uer,2U0 aeres; Little river, 
ooa ie.s, »pr„ee lake, 1,000 aeres. Distribution: M miles of .-onerete 
.v..kuts, wood stave pipe and C. I. pipe 2 in. to 48 in.; 420 hvdrants; 

100000^".% ■"?"■ ^'"'"'■"^ -" '" •'•• "- Consumption: 

10,000,000 sal. Fmancal: total .-ost of plant, .s2,ouo,000; annual main- 

.MS2.000. Rates: flat rate, .s;^ per family, l.ath-room, s7; meter rate 
lOe. per 1000 ,al. Ofheer in charge; William Murdoch. CUv I-llim;;.;.; 

' •■■ ^"PP'>" pumped into reservoir from wells. ; mile .listanf 



~i ..»,,.,,.,»„,. ,i,.,„„„„ ,,„„,„ „, r!!:;;:,„:: ™: 

w^ :,„".,,':,::,::;,;;'.':;,. ■•;;|'-''-.™: '" '" ■ "■ '■ «- 

< l< l,ll\ III UalCI' ( DlllllllSSlDIIClS. 

!•>() II,- cL T '■'"■'" -''^■^""^<-'l inm i,i,„.^ Pressure- 

sIm ,. '^°"^7P^'°"= ^-.''O" «='!■ Financial: tota ... 7 1.,," 

r^ T,::z'u::Tr^ ''■'''• '"^■'■""" ^'^'■"""- ««'- < 

t . .' p.. .iNvelhii- l.atlMo.,,,, s,„. ,„|i,,,, i„ ,,,,^^^^,^. ^^ _^ j^^^^|.__ 
WOODSTOCK. Cailci,,,, ,.„ ,{ I 

. 'i-'i"> pi.iiit. %j.),()()(); distill, utiou sv-stom ssoorio- .,>,,„, i 

..-.. 81,000 Ra s f ! o ifi :, ;•""■-'";-• •^"•«*'<'; f."H. public 
I6..50; meter, 25c po lo^,^^ ^.J' "o "^'"''.''^ ^T' '"'""^^ ''^"''-■""■" 
«upen,.te,ulent. ' ^'^"'" '" ^'''^''^^^ -^- «• '''elds, 


ACTONVALE, B.Koi ,„ d ,V).r |„ , , , , 

I s c...ii,,,i,,, 'II " pi'i-afi-ii ,iiH-r SMI- ,,un,'.l ii\- r,,-;v ,t,. 
-'■'||""y. Supply: ,,n,„„.,if,„>u M .iv,. ,„,„:,,,.'„' •"? 

S..-.PUW.. ,...,,. ..,.,,,, „, Reservoir:,,. ',; ;:■;;' 

<io.n..,, J Financial,. rrr"= "'""' "•■""" ^^^''^ •■■■'''^-' 
AYLMER, \Vii-i„ ,.,, ,■;.),,-, |„ 

I-.' .). u. .\u i)eirn,.tl. Sf,ivtaiy-trp',isui-er. 
BEAUHARNOJS, H,,.,„is,.,, ,Mi.i(n i 

Hro ' ) I'lJ Con '=' y^"''"'^' '^•"" !"1"-- Pressure: ..nliu.n-, ,s |1,. • 
s -.'(I n ^""^"'"P^*"": I.-.(),(.(..) .:,!. Financial: t.rul ,.,.., „f .,|,,„" 

N '."00; annual ruan.t.nau,.,.. s.-,u..„; ,„,,.,„„, ,„)...,(. Ra es / 

(.■111.1. auppiy. Ii,\ u'lavitv fnini si)nu"s •> niil,^ ■ ,11 ■, ,, , d 
vers: tu„. 470.00(1 ::ai ..M.i -'SOOOO . ^^ ^""' 

mil.-. „fc I „,.,;„ ,• •"".-^"■""" -^'1. '■apaciiy. Distribution: ;{ 

roihs^na^^iar-';: ;'"'■; 'V'^'''-^"'" '-'^""•''■'- p— 

'-' lat,. ss ;!;f :' ^i'""^7-;""' ^^•>": -"-ue. S,,,;,,, Rates: 

™^!^^^^^'f '■--■ - ^^ ■-•>. I.. ope.a.„n si,.,.,, .srO: ,„• 

3 '"'"■" ^"PP^y^ '"""''^■'' ■'■"'" ^t. Law:vn,.e ,.iv,.,.. 400 f,vt .Usunt 



to icM-rvoir; Ktcaiii i)()u«-r iixt'd, M) hp. ; pumps in ilupliruic. Distribu- 
tion: .") iiiilc!. of C. I. 1111(1 W. I. miiins. J in. to ."> in.; 1<) liyilmnl.s; .CJ'j 
MTviics. Pressure: oidinary, i>(» llw.; liiv. (Ml to KM) ll).i. Consumption: 
l(M),(t()(l -111. Financial: tuHil cost of plant. .'S22.(HK); iinnual niuin- 
tonancc, .^I,.'!?"); icvcniic fro»n iim.sunicr.s. .S;{,ti(M); from piililii' iihw, 
■rifiO. Rates: Hat rate on as^c.^.-tncnt hnsi.s. Oli'Kcr in cIi.hl'c: ,J, (J. 
Coiitii. Snpciintcnilpnt. 

BIENVILLE. I.^vi.s -o., isOO). In opcralioii simc l!MM); owtioil hy miinici- 
puliiy. Supply: hy fji'avity from splines. ,S()() feet distant, to rcscrvoii-s 
Reservoirs: three. r)4.(M)0 j-ul., 2S4,(KM) i;ul., and (i70,(MMJ Kill, cai.acity. 
Distribution: 2 miles of ('. 1. ami \V. 1. muin.s, 2 in. to (> in.; it hy.lratit.s; 
l.")() services. Pressure: ordinary. .'JO to 4') ll)s.; lire, 75 11)8. Financial: 
total cost of |)l'int, S24,()(M); annual revenue, .<l.4')(). Rates: Hat litte, 
S7..S() per dwelling. Officer in charKo: Adelard Leve.scjuc. 

BUCKINGHAM, I.ahelle o.. (4, .WO). In opiiration since 1S!)2; owned l.y 
municiiiality. Supply: pumped from l.icvrc river, at tlie town, directly 
intonuiins; water-power u.sed, average, 125 Ii. p. Distribution: (ij miles 
of ('. I. mains, 4 in. to 12 in.; 75 hydrants; (i5() .services, had pipe. 
Pressure: ordinary, 05 Ihs. ; fire, 00 lbs. Consumption: l.OOO.OOO iral. 
Financial: total cost of plant, ^75.000; annual nuiintenance. si.ooO; 
re-cmie, ,'>,S,000. Rates: flat rate on a.s.^essnu'iit hasis, 14 Jc. per sioo. 
Officer in char;:e: I". Kournier. 

CAP ST. IGNACE, .MontmaRny co., (4,000). In ojieraticm since 1904; owned 
by "('omi)a;,'nie d'Aciueduc du Cap St. I'inace." Supply: by gravity from 
s])rinKs, 4i miles distant. Reservoirs: two, (me snuill, and the other of 
1 .5(J0,0U0 fial. rapacity. Distribution: 5i miles of C. I. mains. 4 in. to 8 in. ; 
lU hydrants; I. '55 services, ^ in. nalvanized iron pipe. Pressure: ordinaiv, 
90 lbs.; fire, 125 to 140 lbs. Financial: total cost of i.laul. .S4(),0()(l: 
amiual maintenance (exclusive of interest), .S200: revemie from con- 
sumers, 81 ,200; from i)ul)lic, .'sOOO. Rates: llat rate on a.s.sessmeut 
basis, from NJ to $12 per dwellini;. Otficei- in charge: L. Bernicr. 

CEDARS, Soulanj,'es co.. (2.i.')j. In operation since 1909; owned by private 
company. Supply: jjumped from St. Lawrence river, .loO feet distant, 
to eiirht snudl reservoirs; ca|)acity of pumps, 3 h.p. Distribution: J mile, 
i:alvanized iron pijje. l\ in. and IJ in.; 22 consumers. Consumption: 
1,600 f:al. Financial: total cost of plant, $800; annual maintenance, 
$25; revenue. .Si;-12. Rates: flat rate, -Sd per family. Officer in charge: 
A. -M. bissoniiette. 

«ati:k.\vouk.s oi- inTAiir ,g 

CHAMBLY BASIN. (•!,..ul,lv.... ,,„Hn. ,„„,..,.„ , ,v... ,.„,,.• 

;';•";"',''"'".' "";•'":""••" ^^"l. Chn-MMyCm,,,,,.. Supply: ,,„Mm,.,l n.,,,. 

I. ..... a .. ,.|,...t,u. ,,„w,.r „-..,!. Ju I,.,,. Distribution: :t ,„il... „f .u.i,.. 

';,r',r,,i;;'r'7'^^^!r''--'- '<-'•■'-..■. pressure:,.,,,!;;;;.;: 

""■'""•. M... (Ml; n.v,.,m.-. si.;;o(., Ra,es: Mai ,.i,.. >.| ,,.., ,,,,,, 
CHAMBLY CANTON. Cha.nMv ,.„,,, nun. In „,„..„:„„ .in,,, .v,;- , 

'';,:'7'"":'"";.s"pp'y; ' <'i-ni.h Ha.,,,. Distribution; ■;;;.;;;:! 

^f ' . I. ma,,,,, .J ,n. inSiM.; l7 1,v,l,-a,M>.. .M.)s,.ni,.,.,. ^ i,. i,.,,i ,„■„„ 

H^^ <>.■( I.a,,.l,|y MaM,,.,:,n,,nal ,,.ai,,,,.,,:,,,,.., s,,K,:,, ,.,,,, ^^ 
Kates. Hat rale o„ a.s,s,..^..n„.|.t Lans, Nl „. >2s p,.,. ,|„..lli„.. 

CHICOUTIMI .•i,inM.,i,..i ...... ,^,;in.,.. ,,. „,.,,,„(„„ ,;„„„ „,,^ „^^.,,,„, ,„ 

U( ... ,1,. l.aux.l,.nu,.„u,i,„i.- Supply: l..v .,a^ i, v .V,.„. Chi,...,,,;,,.! 

puH,. uses, ,.5,, Rates: .la, .a,... Ss ,„.,. fa„.i,,, <.,ri..,. in .:,,! 
I-,. A. Lasuraiii, .MuiiiiLjcr, 

COATICOOK Sta,.s,oa.l ..,.., ,;,o,„„. l,, .,„,,.a,i„n .i,,.... ,ss„; .,.,,.„i ,,, 
' oa,...„.,k Ua,,.,.C... Supply: 1,- „.avi,y f,.,„„ ll-.u., ,. i,„ , .t 
n-rv,.,,.. , „u,„aiMa,.t. Reservoirs: ,1„...... J f,. ; s,. ,-,,; -,5 ' 

• Si... , IN l.yd,a„ts: ..2,-. ...-vices, i i„. i,,,,. pij,... pressure: >„ 

S 5 , "f ;"^""'>"'"» ^>-te,a. s,„,Hm; a.u.wal ■nail.u.-lan.e 

Rates. Ha, ,a,e, su „. .s,.^ ,„,, ,-,,„i|,. ,„,;,,„,. j,^ ,.,^^^^.^^^,^ ,, ^.^^^^^^ 

COOKSHIRE (•„„.,„„„ ,,... ^,,,00). in „i„.,a,i.„, si„..e 1,S!,;{: ,..,,„.,! In- 
-nu..,..,pal,ty. Supply: I,,- ,,,vi,v f,-,.,,, sp,.i,„., , „,i,es di.r.nt • . a 

me 4NN 0, ) j:al. ..apa,.„y. Distribution: -l ,uil..s .,f r.l. „>ai,„, , i,, „ 

^^ncial r'T" ^^; 7— i "' ini»-. Pressure: «„.,:;,. ,1," 
rinanciai: t.),u nf n .mt s;j , -,wi. , 

,evenne ^Um Rates " ■ ""' •"^^""•^"^""•'■. ^'"'"'^ 

C)th,.e,- in .-hai-^^e: E. 8. liaker, Se..,.etu,y-f..'as„rer. 

-ti COMMISSION oi to\-l ItVATloV 

COvVANSVILLK, \Ii-i-<|iii.i (11 . l^^^h, In .i|>.'r;ii iuii xiiiif Is'.l?; kwih'I liv 
l!miiici|.:ilil.\ . vSupply: liv ;':i-.i\ilv , •■hi spiJu^M, \> |„i|,w (lishiiil; aUi. 
Ii.i^ iiii iMticriiiMi'v >Ii':iiii |)i iril I I |>iiiii|i vv:iii'r iV.ini river Reservoir: 
our. jdil.OiMl ■ ,il. ia|i:i.ii\ . Distribuuun: 7 mile- df ( '. I r;i liu-, I In i,. 
I- Hi: •" iiviliMiii •: l.'id ci-s ic.'s, |.'mI .iml -alv.mi/,.'.! in.n mJihm. 
Presiure: 7ii n>~ CoastnnptiKu: IUIhmi ..;;i| Finincial: (,,-.i i,f 

|iLilit . >2ll.l)!MI; .iiiiiiiiil 111 lint I'll, III ■,'. iuciiiiliii ,' iiiliTr-l . ■'I ..'iKK; |-,'\ ,'iiiic, 

■Sl^.'iiin. Ratos: ii;ii in--. si| |„.|- i:i|,; sc, |,,.|. |,,ii||.r ,, uili,,.,- in 

I'li.ti ■'!•: .hiiiii'' I >. I >Mn. In-iM'' liii-. 

DAN ILLE, Kii'liniipii.l c... i|.:;,",th. |n .i|iriaii(in -imc llins; nuii"'! !>>■ 
I'mvilli' \V:iir;' ( (1. Supply: |MimiM'il I'l-.mi lin.i.k ulii.'li is i, ,1 l.v 
iiunnTiHis >|)iiiiv''. 2\ mil.'- ili.-.i:ini, iliiTil>- iiitu riinin- ami ri'^n \; 
wiliT-powcr u-i'il. lii.i\iMi;ii,i. -'11 li.|,.. avn-a -c. |'J !i.|i. Filter: saml and 
■;iav,'l lilic'. u-('il. Reservoir: i.iic Til.lMtn ■^■J. caiiariiv Distribution: 
■'A u\\\r~ iii'C. I. mains. I in. and il In.; ,!(( liMlranN; Jiiu ,('r\i(i'- . J In. 
aiiill In. u:al\ani/,i"il lion |)i|M'. Pressure: _'.") Id Kill llis. Consumption: 
.■lii.iiiin _'al. Financial: rn>i nf -i,,.|ily |ilaiii. sii.tinii; >it' (li,-iiilliMil,,n 
sysicin, s:;(i,(IOi); annual inainlrnanri'. s|ili); ii-vninc I' ctiUMinii'i-s, 
sj.'iOii; pulilii' n-ivs. s.-mII. Rates: Hal lati-, |s mid upward per 
dwrllinn;'i-ic'Mii, S7; mc'cr rai<', rjc lnoUc. per I.OOIl ■ral. « Mliccr 
in rhar'Z'': .Vinir Cliau'iiini. 

DIXVILLE, Slan>li'ad CO., i.'idlli. In cipi'raii.m siiu'c I'.MK;; i.uncMll.\ ;>|\- 
vilif Wain Wiirk- Cm. Supply: l.y iriavity fniin spiinus. j.iinu iVct 
ili.~laiil nil west side id' ri\i'r and a .^cparalc syslcm In- i,'ra\il\' I'lnip 
spiiiius cm vaM side of river. Reservoirs: l\v<i, l.tillU ana 0..V. ' i;al. 
lapariiy. Distribution: U mile d' 4 in. -alvaiiizcd iron pijic; ,{0 
-r:\ircs, Pressure: L'(( 11^. on west .side and L'od jh.s. on >id(>. 
Financial: iota! co-i of plani, S'.MHI; annual maintcnaii.-i', .si.")-, annual 
icvfiuic, S2()(l. Rates: llal lalr. si; for lirst tap, s| f,,r addilional. 
Otliccr ill cliarui': Williain I,, (lilson. 

DORION and VAUDREUIL, Vaudrcuii ro., toial pnpulaiioii. 1,000. In otma- 
tioii siiui- l,s!»7: owned liy lioth lunnicipaiities. Supply: 1)\- :;ravitv from 
spring's. S tulles distant. Reservoir: one. 17.000 u'al. capacity. Distribu- 
tion: S miles of C. I. mains. ;; 1,1. (,, s in.; '.» iiydraiiis in \'audn'ull; 100 
sorvici's in Dorioa and loo In \audreuil. Pressure: "_'") to 40 lbs. 
Financial: total cost of |)!.ant, .s.'iO.OOO; annual maintenance, s.-,0; 
IV .-nue. .si,,SOO for Dorioii. and s|).-)0 for N'andreiiil. Rates: In Dorioii. 
tl.u rati' on assessiiu'iil oasis; $•/, arni upward, jiliis 40c. |)0r $100; in 
\ audreuil. Hat rate, ss per yea;-, plus [ of oiip per cent, on assessment. 

DRUMMONDVILLE, Drummond co., i2..")00). lu operation since IMJti; 
ouiieu hy nuinicipiility. Supply: pumjK'd from St. Francis river, J mile 

w,vri;u-\\(iiiKs ()i (/I i:mi:c 


;.v-.::.., K.lM.. Distributi..: l n:!,,.. „r ,.^ ,.„,„„. , j,, ^; ,, J 

Financial: ,„st ,.f m,,.,.|v |,I.m,. ,v„o.(i,h.. , „„ ,„ ,1,., ,,■„„„,„ " ,,,„ 
M.rO.".. :.nn,.-.| ,„:,„.,..„:„:, ...Ml...,: .-v,., si..;„n Ra,e.: ,1„ ,,,„. 

EASTMAN, l',n,, ,.;■..,-,,, |„ ,,,„.,,,ii,,„ ,i,„,, |sm) |,',,„„ ,, „ 

l'HI7 :,n<l I'.m;-., |',i^,■,...|v ,,.,,H.,I. Supply: I,,- ,;,,,,,„,, ,■,,„ 

J iriil.' (iNiaiif Reservoirs: i !,,-.■(■ .-luiill iv 

i inil,. -Mlvaiiiz..,! in,,, „ui„-. .( j,,.; .'id ., , ^ i,,- Financi:ii- i.,!! 

.-.wt ,,i ,,1:.„(, Sl.dlMI; ,,„rm:,! P'V.uiir. S.i;,-,. oil,,.,. 


liiA'h- 111 
'I -filihi'-. 


•I' III <iiai v: .). A. 

FARNHAM, Mi...s.,uoi ,■„., ,|.,uu,. j,, „,„,,,ii.,„ si,,,,, iv,- „,, | ,„, 

.uu.uri|,,tliiy. Supply: ,,„„,,„.,i ,■,.„„ -> :,„„„|,;. ..jv,.,- ,„.'„■ ,,,„,,. , ,• 
town. .i.rn.Hv .„,„ ,„ai,,.; ,.l,.,.,,i„ ,„,,„, „„.,, ,„,,„.,„„ ,„„ , 
avn.,^.. .,. I..K. M-:.n. ,.,„,„, a. ,i„ auxili:.,v l,..i„, i„ , ,„, ,,. ui^.^bu^ 
Uon:,.f(.|.a,i,lU.|.,„,i,„,..i,, „. ,„i„. n; i^vhan, - s7m 
sr,-vi..,.<, J ,„. |,.,.| |„,„.. Pressure: ,„-,|i,,a,-v, (i.", il,- • n,... , ;,i ||„ 
Consumption: s()(i,.kh, ,,,,,. Financial: ,■..., ,.f s,„,,,:v „|„„' ..■,-. „„n. 

.-M ot ,i,.i,.,i.„(„.„ MM..,,,. s,«,„„„. ,„„„,,| „„„;,„„„„.„ '^i -„„:, M ,0(1; ,cv..„,„. tv, „„,.„„„„„„,.. s:,..-,o„. Rates: flat v;u- s,i 
t.. -ys |„M' liuclliii- l,aM.,| ,,„ ..,.„,. ,,,,..,il. 
' lira III. Sii|i(., ii,t(.ii,|(.tit . 

'nViriT in , li,.,,..^.,.: W. I- 

FRASERVILLE, T,.n„s.„uuta ,•,... (S.Odd,. |„ n,„.,,,ti,.„ si,,,., ivi;- „,.,,.,1 
1..V nn,»„.,,,al„,v. Supply: l,y .ravi.v tV,.,„ Ink.. Hi,!..,,,, „„'| ,;,,..,, 
nvvr.s „„!., ,l,s,,„l : an ,.,.„.,-.,.,„.v --ca,,. ,,:„„,,i„u -,a.i„n ..f :;<• ,. „ 
.a,.a.uv. Reservoirs: ,„.... :i|..,„„o .al. ..apa-ity a,„l ,„„. Ma,,,!-,;,,;.; 
■SN.OOO .al. .•a,,a,.„y. Distribution: 2;; „,ilos „f C. |. ,„.,i,., , j,, ;,,.,, 

;Vt 'l:,-'n'™r ' '■"■'' '"''"""'■ '' '" '" '^ '"• ''■-' I"'-' P^«^">^ = 
1.) t.) !-'.. ihs. Consumption: soo.oim) L-al. Financial: ,„m ,,i' s,,,,,,.,- 

plant, ^17o,U()(); ,.„s, „f ,|i.,,.il,n,i„„ .y.u;n. sj^u.ih..); aunnal,,!- ii. 

UMiaru.,.. s:i.m>; ,., sj,;;,,,, Rates: fla- „..,., s; ,., s-,, ,„.,. 

.Iwollmi;: m.-t.T ,■«„.. rj... ,„ l,),.. ,„,, ,,,„„, ,^^| ,,ili,.,.,. i„ ,",,,.„. 

(i('<ii';;(',s Oiiirncf, Citv I'.'iil:!, ,('(',•. ' ~ 

GATINEAU POINT, \V,.i,|,t ,.„.. ,,.7.,,,, In „,,.,..,;,.„ si,,,.. l:iu, • ,„vn.,l 
l.y muninpality. Supply: ,„„n,„.,i f,,„„ ,.„im.,,u .iv..,- ,„ ,.,....,.,.,,!,.■ 
e^o..t._'.r iK.w.M- nso.l. 74 h.p. Reservoir: ,„„.. ;i,5.()(H) ..d ,an.„.irv' 
Distribution: 3 ,ni!.. „f (" I. „.,;,„. , .,,„„. j,, . , , .,,,„„,,.,;„, J,.^ .,„;; 
i in. lead pip... Pressure: „r,li„ai-y. 4(1 Ihs.; li,.,.. so ,„ ,„„ ,|„ con- 


sumption: 2.^0()(i -lal, Financial: total .,f plant, $;«),()()(); anmml 
i.iamtcnartce, .'>I,'.)()(); icvciiik". sJ.UOO. Rates: flat rat,>, SS pe,- dwell- 
in-. Ofiicci- in cliar-c: Kvm'M Chaivttc, Siiiwnntcndont. 

GRANBY, Shoffonlc... (-,,()0()). Itt up,.,atiun .sin,.,, 1,S!»7; „wm.,l l,v mnni- 
cipahly. Supply: l,y ..avitv fn.m ,ShcfT.,nl .Mountain lake, >> miles 
aistaiit. Reservoir: one. Kio iVct x lt)(J fc-t. Distribution: (i milo. ,,f 
H. I. Mianis. I ill. t,,(ii„,; .-.ohyilrants; loOl) services, load pip,. Pres- 
sure: uidiiiarv. 70 U.S.; (i,,., 70 ,„ ,,),, |]„ Financial: t,,ial ..f 
plant.. SKIO.ODO; aiiuual maintenance. .SI, 000; leveime, !<11 ,000;. Rates: 
S(i I,. SIO per consumer; meter rate. !.>•. to ISc. per 1000 ^al. Ollicer 
ni cliar-e: W. 1). Hraill".,rd. ['resident of Committee, 

GRAND'MERE, Chainplain co., (.-),-,(»()). -In operation since ISO'.t; „wned l.y 
municipality. Supply: l,y ^^riivhy from a lake, (ij miles distant. Reser- 
voir: one, small, Filter: char.'oal filter u.sed with -„o,i results. Dis- 
tribution: 7 miles ,,f ('. 1. ,,,ains, ,S in. and 10 in.; ;J2 hydrants; tlOO 
services, lead and iron pipes. Financial: c.,st, ..f supplv plant, $().5,000; 
cost of (iistrii.uti.m system, .SIO.OOO; annual maintenance', .Sl/iOO,' 
revenue from consumers, .sn.ouo; f,.,,,,! p^,i,|i,. „^j.^ <i,l.()i){). Rites- 
flat rate, SS per taj). Oilicer in chai-e: Louis Frenette. 

HUDSON, Vaudreuilco., (1,001)). In operati.m since 1007; owneil by Hud- 
son \V;,ier-\Vorkst'o. Supply: l,y maviiy from sprin-s, one mile distant 
Reservoir: ,me, :iO ft. x .-)() ft. Distribution: 2 miles woo.len pipe, 4 in. 
and S 111,; s hydrants (not u.sed); 12,-) .services. Financial: anmial 
revenue, Rates: Hat rate, .ss to .^2.-. per dwellin-. Ollicer in 
char-ze: ,). II, .M<'.\amrhton. 

HULL, Wri-ht CO., (I(i,(iOO). In o|,<.ration since l.S.St;; hydraulic plant in- 
slalle.l in 1905: owned l.y muni, ipality. Supply: pum|)ed from Ottawa 
river above Chaudiere falls, i, mile distant, directly into mains; water- 
imwer u.sed, 2.-).'-) h.p.; has a .steam auxiliary plain. Distribution: I!) 
miles of m.-iins. i in. io2()in.; 1 7.", hydrants; :i,200 services, k in.t(.2in. 
h'.'Kl iiipe. Pressure: or.linary. 00 !i..,.; lire, ill) lbs. Consumpt"ion : 
•■:..")I)0,IIII0 -il. Financial: total cost of plant, S(i,S.S.i)0(); annual mai 
lenaiice,; intere.-i . s;!). |()(); ;„„„|,,i n'\vnw\ s,-,0.()00. Rates: th, I 
rale ,,ii a-M'ssmi>nl ba>is, J (.f one cent . and iipwaid; meter rjite 
W>r. per 1000 f;il. Ollicer in char-.": ,1. I>. .A. Laforol, Oily Kn-in<>er.' 

HUNTINGDON, lluntim;.!..!, .■<.., il,:;00). In oper:iti,.n since ]s'M\; owned 
by nnini. ipality. Supply: pump.-d lV,,m Ohateau-uay river,' J mile 
.hsiam, mio tank, or .lirectly into mains; steam p,.w.M- use.!; b.iilers 

.^ /esTt f,: *: : 

WATI.:U.\\()UKS UK (jflCHlX' 33 

H.ul ,„.mp. in .lu,,li,.a„.. Filter: ,.|,:uv„al lilin- us,..l witl, .,„„1 r...„l,. 
Reservcr: .„.. (lo;..... ,.d. .,,„,,,,. Distribution: H ,,,11,. „f ,„,!„,: 
. •> l.y|lra,UH; ;^L>() ..■,..,■.., in.a an,! loa.l ,,„... Pressure: ,.,.,li„a,v 35 
Ihs hn- ,00 ,.s. Consumption::.-,,..,,,.,. Financial: „„al ^ l^ 
of plan. .>N0O,.., .,„„; ,„,•„,„„,,,„, s2,ooo: „.v,.„uo, s;., OOO 
Rates: at rate ,-i ■,-^~.-<.ii,,,- ' . ■■ <-, , cm ■ ,,• ■•,'<"'. 

,.,,ar,..: W, K. '.H:,.:' " ' ' ""' ''"""'"- ^'"•""'- '" 

IBERVILLE l,,on.; . ... , nn,. lu. ,,,.., -a,!,,,, ...... ,ss::; .,. , ,„. 

'n.u,u,-.j.aluy. Supply: p,,.,.,,,-,! f,..,,, Ri,.|„.li,.u nv..,-. -lOi, f,.,., ,iis,-u>. 
- inTtly int,. n.ams: stoa.u pou-er us.vl. av.rai,^o, -tO 1,.,,.; ,„„„,,. ..,, ;„ 
. .pl.,.ato._ Distribution: ,i .nil,. ,.f C. ,, „„;,,, , ;,,',„ 1, „,". ,;;*,;'; 
drams; 4,,o ...M-vin.s. Pressure: nnlinarv. 70 Ih... ; fire P'.-, Ih. Con- 
sumption: lOO.OOO Financial- <.,,^i ■• o 1 • - ' • ^"^ 
, f ,. ., . " rmanciai. <,,m <h supply platu. .S.-jDOOO- 
< „f .l.s(nl,nl,o„ syst,.,u, .s,-,0.,M)0; .uaint,.nan,-.. s-'.-.oo' 
-•.■nu.-, s,>..U„., Rates: lla, ra,.., s,; p., ,,,, ,,,,„ . ,„• .,„„ ' „;.-;.,,,^ ' 
•>a,.ss„u.nt. om,-,, !„ ,l,ar.<:,-: .J„|,„ Gov,.,,... 

upala^ . Supply: p.unpo.i f,..,u l/..\ss.„„p,i„„ nv,.,. i„„', ,aain.- 
wu,..-p„w,._r ,.,i. ,„ax,i,nun. 1,10 h.p.. av-n^, 4,, , ;. |,^^^ .,„^V 

sZ "''7;:'';'"^' r"'="". I'^""l'i"^ I'l'"'t^ fo.- .•n,o,..,.„,.y. Distribution: 

- -. P.p. I^essure: .„.di„an-,.0 1,,s,: li,-,., ,,„ „,, Consumption^ 
.•""'.OOO .al. Fmancial: „„al ,•„.., „1' p|a,„. .sioo,,,,,,; annual m-un-,■,^ .s2 ,00; ,.,.v,.uuo. .S12.0„0. Rates: (lat ra„. lV,„u .s.^i 'p,.,- 
;^w,.n.n.; ,: pe,. buth-n.o.u. ..ffi,...,- iu ,.,.„.„.: Pi,,,.. ,,,.,,' 
hup('rnu,.u,l<'nt. i..noi,.i, 

^^Tnu"' s'""T '■",' ^''"""^ ^" '""""''■"' -"-^ '^"^ "--^ ''V nu.ui- 

tt. .X 100 ft. aud 100 f,. X .-,0 n. Distribution: 7 uuh-s ..f (' I u.d W 1 
:-uu.,2m.n,Siu.;27hy,l,.au,s: 200 ..,.1,.,., i u,. ,„ , i,, . ^„ v 
<-n p.p,.. Pressure: ,.,.,linary, s.^ lb,.: fir,>, 90 11,.. Financial: .. 
"' supply plan,. ,S2;i,0oo: ,,„, „,- ,,i.„i|„„ j,.,, ^ ,, ; 

mam„.na,,,..., S200; ....uu... s,,;.„.. Rates; ,1a, ra,.., ss p.„ ,, "I 

LACHINE,,,ar,,;i.'sCar,i,.,-,.„.. (,0.000,. Iu „p,.,a, i„„ siu... ISIK)- ,nvncd bv 
"-'-i-i.-. Supply: puu>p..d .,i,.,.,.,ly iu„, n.aius f,...„, la"; S I 

"t.^u,pla,.es ,.0,eo,a,ui7..f,.,.,,li.,au,: s,,.a-uaa,i,^l,.,.,n,.p,,;:, ," 
-u,>. D.stnbut,on: nu ,uil,.< „f c. i. ,„,;„„ ., j,, ,„ ,, ;„ . " '^ 


^i^,.'^. iik^Ai ''^MrnkMiiAi^^m: 


.Inuus; 1200 s,.rvi...s. i i„. l..,.,l pi,,..; .MOO ,.,,„>„„.,.,.... Pressure: 
i.idinaiy, Co ll)s.; luv, Oil |1„, Consumption: .'.oOOOOO -mI. Financial- 
total ..f plant, S20.-.,00l): aiiuual ii!;,irii..|ian,r. sum- ivvomu.' 
SL'O.OOO. Rates: Hat rate, r, p,,,- ,■.-„, „„ annual mntal; nu-Wv rate'- 
.)(■. to loc. per lOOU -al, OIlic,.,- in cliai-v: I). LcHairo. 

LACHUTE A,-,.ui..uil ro., (2..-,00). In sinrr lS!l(i; nu.niripaiiv 
owned Mur,. 1011. Supply: l,v ..,, -a vily fron, McOual l,r,M,k .•Jniil,"., 
.hstant. _ Distribution: 10 miles „f iron ,,ipe. ;; in. to S in.: 2 hv.lrants- 
4;i2 servues, i iii. load pipe. Pressure: .T, II,.. Financial: total ,„.t 
of plant. MjU.UOO; annnal niaintenanre. S-IOO; revenue, s 1,200. Rates- 
fi-oni $0 per dwollin- on>,qn.'nt. Oitirer in .-harKe; K. .MeAnluir.' 

LA PATRIE, Cnnptou r,,., U.-'()0). Jn operation ..inee 1!)()2; two svstenw 
privately ,,wned. Supply: l,y Liradiy from .springs. 1 ,.S00 fe<.t ,ii-:fuit 
Distribution: U mile of W. 1. niain^. 1 in. lo -lin.: :i.-, .<ervice.s. Pressure: 
15 to 10 11,,-. Financial: t"tal r„>t „f i,oil, plants, s,i,-,00; revciuie. S4t)0. 
Rates: tlat r , .'SlJ to .S12 per dwellin^r. (Uviiers: I). Halle and A \V 

LAPRAIRIE, Laprairie eo., (2,000), In operation since lOOo; privately 
owned. Supply: pumped f.-oin .St. Lawrence river, 1.200 feel <iistant, 
to reservoir; .steam power used. 2.') h.p. Reservoir: one, 41)000 "■i\' 
capacity. Distribution: ,-,§ miles of C I, mains, 4 in. t.) fi in.; \:i hvdrainV- 
yJU services. Pressure: 40 ll,s. Rates, flat rate, $6.50 aiul ' upwar.l 
per dwelling; bat h-room, $.i: meter rate 17c, per 1000 gal. Owned l.v 
A. .\. Demers. 

LAURENTIDES, L'A.ssomption co.. (1,100). In op,.ration since 1S04: owned 
by municiiiality. Supply: pumped from I/Acld-an liver, I, .500 feet 
distant to reservoir; steam power usi^d, 40 h.p. to .50 h.p.; boilers and 
pumps are in duplicate. Distribution: 2 miles „f C. I. and W. I main.-, 2 
in, to () in.; 17 liydrants; :}00 services, -alvanized iron pipe. Pressure: 
ordinary, 20 lbs,; lire, ;i5 lbs. Consumption: (iO.OOO ffil. Financial: of plant, .S20,0U(); annual maintenance, $1,.500: revenue from con- 
sumers, 83,000; fnmi public uses, s2i;o. Rates: Hal rate, $(i per dwelliu- 
OHicer in char:;c: Isidoi-e Hrossard. 

LAUZON, L(:'vis co., (;5.S00). In operation since VMS; privately owned. 
Supply: partly by u'ravity an<l partly pumpinl from springs. A mile 
distant. Reservoirs: two, total capacity 400,000 gal. Distribution: 2^ 
miles of C. I, mains, G in.; 14 hydrants; 250 services, J in. to 1 in, 
galvanized iron. Pressure: ordinary, 150 lbs,; fire, 225 to 275 lbs. 
Consumption: 00,000 gal. Financial: total cost of plant, $45,000; 


ammnl .uur,.,.,,,.... si .5„u; tord .vvoau.., s;i.„„„. Rates: lla, ,-a.. 

■>/ |K'r .vclliui;. Owncl liy iM. lUw\. 

LECLERCVILLE, L,.,.,inu.,... ,.„., ,,„,, j„ „„„,„;„„ ^i„,.., „^„. . 

"u-u,. Supply: hv ,,,,vir,- lV.„u a sp,.i„,, ,s,„. f,.,- ,11.,,,;.,. Reservoirs- 
t->. .'4 i,. X ,. n. an.l ... ,r. >. ._> ,. Distribution: i nul. ,.' W, i Z, 
onebv.lrMnt; .,;, mtv,,,.... ; in. oalvaniz,.! i,„u. Pressure: .|0 11,~ Con- 
sumption: Financial: t.,al .-om ,,f ,,lan,. s,,oo,.; an.^a 

MV Rates: liar, -a,,.. s5,K.,.,luellin,. Oun..,l l,v X. H,,,.!l!!, 

LENNOXVILLE,.h..,.!.,.,.„k....o.,,...UO,. In .ponuion sin.Ms.S; „.„... 1 l,v 
..■nn.,xv K.\\a,n.-\V,.,.1.0,. Supply: by ..-avi.v f nu s,lj lul 

;^.tan, ; ... a. a.^.harv W,.hW,. and stean. plan, to pum^.a;J Z^^ 
>S> 1 an,-is,-. Reservoirs: ,uo. o.OOO .al. an.l 4.%.()(l() ,..!. rap H■i.v 
D.s^n ution: . of ( . 1. ..n.s, 4 nK U. ^ in.; .:, .,yU^^^^^^^ 
x.Mrc... \ m. p,p,.. Pressure: ordinary. ,so 11,,..; n,,, ;„ n,. Con- 
smnption: lo(.,..UU ,al. Financial: -o.., „f ...pp. v plan,, .,;.„„,). ^.^ 
ot di.,r,lnUion sy.,o,u, s;i4.,„„.; an,u,al nuun„.na,i,.o. sl.N.O; n.V.nue 
rmn c.,m.n,n.,M-s, ,s.l,J,)0; fn.n puhli,- u.m.. .s;i45. Rates: fla, ,..,„■ ^s 

W Tn'l ■',^: -I'li-i'-al: S4 ,,.• l,a,h-r,H,nK 0.ii,.,.r i„ ,.,..;.■: 

U . U . iiakiT, l^ural .Mana.uor. 

Supply. p,uv „. r,.M.rv.,n- ,V,„a «,. Lau rone riv.,-, 4^U f.e, dis,a,;, • 
>^cu^ po 1.^0 |,.|, Reservoir: une, lOO.O,.,) :,.,! .•an.u'i.x ' 

Distribution '^ .,f <'. i. .nain. 4 in. „M. in. : 1U7 In-dnu;;' sv : 

•;!.'.";;''•-■ V'"' -"^•""^'■'l ''■■"' l"'l-- pressure: ordin,a,-v. KJ.", |1,. •' i,,,.' 
i-"sm„. "^""^""f'"": ''>"■""" ^^'1- financial: „„al ,.„s, ..fpian,; 

■>J.0UO iro.n puhh,. us... si,,.„„. Rates: fla, ra,.. 15 pe.^ ,..m „u 
rental vaha-. Officer in rhariio: IMk..<ro,.hei-s. 

LIMOILOU, t^iehec co.. (n„u- part „f (iuebeo .-ity, uhich .see). 

LONGUEUIL. Ciiainiilv ,•,, oun.i^ i 

u 1., v_ uam.iix ,,,.. (J.'JOO). In oporatinn ^mce 1870 : owned l.v 

■!^""';'I'al..y. Supply: p„,„p„d from St. Lawrence thn,,...! fmc'r 

'In-ecly .n,o .nan.s; ..tea,n an.l electric pov,-,.r u.ed; t..tal ..macitv of ,mum .al. Reservoir: one, s„,o»„ ,al.' capaci,v' Piter 

40< ,000 ..d. ,.apa,..ty. Distribution: 1. ,nile.. of n.ain.s, 4 in" ,„ 8 in • 

08ay.lrants; !»0<) services, lead pipo. Pressure: ..nlina.-y, 55 lbs.; tire' 

•>Io0.000; annual manitenance, $4.()()0; revMuie. $8,000. Rates- on 
assessment ba.-<i... 10 per cent, of rental value. 


fOMMI.SSIOX 01 C()\.Si:i{VATIO\ 

LORETTE (INDIAN,, Ci,..!..... ..„., (i,.5,„.). Ja ..p..,.„i,„ ,•„,. ,,„,-. „„,,,j 

l>.V|.;iC(.mi)aKm(Mi'A('iiiioL„rett('." Supply: hy -i-vvitv 
fi-on. a lak... J ,„il,. .iistant. Filter: i;,-nv,.| fil,,.,- u...,l with jjood r.-sult. 
Reservoir: mo. ;i;{,()()() ;ral. .ai.a.ity. Distribution: (J miles of CI and 
\\. 1. maius.2iti. ,.tiiii.; Li hydraiUs; 200 s.Tvic.s. Pressure: 40 llw 
Financial: t.,ial r.-st „f plant. s..2.()()(); annual niaintenan,... .s-.-()()- 

.vvnuo, SI,;iU(,. Rates: Hat rate, ^.i ,., .IwelKn^; l.ati.-ro.mi, $2.00. ' 

LOUISEVILLE, .Maskin.miro ,.„., (2.nO(.). J„ oiKTatinti since 1S82; .nvned bv 
< ,.,!„■ d'.\<,ucdii,- <lc J,„uis,nill,.." Supply: i,v irnaity from 
spnn^s, Om.losdistam; ais„ has an om.r^nu.y ,,h,nt.' pumping water 
fnm, tho rnvr d„ Loup thn.ud. . niter directly into mains; steam power 
nsed Filter: ^navel filter us.mI wheti pu.npit.i: as al.ove. Reservoir: 
'-ne.(h.rCan.lV. I{y.)-l-..(H)()j:ai.,aj,a(ity. Distribution: 12 miles of C I 
^u.d W. I. tnams. ;! m. lo (i in.; 14 hydra.,t.: 400 services. Pressure: 
onlmary. IS t 2r. ll,s.; fire. 40 to (iO ll,s. Consumption: 100 000 ... | 
Financial: co> of supply plant. sti.OfJO; cost of distribution sv.stem 
>4.),000; ammal m:imt..i,ance. si.OOO; revenue. $5 ;500 Rates- flat 
rate, on nssessn.ent. «;i and upward jK-r .Iwelling. Oflicer in chat-e- 
I'. ( aron. Secretary-treasurer. 

MAGOG St ansu-ad ,.o.. (.•i.fiOO). I,> operation .ince 1!)07; owned bv nutni- 
<ipality. Supply: pumpe. from lake Memi,luvmai:<.ic. i mile distant 
to reserNon-, electri,. p .cr used, 100 h.p.; putupiu. apparatu.s is in' 
duplicate. Reservoir: one. 40 ft. x (10 ft Distribution: Hmile.,fC I 
mams; .so hydrants; ;i25 servi.-es. 1 i„. pi„e. Pressure: 1"0 lbs 
Financial: .-ost of supply plant. :>S,t)0(); cos. of distriin.tion svstem, 
■MO.OOU; annual maintenance, s;i,000; revenue. .'sd.OOO Rates- flat 
.•ate, S7 and_^S per family; s;{ f.,r bath-roo,„; $1 f„, additional tap; 
':"'"•'■. ''"<^ '•"•• to ■■itlc. per 1,000 ,,al. Offic.r in cinu-e: ('has Powers 

MAISONNEUVE. Ifochela,., co.. lu operation si,,,-.. ,soo, „wne.l bv .Montreal 
Water it I'ower Co., (see under Mmitr'-al.! 

MARIEVILLE, Rouville co„ „,.,„„, la ,.pe,ati,m siuce imj; ownc ■ 'v 
'J'.unnpalny. Supply, by .,avi,y fn„a Hou^<.monl lake and sp,ia.: 
mues u.stant. Reservoir: .me. ,,d. capa.•it^•. Distribution] 
.>4nu,esot( . I. mams, 4 in. and (I in.; ;-;,; hvdrants; .iOO Pres- 
sure; onhnarv. 55 lb,.; fi,,, |,„) ||,„. M!as„liue pump ise,! to raise 
pres.ure m ca-e of fire.) Consumption: ;iO,0(i() .;,!. Financial: total 
eost of phuit. s,-,.-,.000; annual tuaintemm,.... -SdOO; rev.Miue v. .,„(, 
Rates: flat rate. .->? prv tap, Ofli.-er in ciiar v: X 15l lard 



MEGANTIC, McKunti,. ,,.„., (2.rm). I„ „p,.,ati..„ .siur,, 1001; „u-.i.vl hv 
mum...,,Hi,ty. Supply: In- ..avi.y f,.,,,,. spri,.,., with a,, .uu^r.^.^v 
plant ,„uni,m^' fnu„ luko. Reservoirs: tw.,. irul. ^.,.1 X) ooo ,.,| 
capa,.„y. Distribution: r, nUics of ('. I. mains, 4 in. t.> S in •' .{•> hv- 
drants; 600 s..rvi,.es, loa.l an.) salvanized i:-,,., pipes. Pressur^: S5 

^tte,!"^r Im '"' "\ '"'•''•■ '''"''• '-'■"""' '"^^ "' 'l-"il-u,i.,n 
.>s ui, NJo.OOO; annual maintenan.o, $300; rcvouu.. .■„nsn,u,.rs 

*4oO; from public uses S7.5. Rates: flat rate, $.i p.,- tap, |.ath-n.„n; 
•>■). Olhvor in charge: Artliui- Savanl. 

MONTEBELLO, Laholl,. .„., ,,.200). I„ ..penuion .si,.,. ISTO, I.,:......,. 

ownod. Supply: hy ..avity fn.n. a sp,-,,,,. h.lf ,„ii, ,,;,,„ , r^^,'. 
vers: ,hn..., ono has a ..apacity „f 112.000 ^ai.; otluTs arc small 
Distnbut.on: 2 miles of .alvanizod inm n.ains, IJ in. tu A in ■ (I a] 
woodon mams at first); 4 l.ydran.s; 1 ,0 ..orvi.x.s, * i,, „„l ., i,' ,;,,,, 
Financial: annual maimcnance, .^200, n^vonuc 'si, 200 Rates fl.'tt 
■•at.', .N t<, $10 per dwelling. Oflicer in rluu-o: F, F. Auhvy. 

MONTMAGNY, .Montma.ny ...,., (2,700). In operation since Um-. oumed 
1-^- a .•ompany. Supply: l.y .ravity from and hrook, -H mi:,., 
.hs am; ,d.o has ,00 h.p. s.eam auxiliary plan U, pun.p wa,.; from 
Jiia> S,t. Nicolas nvor m ,.ase of fire. Reservoir: ono, ,{7 .".OO .,,[ .... 
pac.ty. D,stnbution: II „,ik.s of ('. I. mains. 2 in. ,o S i,..; ;51 hvdran.'s- 
^..0 services, J ,„, p,,,e. Pressure: onlinarv. 50 Ihs.; lire 110 IIk' 
Consumption: .ai. Financial: total cos, of plant' ,S7SSOo: 
annual mamton.u.ce, $1,000; revenuo, $.l,:jOO. Rates: flat rate' S8 
to S20 per .hvelhn. on asse.sstaem hasis. OfReer iti charge: Jos. Cloutier. 

MONTREAL. The Montreal municipal water works system ..pp.ies 2. of 

h.' ..1 wards of the oty; The .Montreal Water an.l I'ower Co l„pplv the 

foHowin, ei,ht wards: St. Paul. St. Henri. Ste. Cune.onde. ( 6.e des 

N.'iires, Denis, Mount i{oyal,and Del.orimier. In DcLorimier 

and tote des .Nei-jes the pipi,,^. system is owned l,y the city. 

MUI,ICIP_AL SYSTEM. l>„p„haion .supplied, ;«0,000. in operation .ime 
iS.u Supply: pumped fnun St, Lawren... river, above Lachine rapids 
J tiules distam and 1200 feet frotn shore, directly in,,, mains, with over- 
f .- o reservoir; steam, hy.lrauli,-, an.l ..l.vtric powr us,.,l, n;aximum 
-•.-'00 h.p., avent^e 1,000 h.p.; parts of phu.t are in dupli,.ate in case of 
omer,^en,.,.<. Reservoirs: , w„, ;i7,.-, ,.,). mul 1,7.-,0 000 .n.i 

'i''!r'''.JwT'rV""-'- °'^^"''"^'"°= ■'"" "'il-^ -ft' I. tnains, -1 i.^t,! 
.>'.m., 200,) hydrants; ,.,,000 sc,vi,.es, i in. to 1 in. lead pipe I i„ t,> 
2 m. galvanized iron and 4 in. to S in. t^ast iron. Pressure- i'. ... vo n. , 



for iow-lcvcl, lui.l !)() to !.>.-, l!,s. fi.|. hi-'h-lovcl ivsom-,,;,. r^ 

.-->.....», ,.. „„.„,,,, „„ „ ,,;,,;;:;';;; »;:,,'^ :»;;;;■»- 

'•■"■' .sh:i.:1:«]; rn:;mo.>i\M:',:,.-,:,. R„„. „.,. ,,. ,„ . '" '""" 

hotos ana ro:.,u.n-,t»ts. wiuW, a,.. .iKu-,..,! 10 p,.,,..,u.- „u,o. ,■. / 
M.lo p.T 1000 .•uhir f.vr. ()ifi,.,M- in H.up.-,.- T W i ,, 1, /■' ; 
Kn-incci-aiiil .Sn|)crintcii(lr'nt. ' '••-■*""'' 

A svst.Mu of s!,.u- san,l an,l nuvhaniru! hUnuion is nou- in rn,,;o of 
.■,nu.,.on. To nu-hanind is in.,,,lc,l ,o 1.. ,;so,l a< a ro 
nimary filter, If tl.e,vat(.r.|,oul(ll,ecn,„(.g,.os>lvpolluto,l. 
MONTREAL WATER AND POWER CO. l'„p,.!,.„i„„ .uppii...!, 2;>0 000 * ,„ 
..perutjon s.n.e 1>:U1. Supply: pun,.,-.! f,..m s\ Lawon,.o nvn- 
n..Ies .Itstan,. to rosen-oir an,l dinHlly into n,ains: W.vtri,. p, w ^ ' , 
maxnuum 4000 h.p.. .ve>-a... .200 1.,,.; p,,,,,,,,, anpa.a us '; ^ , ^ U 
cau. wm. ,u..„ plant as a ■■oscnv. Reservoirs: ,.0. hi.h-levcl V - 
000 ,a.. capacity: k.w-ovM. 4;J,000.00„ ,,,1. capacit v. Filter: mo, d 
gravuy .ys em. Distribution: 157 tuil.-s of C. I. and s,,.! ,a Is i 
to 4.S m.; 41.(i00 services, le.ui and i^alvani.ed iron nine- p!-' 
00 ,0 m !b. consumption: .5.000.0^, ,a!. 1 1 '^ite oZ; 

111 eh.-u-e: F. II. J'itcher. .Mana-er. 
This system also .npplics West.uount, Ontre.nont and Maisonneuve 

INDEPENDENT SVSTEM3. In addition to the tuo systen. described ahove 
the cny ,,\vns and oj-orates the foHowin-: 

AHXJNTSIC. Supply: pumped from riv. 
20 h.p. Consumption: (iO.OOO i:ai. 

BORDEAUX. Supply: pun.pod fro.n riv. des i>rairios hv the .a.....av 
I'Jecinc and Water Co. Consumption: S7.400 ,.^a!. " ^ "■'''■ ''^uaN 

EMARD WARD. Supply: p.nnped fron. one of the ,n,„n-cipai svste.u con- 
' uu. elect,.- power used ; , uo pu.nps of a total capaci 'v of 7o(. 000 ." 
l)er d.-iy. Consumpt-jon: ;r,,l. 

NOTRE- DAME. DE- GRACE. ,,5.2.-.0,. in operat.o.t since 1007, Supply 
pun.ped tron, .M. Lawre.tco river, at Lachine, directlv into nnuns and tl' 
Mand-p,pe.s; .as and electnc power use.l, two SO h.p, .as-power punms 
^P.nnped ,0 u,her level hy l.OOO.OOO ,al. elccHcallv Ir -en' nZ' 
R servo^s: three stand-pipes, capacitv 70,000 ,al. Distributio!;: , 
nul..s of C. I. tnams, 4 m. to 12 in.; (iS hydrant.; 1000 ser^■ices le-id nine 
Pressure: 70 Ihs. (low-level), ,25 11.. (hi,h-level) Consumpt^;;.! . X: 

.^"" ^"'- ^•""°"^1= '"^""='1 luaintenance, ,^15.000; revmue, $40,000 

♦Population statistics supplied l.y the Montreal Water and Power Co. 

Prairies; electric power used. 

■ ; ■ s • 


., f - ' ,-, 


The towns ,.f St. I'i,.,To and .M„ntival West ,in- itN,. .um,!!,.,! ,V,„„ 
above svstf'in. 

TETREAULTVXI ' E. Supply: !„,m.....l fn,ni urlrsiai, \v..l|s; >t.'uiii ..uuv, u-^.'.l' 
i':t)iitcily, _'(!(), (MM) ;al. 

MONTREAL WEST, ,J..,..,,,..s.Cam,.,. ...... ,700,. I)i-tnl,uti.>M -v^nn ,.uu..l 

by niun>ri|,Ml,!v. Supply: tV,,iu .Vol ic-l .an:.-,!.-' Inl, ,. .vstciu i^r u;„l,.r 

Montn>al). R ■seiTOi, ;: tiuv.. u„,ul,.„ tank., ..arl, Iv ft. .liain r l,v l.', 

It. lii-li. Distribution: C. I. ,uain>; .'.-. h V.Irani s 172 >,.,vir,- ■■ in 
l<'ad pipe. Pressure: 70 li.s. Consumption: .U.IUO iral. Financial- 
■innual n.v,.,uu', .si.lOO. Rates: ni-i..,- rat.", N-. upuanl p-;- l.iioo 

NICOLET, .\ir„k.i ,.,... (2<.m). In „ponifi„n <i„ -. issi ; „wnr.i bv ,u.,ni,.i- 
pahty. Supply: |„itn|.r(l fr,,tu SimU't river, -JJ.r, feet distant, dir.vilv 
int„ main.; slo.ain and •■h-irir pcuvr used, 2 1 to .il) h.p.; puinpin- 
apparatus „, di,p|i,.at,.. Distribution: r, niiios ,,f ('. i. and W 1 niiins 
1 in. t(, (i n..; 2(i hvdraiits; ;ii;i services, * in. load pipe .and 1 iu, ^-al- 
vanized iron pipe. Pressure: ordinurv, 7.-) to M) lbs,; fin- b".!) 1,, Klo lbs 
Consumption: -7.5,000 j;al. Financial: total -ost .,f plant .s.ioooo'- 
annual inainf..iKinec, .'SCOO; revenni". sii.soo. Rates: Hat rate on us.ess. 
tnont basis. Officer in charjie: .Jos. 8t. Cyr. 

NORTH HATLEY, Stanstea,! ro„ (oOO). In operation since !!);)_' ,,wned bv 
-Vortli Hat'ey Water Co. Supply: by .-ravitv from .springes i; „ule 
distant. Reservoirs: tuo, and 10,000 iral. capacitv. Distribu- 
tion: ;i miles „fC f and W.I. mains, J in. to 1 in. : 0.-, services. Pressure: 
<0 lbs. Fmanciai. cost of .supply plant, s2,0()0; co.^t of .listributioii 
system, .s:{.()00; annual revenue, sijoo. Rates: flat rate, .^4 to s1l> p,.r 
dwellini;. ()f!i( cr in char-e: H. LeVaren. 

PAPINEAUVILLE, I.abello co., (700,. Ju ,p,.,,„i„„ „•„,„ ,ss7; priv.telv 
owned. Supply: by i^ravity from a sprin- 2 miles <lisiant. Distribution: 
2i miles of W. I. mains. :i in.; tiO .services, lead pipe. Financial: total 
eost of plant, .s.^.OOO; annual maiiUenanco, -SI. 50; revenue .s70() Rates- 
flat rate, s(\ t» ,si_> per duellinu. ( )wner, T, Honhomme. 

PIERREVILLE, Yamaska co., (1,200). In opi-ration since i;)0,5; (,vvned bv 
a company. Supply: pumped from St. I'rauci.s river. .30 fe^'t out fn.iu 
sliore to a reservoir; steam power used. Reservoir: one of 20 000 -al 
Distribution: :i miles of vv. j. ,„ai,,s. 2 in. to 4 in • 22 livdnint-; 200 
•services, J in. and i in. ,-alvanized iron pijK.. Pressure: 50 to .01) lbs. 


Consumption: 2i»,(«»0 ;,m1. Financial: total cD^t ,.f plant, iil'J.OOd; 
aunual maititciiaiicc, s,-,{)(); ri'vi'iiiii', Sj.tMM). Rates: Hat rate, Mi per 
iluclliiii;. Officer ill "liar^f: ( ). Lafrcnit^re. 

PLESSISVILLE, .\Ic«aiitic c,,., (1,7.50). In ()(K!rati(>ii since l!M(»; ..wncil In- 
municipality. Supply: liy Knivity ii .spring, l,.*)(M) feet -listuni; 
al-i. piimpcil fi-oiM aiKilluM' spiiiii,' to iCMTVoii.s; .steam p.iwer iiseil, 10 
h.p. Reservoirs: i wo, |,s ft. .\ 24 ft. aii'l i'4 ft. .k 20 ft. Distribution: ;{ 
miles of ('. I. mains, I in. to S in.: Mi liydrants; ;t2."> seivices, 1 in. to I) 
ill. pi|.."s. Pressure: onlimuy, :.'0 ll.s.; (i,e, up to I'dO |l,s. Financial: 
co-l of plant. S.i.loot); aiimial maintenani'e. SSOO; revenue from con- 
sumers, .$2. !M)0; from |)ulilic .^L.^OO. Rates: llal rate. $7 per tap; 
>f'''i for liatii-room. 

3INTE-AU-PIC, Charlevoi.v co.. (2,500). In ojioralioii since is'.Mi; ouiie;! 
Iiy private company. Supply: iiy cavity from sjirin^'s, 2 mile.s ilisiant. 
Reservoirs: four, one nf uhicii is 12.'> ft. \ i:{() ft;, otiiers arc small. 
Distribution: 12 mile- of C. 1. mains, ;i in. to "j in.; S hydrants; ,{00 
.serviics. Pressure: ordinary, !K) llis.; ti,-e, ;() ihs. Financial: cost of 
supply plant, S2.j,0.. • cost of distrii)ution system, $10,000; annual 
maintenance, s;il)u; ; emie from consumers. $4.r)00; from puMic, 
S20(). Rates: Hat rate, i^Oaiul upward per dwelling. Officer in charge: 
Ivhvard Warren. 

QUEBEC, IJuehec co., (7.5,000). In operation wince 1H.57; owned l)y munici- 
paliiy. Supply: by gravity from St. Charles river, 9 miles distant; 
double pi[)e line from intake to city. Distribution: 7,5 tniles i>f ('. I. 
niains, 4 in. t<i 30 in.; tiOO hydrants; S,,500 services, i in. to 1 in. lead 
pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 40 to (iO llis.; fire, SO to IOC lbs. Consump- 
tion: 10.000,000 fral. Financial: tot il cost of plant. $2,.5O0.()()O; annual 
maintenance, .'s2.5,000; revenue from consumers, .$287,000; from jiublic 
uses, .S2,000. Rates: fiat rate, 12i per cent, on rental value; .S2 for 
i)atli-room. Officer in cliarge: J. (iallai:her. Water-works Engineer. 

LIMOILOU, ((i.()00), now part of Quebec, has a separate water-works .system. 
In ojjeration since 1895; owned by municipality. Supply: In- gravity 
from springs and brook, 'S miles distant. Distribution: 5 miles of V. 1. 
mains, :i in. to 8 in.; 25 hydrants; .500 services. Pressure: ordinary, 
40to80 1f)s.; fire, 80 lbs. Consumption: 400,000 gal. Financial: total 
cost of plant, $50,000; annual maintenance, .$3,000; revenue, $3,000, 
Rates: flat rate, $0 per dwelling. Officer in charge: J. Gallaglier, Water- 
works Engineer for city of (Quebec. 

\VATr:il-\\()IlKS (M' (^ITHW 3, 

RICHELI.U ,..1,..,. .„„,..,.,„.,:...,„..,: ,..,...„,,/. 

'"""'■■'">■ ,^",PP'y= ' 'l-lf-M, l;.ViM.|i,.„m,.r,i„.i|,,:.,.,; ,.,.„.„,;,. 

:T "^'■'.'' "';,';■ f^"= -,.,1 ..>,,, ,, R,^„„j,^ ,,„ 

■H> MTM.-..S, |,.a,| |„p,. Pressure: .„,linM,-v. l'l' |1>~ , ti,.. 7„ ||.. Con- 
sumption: lO.OOd yai Financial- ,,, t f , , i i ■,. 
i.^inl-uUnn >,-,..,„, s|7,u.m; aM„„.l ,,...„„. fn.n, ,.on.muer>, ^su.,. 
' -"' l>u - MS... ,„„,. Rates: flar ,.„■. ^S ,„.,■ ,|„.„||i,„, ,„n,„,.i,; 
'■''■■"■^''■: l»r. A. 1), I.iiKlcaii. 

RICHMOND Iii,.h„.,n,l ,.„., ,,,7... ,„ „p,„,.n„n sin., iss,: ...,„„, ,.- 
M,unu.,pal.ry. Supply: ,,v ,„,.,.],,- f,.„„. ,.,s,>,.v.,irs, IJ „.],. .mI, 
Reservcrs: nvo: an-a, 1 a-n-. Distribution: nnlcs „f .i',,,, , in ,. M . 
in., -1- ;I7,-, mtvu-.-s. PrPssure: soil,,. Financial: i„tal,„M 
M , an,, ^.2....«); annual n.ain.enan,.,., s^ou;,,... s;i,,„o. Rates: 
ii.if lutc, Ml pel- iluclliris;, 

RIGAUD Va,„l,-.„il ..„ ,1.20,.,, In ,.,„.,-ati,.n >in,... IVU; ,.un,.,l l.v ,u,.nl- 
^.|;aluy. Supply: hy ,,,avi,.v fn,n. springs, „no ,„ile .h.,anf, ' Reser- two of 100,000 un.l 12..000 .al., ,.c.sp..,,ivHy. Distribution:" 
•... .-s of ( . I, n)t.ns. I ,n. ,o in.; IS hydrants; laO sorviccs. Pressure: 
N. I.s. Consumption: Financial: total ,os. of plant .S20 - 
<K ; antujal nuuntonati..,., s:ioO; ;, s,,,oo. Rates! .la, rate 
•MO per ilwellini:, ' 

M,,^ Supply: l.y ,,av„y f,on, lak. rAn.uill.-, ,i nulo.s dntant 
R servo.: on. of ,.0,,oo ,al. Distribution: 1 IJ nul.. of C, I. .uJins; 
1 .u. to 10 m.; o-l hydtatu..; IJOO services, J in. a,id ] iu. and ...I- 
^an.2e,l iron pipe.. Pressure: ordinary, -.5 Ihs; fuv, 110 Ih.s Con- 
sumption: .00,000 .al. Financial: total cos, o, plan,, .^.^oun- 

fan.ll> .. .M for hatli-rootn, OlHcer in ..iuuse: .M, I', ln,.pe,.,or 
ROBERVAL Chicotmnd ro., (1,000), In ,.p,,ation IS'W; owned l,v 

Di tnbution: 4 miles of C. I, mains, .s in.; 24 hydrants; .m sc. vices 
ahanued iron pipe. Pressure: SO lbs. Financial: total cost of plan,, 
*o,i,o00 annual mamtenuuce, s,,50; revem.e from consumers, $3oOO- 
ham public uses, S500. Rate.: flat rate, 810 per dwehm^r. 

ROCK ISLAND, StMnstead-o ..i...> ....^,-..v- -. 

V> „, i -----aa... ' -'l-P-'e.- .-iun..toa>:. Que., and iJerbv Line, 

Vt. (total population, 4,200), In operation since 1892; owned by the 



liil«M.,.,ti,.„Ml Wat.T (',,, Supply l.v .r .•,,.;,, ,■ 

""'■"• ^■-"'"■- -.-. .mi,,M-i,,,.,.;.,^THT "■'■''''' 

mien I, ■III. '- ■ '" " Mi)vi.y. >ii|„ ,- 

■•.|»l»,v. Supply: I., ,,„„,■„, ,„„„ |,,„i, I,,:,,.-' ■"""■' '" """"- 

'::.■::;,: ;„i",;,v." ^ , ■"""""■ "■■■ ■■• ^" "^ ■""! : 

sf ,1 i ' ^■"•"<'". aiui,i:,l irv,.,,.,.. s.V;{(M). Rates' (!■.. ,■,,. 

iiva.1,1-,.,., Ill, hi,::,., ir. Da/.'. S.., iri.iiT- 

STE. ANNE-DE-BEAUPRE. .M„M>M.or,.,...v,,. ,..oon, IM 

,,, I ■, . •• ""■ ■^" "'^- Consumption: .^a' Financiai- 
iiii I cd^t 111 11 Milt S'>i)nn/i. . I • • ~.i riuanciai. 

Financial: „.,ai i..., „,„;.;, s ,„„: C"'^^-»P^'««= ^"'."00 .al. 

u.u i„,m ..ou>,.,u,.,-s. sM„o; n',.,a ,,.1,,;, ,,.,... ,,,, Rates' 11 ,' 
'''".M'„.ss,,„,,|,„,„„, ,,„., i„,|,,,,,,,,j ,„,,,_,,,, 

"•"U pin,. Pressure' 4-. II p '■■'" ■.— '-''"■'•^•i"'-~':^!vainzc.l 
1 P ■ i-ressure. 4., ||,s. Consumption: -lo.ood .^i Financial- 

"'•'>Hc, *00(), rex.iuH' fru.u ..'ousunuTs, S2.4()(); f.-o.a puhli,. use.. 



WATKU-WORKS oi' (^,i:H|..c 
ST. FELIX-DE-KINGSEY,,k. .„ ,-,. ■ 

pipe. Fnancial- t>.fnl ....<• , '""-^- t ">• i;.il\:miz.'(l inm 

II • •••uuviai, (oral ('list lit I) iMt S'Mkiii ... i 

Rates: (|.it ,-,u. ■sr , . . • ^--'KIO, uuiiuul r.'wnii... .^|ii(». 

Another Hv.sten. n'.semMin- tlu- uIm.v,. t,.,, ,i 

tl.o.siinie viJluKO. ' "n"!'-* f" "tluT ron^umiM in 

ST. FELIX-DE-VALOIS, J„liotto ,.., iimu r 

Htely owned. Sup^y: h^ ' ^j;! ' ' '".•••""7"'"-""- '^''i: pm- 
voir: three .sn..l|,'L',;/, , 'i"" ^'""'- ' "I'^"" ''— ' Reser- 

. ... , ^j III. lo I III., one hviirant • 1(1(1 ^..iv; i • , • 

•uxl l.>ml pipes. Pressure:.-, ,,,.r?,rn ■■''•'''''''''■'•'' ''''''' 

Financial: told e,,., „f ph!„ 4 J) , v ^"^'"P'"'"^ ^'"'■""" -''■ 

STE. FLAVIE STATION, (MONTJOLY, Mat .uic.o ,, s(K), i 

«in,.e MH).-., privately own,.,l Supply I 'vi;v/^ "':"'"""" 

lake.s. ;ij ,„i,e., distant. Distribution: S i,os , r ,;'■'""■ •"'"' ■'"!'"' 
aO hy.irant.s; IGO.servue. i i„ , .,iv "",.'"" -.^^ ""^'n^- ^ '"'■' S in. ; 
Consumption: 2.5(),,;; ,* '^;'i:;'.'7' ''••■; '''P% ^^ «= '" 1'- 

co«tof.listril,utiousvsten SnZp ■ "f ' '""'''■' P'='"'' ^^'''^' 
"""">>sieni, JMs.iKH) unnuainainteuance '<7(»n- .., ,. 

from eonsun.ers. $3,00(.; from (,uMic. ,$200. 


-nne I'KJ, ; owne.1 by .'Soeidt^ do I'Aq'ued „• des Uun mi i '''T'T 
by gravity from a l,rook, 2 miles dis m p!L„" ' ^"^^'^^ 

capacity. Di.ribution: 5 n.i,e.r.tran]^7rinrj^ 

si^^= ^^nt^'r^'^^"'^' a.=r-n:mt;:::,;;::: 

uuc, .pijuu. Kates. Hat rate, .'^7 ner duellin.r mn 
charge: A. St. Arnaud. -Manaicer. dunlin- Offirer in 

ST. HILAIRE STATION, UouviJle co (\ -im^ j. • , 

uy gravity fron. ial.; Herte 4 mile dlT nt ^Z::^ ""'?'• '"''^'^^ 
«al.; 24,000 gal. eapaoitv; the ohI" ,t t'":.,'?''*!:";"- ^''"^^' '•»'^"'" 
of C.I. mains; 30 services Pressure- T> ir"r^ "'^tnbuuon: l ,„ii,.s 

rressure. ,{2 11,.^. Consumption: 80,000 iral. 



Financial: ,.„d .„st „f ,,la„t, $|(),()0,); ,„.„,„^, ,„„i„tenan.e, $100 
Rates: Hat rate, $S t., $20 ,,<>,• .hvcllini;. Owner: H. V. (>a,n,,l,oll. 

ST. HYACINTHE, St. Ilyarintl.e ,•..,. (ll,,,57). In .,pcniti.,n .sim-e 1S94- 
«|".K..l l,v ,nu„u-.pality. Supply: puinpo.! fnm,,.ka liver, j nul^ 
d.sta„t, .linvtly m,.. .uains; st.-a,u an.l okvtri,. power,„n 
I-. I..|>., av,M;,-o, <., li.p. lJ„il,.,,s ,i,„i p„„j,„ .^^^ i„ ,i„,,,i,,,^„. ,^,,,, ,,^,,^.,. 
■Ji- t«<. sop^u^at,. pM.npi,,, stations. Filter: Jonrkes (Sl.orl.n.oke) 

•M T; i ,^f "''"'•°"= '"i '"il- "f <' 1 .u.-l W. 1. .nains. 2 i... to 

-4 .».; 10, hy.lran.s; 2,0!K) s..rvi..,.s, loa.l and «alvani.e.l iron pipes. 
Pressure: onhnary. 70 ll.s.; fire, 12o ll,s. Consumption: 1 ,2.-50 000 lal 
Unancial: total rost of plant. .$27.5,000: annual >naintenanre, $10 (MM)'- 

'■'■"'';•"■:,:'•■"• •,. ^^*"= "=^' '■^"" "" '— ""-'t ''a-sis. $i> un,i upward' 

P"'-<l-ll.n.. (Mh..e,nM.|,a,-,e: D. T. Mouehanl, Superintendent 

ST. JEROME T..rn.l,onne eo., (^..'iOO). In operation since WM; owned l.y 
"-"■'•'i>nluy. Supply: 1,- ,,,.ity fnwn .Xor.l. river, I, n.iles distant 
at.d from a sprn,^ 2 nuL's distant. Distribution: 12 n.iles of C. I mains' 
^ m. to I(, m.; 72 i.ydrants; 1,200 services. Pressure: nr, ||,s. to 12(» D.s' 
Financial: total ..os. of plant, .$.„i,,)0(); ,uaiulenan..e .$'>2.5: 
nn-e,.ue ^M.s:i. Rates: flat rate. $,i ,o $12 per .Iwellin, on,;;n; 
l..tsls. Ofluer m .harKe: K. .Mar.liand, Seeretary-Treasurcr. 

ST. JOHNS, St. ,Jo|,ns eo., «i,..00). 1, „,,eration since 1,S72; owned l.v 
I^A-luedu,. de St. ,1,,,," Supply: p„„,p..a f,,.,„ uiehelieu river 

Presure. ordinary. ,,.. Ihs.: (ire, 12.T Ihs. Rates: (la. rate, J,i and up- 
( tiaijie. I',. Lanslois. 

ST. JOSEPH-DE-BEAUCE. Heau. e co (} ai)i)\ i.. 

. . ' '"'H"i <<•■, 11,400). In operation sinre 1!K)S- 

"|VHe, l.y nnonnpality. Supply: l.y gravity fn.n, sprin,^s, :< „dles 
Stan,. Re..rvo.r: one. ,i7.000 ,al. capacity. Distribition : ' 4 J nd,:: 
of - i. und U . I. n,an,s. ;{ ,n. an,l in.; 12 liy.lrants; 2.'-,0 services 1 in 
galvanized n-on pipe. Pressure: (i,5 Ib.s. Consumption: .j.^ooo .al 
Financial: tot.V ccst of phu.t, ,$3,5.000; „„„,u .maintenance ,<;30()- 
-venue $2,400. Rates: (lat rate, $0 per dwelling; $4 for hath-.on.: 
Ullicer m cliai-fie: ,1. \aclion. 

ST. JOSEPH-DE-SOREL. Hi..helie,. co., ,2,200). In operation since 1<K)8- 
imvatcly owned. Supply: pumped from St. Lawrence river, mile 
d'stant to re.servo.r; .-■...•tri,. power used, ma.vimum. 2.5 l..p., avera-x- 
'■' I'P.; pumps in dnpli..ate. Reservoir: one, .{.5,000 gal. capacity' 

'', ^, 

■' fid ^H'irit'I. 



Distribution: 5uulc.u{C. I. un.l W. I. mainOi i.. ,.,.ii., • „ ,,,,,,,„„. 

'2S( « " ''r""'^''°"= -"'•"•""^'''- ^'"^""«'= to,.!....;, ofp t' 
•>2.VM)0; annual maintenance, .%()(»; revn,,,,., $i 700 Rates- (1 ., 

ST. LAMBERT, ClianiMv ca {•> cvn I,. . 

I'l""!""?,' :ipi>ar:itus in ,l,i,,li,atc. Reservoir 
Distribution: 7^ miles „f C. j. „i,un.s 
scrvicos, load nine Pressure 

one, capaiily, IIIO.IKH) ;r,.i|. 

ill- l'> 10 in.; (is livdiaiil-i- ?,\S 

"nliiiaiv. (iO Ihs.: fi,,.. 12,-, ||,s. Con- 


>.rM,.os. loa.l p.,,,.. Pressure: ..nlinarv, (iO ll.s.; fi,,. ,..-, „„ c'„ 
sump. on: .40.000 ,al. Financial: -s, .,f .uppK- p|.,;, ';;',, ':;; 

•S7.!)02. Rates: mcicr, ]'„■. f„ :>7 
ii|)\vanl j)cr dwelling'. 

I""'- ".<»<"> KHi.; Hat raf, .ss..-,0 and 

ST. LAURENT, .,..,„„.-( •a,-, i..,.,..,„ ,,,,oO). In oponui,,,. sin,. I-,,,,. ...,„, 
I.y munu.,pal.ty. Supply: p,,,,,,,,, „. ,,„„,,,^,. f,.„„, ,,,, , V,!^ 

'■^•s It. hy ji ft. Distnbution: 7 m los „f (' I t„.,,„. 1: . . ■ 

■lo I -^ .«.. 120 ll„. Consumption: „,„,,„, „,, FI„Sai" , , 


:;:Z: irrrr"- '-*' .-"».-.. -s '..!:■;':: 
™.;::;;. ;"' is^s; ;:::;;":■ r";:,r":r- """■'■"■"■ 

Kill. Financial: annual maintcnan.,., .^12.1; 

rate, ^f( t,i $l(i per dwollin- 

n!V(>nuc. .SSOO. Rates: 
Olhc.T in cliai-o: A. liwlard. 


:'<.\pH^j,oh owned. Supply: |,v ,,avi,y f,„,„ ,, ,.„.„ , ,„ '. 
^.stant. Distribution: J mile .,f VV. I. n.ains. J in. ,„ 2i i, s..- v s' 

^AMtm, $1,400 mamtemmec, si 10; revem.e, .^loo Rates- 
fiat rate, $7 per dwelling. Owner: .J. IV Ca.r,,,.. 



SHAWINIGAN FALLS, St. .Maurice lo., (4,:?00:). In operation .since 19();i; 
owned by inunic-ipality. Supply: pumped from St. Maurice river, J 
mile di-stant, to reservoir, or directly into mains; electric power used; 
maximum, 125 h. p., average, 30 h. p. Reservoir: one, 30,000 '^a.\. 
capacity. Distribution: 4} miles of C. I. mains, 4 in. to 12 in.; 50 
hydrants; 700 .services, J to 1 in. lead pi])e. Pressure: ordinary, 'M lbs; 
fire, 170 lbs. Consumption: 750,000 f^al. Financial: total cost of plant, 
S93,000; annual maintenance, $3,s00; revenue, SG.OOO. Rates: flat rate, 
$(i per dwellinn;; meter rate. 3c. to 75c. jier 1000 gal. Officer in charge: 
A. Gigui^re, Superintendent. 

SHERBROOKE, Sherbrooke co.. (16,000). In operation since 1S80; owned 
by municipality. Supply: pumped from Magog river, 3J miles dLstant 
to reservoir, stand-pipe or directly into mains; water-power used; 
average, 100 h.p. Reservoirs: one, 2,500,000 gal. capacity; stand- 
pipe, 25,000 gal. Distribution: 27 miles of C. I. mains, 2 in to 24 in.; 
143 hyrdants; 1,900 services, galvanized iron and lead pipes. Pres- 
sure: ordinary, 15 to 100 lbs; fire, 40 to 125 lbs. Consumption: 1,800,- 
000 gal. Financial: cost of supply plant, $135,000; cost of distribution 
system, $207,000; annual maintenance, $15,000; revenue, $41,000. 
Rates: flat rate, $5 to $9 per dwelling; bath-room, $5. Officer in charge: 
Tlios. Tremblay, City Engineer. 

SOREL, Richelieu co., (10,000). In operation since 1872; owned by muni- 
cipality. Supply: pumped from Richelieu river to reservoir, or directly 
into mains; steam and electric power used; maximum, 120 h. p., 
average, 55 h.p. Reservoir: one, 100,000 gal. capacity. Distribution: 
13 miles of C. I. mains, 2 in. to 8 in.; 59 hydrants; 2,300 services lead 
pipe. Pressure: ordin-T-y, 50 lbs; fire, 90 to 120 lbs. Financial: total 
cost of plant, $115,000; annual maintenance, $7,000; revenue, $21,000. 
Rates: flat rate, based upon rental value, $6 and upward per dwelling; 
meter rate, 19c. per 1000 gal. 

STANSTEAD, (See Rock Island) 

SUTTON, Brome co., (1,000). In operation since 1898, owned by municip- 
ality. Supply: by gravity from a small lake and brook, 2 miles distant. 
Filter: gravel filter used. Reservoir: one, 100 ft. x 50 ft. Distribution: 
5 miles of C. I. mains, 4 in. to 10 in.; 33 hydrants; 145 services, J in. 
and 1 in. galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: 75 lbs. Financial: total cost 
of plant, $20,000; annual maintenance, $100; revenue, $2,200. Rates: 
flat rate, $G per dwelling; !<1 for bath-room. Officer in charge: W. J. 
Kemp, Superintendent. 


■ fr?* ' 

.■JK..V • 



TERREBONNE, Torrehonnc .0., (2,000). In oi.erutiori since ],S98: owiicd 
l.y iminu'ipaluy. Supply: by -ruvity a sprin-. 4 miles distant 
Reservoirs: two. Distribution: 5 miles of W. I. pipe, 2 in. to in • 20 
hydrants; 400 servicos. Pressure: 40 lbs. Consumption: 10,000 -al 
Financial: cost of supply plam. Sli.oOO; cost of di.stril)Ution' system 
$40,000; annual maintenance, .5200' . le, .'ii;{,500. Rates: fiat rate, 
$8 to $10 per dwellinj;. 

THETFORD MINES, Me^atitic co., (7,000). -.eration .since I'H)!.; owned 

by municipality. Supply: by gravity fro.,, sprin-s, 2 miles distant 
lieservoirs: two, 170,000 gal. and 810,000 gal. Distribution: 8} miles „f 
C. I. mams, G m, to 12 in.; 98 hydrants; 1,300 services. Pressure- 105 
lbs. Financial: total cost of plant, ^224,232; annual .Maintenance 
$1,800; revenue S1G,000. Rates: flat rate, about $8 per dwelling. 
Officer in charge: E. Lamonde, Superintendent. 

THREE RIVERS, St. Maurice co., (14,000). In opera' '-in since 1870; owned 
by nmnicMpality. Supply: pumped from St. Maurice river, 100 ft. distant 
directly into mains; electric power used; maximum 500 h.p., average, 
200 h.p. Filter: pie.ssure filter used. Distribution: 16 miles of C "l' 
mains, 4 in. to 12 in. ; 136 hydrants; 2,500 services. Pressure: ordinary 
90 lbs; fire, 135 Ib.s. Consumption: 1,500,000 gal. Financial: total 
cost of plant, $271,801; annual maintenance, $12,902; annual revenue 
$32,395. Rates: flat rate, on assessment basis which averages $10 pe. 
dwelling. Officer in charge: T. Dfeaulniers, Secretary. 

VALLEYFIELD, Beauharnois co., (10,000). In operation since 1886 e.x- 
tended m 1896; owned by municipality. Supply: pumped from St. 
Lawrence river directly into mains; water power used. Distribution: 
11 miles of C. I. mains, 4 in. to 12 in.; 131 hydrants; 2,025 services, 
J in. and J in. lead pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 90 lbs; fire 120 to 140 lbs' 
Consumption: 1,200,000 gal. Financial: total cost of plant, $178.00o'; 
annual maintenance. ^3,000; revenue, $15,000. Rates: flat 
a-ssessment basis: $5 and upward per dwelling. Officer i 
P. Masse. Superintendent, 

rate, on 
n charge: 

VAUDREUIL, (See Dorion) 

VERDUN, Jacques-Cart ier co., (12,000), In oi)eration since 1908; owned by 
municipality. Supply: pumped from St. Linvrence river, 1,000 feet from 
shore, directly into mains; steam p..wer used; maximum, 120 h.p., 
average, 40 h.p.; pumping plant in duplicate. Filter: mechanical i 
alum coagulant used. Distribution: 15 miles C. I. m.ains 4 in to 1'-' in ' 




120 hydrants; 5,000 services, J in. and J in. lead pipe. Pressure: ordi- 
nary, 40 to 50 lb.«.; fiie. Sr, to 100 iljs. Consumption: 000,000 f,'al. 
Financial: cost of supply plant. ■Sf)0,000; cost of distribution system, 
$100,000; annual maintenance. $10,000; revenue, .$20,000. Rates: flat 
rate, 5 per cent, on rental value. Officer in charge: H. Hendley, Town 

VARENNES, Verchi^res co., (1,500). In operation since 1892; privately 
owned. Supply: pumped from St. Lawrence river, 1,500 feet distant, to 
reservoir; gas and wind power used; maxinuim, 25 h.p., average, 12 
h.p.; pumps in dui)licate. Reservoir: one of 00,000 gal. Distribution: 
2i miles of C. I. nuiins, 2 in. to in.; 12 hydrants; 225 .services, i in. 
galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 45 lbs.; fire, 125 lbs. Con- 
sumption: 40,000 gal. Financial: cost of supply plant, S14,000; cost of 
distribution system, $11,000; annual maintenance, $900; revenue from 
consumers, $1,800; from public uses, $400. Rates: flat rate, $0 and 
upward per dwelling. Officer in charge: A. Lajoie, Superintendent. 
Owner: A. E. Pontbriand, Sorel, Que. 

WARLE'> Shefford co., (150). In operation since 1894; privately owned. 
Supi-.y: by gravity from sptings, \ mile distant. Reservoir: one, 20 ft. 
X JO ft. Distribution: i mile C. I. and VV. I. mains, 2 J in. to 4 in.; 2 
hydrants; 10 services, J in. galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: 50 lbs. 
Financial: revenue from consumers, $100. Rates: flat rate, $10 per 
dwelling. Owner: J. A. McLaughlin. 

WATERLOO, ShefTord CO., (1,800). Owned by municipality. Supply: partly 
by gravity, and partly pumped from spring and artesian wells \ mile 
distant to reservoir. Reservoir: one, 370.000 gal. capacity. Distribu- 
tion: 4 miles of C. I. mains, .i in. to 10 in.; ;5;j hydrants; 190 services. 
Pressure: ordinary, 70 lbs. ; fire, 50 lbs. Financial: total tost of plant, 
$30,000; annual maintenance, $300; revenue, $3,000. Rates: flat rate, 
$8 per dwelling. Officer in cluirge: T. Lajoie, Superintendent. 


WATERVILLE, Compton co., (1,000). In operation sini^c 1902; privately 
owned. Supply: by gravity from spiings 1 mile distant. Reservoir: one, 
125,000 gal. capacity. Filter: brick and charcoal filter used. Distribu- 
tion: 3 miles of C. I. and W. I. mains, 4 in. and (i in. ; 15 hydrants; 100 
services, i in. galvanised iron pipe. Pressure: 80 lbs. Consumption: 
35,000 „al. Financial: cost (if supply plant, $10,000; cost of distrii)u- 
tion system, $10,0()(); annual levenuc from consumers, $1..'500; from 
public uses, $(),")(). Rates: flat rate, $12 per dwelling. Officer in charge: 
W. H. Ward, Secretary-treasurer of the company. 




WINDSOR MILLS, Uichmoiul co., (2,;KH)). Ii. opomt ion since 10()0; owned 
by municipality. Supply: partly by gravity from sprinjis, j mile distant, 
and partly pumped from Wattopekah river, i mile distant, to reservoir. 
FUter: mechanical gravity filter used. Reservoir: one, 53 ft. .\ ()2 ft. 
Distribution: A mile.s of C. I. mains, 4 in. to 8 in.; 27 liydrants; 400 
services. Pressure: ordinary, 15 to (iO lbs.; fire, 40 to 75 lbs. Consump- 
tion: 125,000 Kal. Financial: total of supply plant, $30,000; cost 
of distribution .system, $.30,000; annual maintenance, $1,000; revenue, 
$2,900. Rates: fiai rate, $0 for kitchen tap; .$5 for bath-room. Officer 
in charge: .M. Befjin, Superintendent. 


ip I 


ALEXANDRIA, Gleiij,'arry co.. (2,400). In oppiatioii since IS05; owned by 
nuiiiitipality. Supply: ininii)ed from Delisle river, j mile distant, to 
stand-pipe or directly into mains; steam power used, maximum 200 h'.p.; 
average, 75 li.j>.; boilers and pumps are in duplicate. Reservoir: .^tand- 
pipe, 96,000 gal. capacity. Distribution: 2J miles C. I. mains; 31 
hydrants; 200 services, galvanized iron and lead pipes. Pressure: 
ordinary, 5G lbs.; fire, 110 lbs. Consumption: 250,000 gal. Financial: 
cost of plant, $20,000; annual maintenance, $3,370; annual revenue, 
I3,()}5. Rates: flat rate, $G per dwelling; $3 for bath-room; meter 
rate, 17e. to 30c. per 1,000 gal. Officer in charge: D. J. Macdoneli, 
Town Foreman. 

ALLISTON, Simcoe co., (1,500). In operation since 1891; owned by muni- 
cipality. Supply: pumped to tank from reservoir, 1,000 feet "distant; 
steam power used, 50 h.p. Distribution: 4 miles of C. I. mains, 6 in. and 
8 m.; 20 hydrants; 70 services; J in. and J in. galvanized iron pipes. 
Pressure: ordinary, 60 lbs.; fire, 100 lbs. Consumption: 100,000 gal. 
Financial: cost of supply plant, $10,000; cost of distribution' system, 
$10,000; annual maintenance, $1,300; revenue, $1,500. Rates: flat and 
meter rates used; meter rate, Sc. per 1,000 gal. Officer in charge: J. 

ALVINSTON, Lambton co., (841). In operation since 1893; pumping plant 
owned by Grand Trunk railway; distribution system owned by munici- 
pality. Supply: pumped from Syiienham river, 1,500 feet distant, 
directly into mains; steam power used, 10 h.p.; pumps are in duplicate. 
Distribution: J mile of C. I. mains, 3 in. and 4 in. ; 7 hydrants. Pressure: 
40 lbs. to 120 lbs. Financial: cost of supply plant, $800; cost of dis- 
tribution system, $900; annual maintenance, $513. Used for fire pro- 
tection only. Officer in charge: H. R. Carruthers. 

AMHERSTBURG, Essex co., (2,547). In operation tince 1891 ; owned by 
municipality. Supply: pumped from Detroit river to tank; steam power 
used; capacity of pump, 1,125,000 gal. Reservoir: one tank, 68,000 gal. 
capacity. Distribution: 4i miles of mains, 4 in. to 10 in.; 42 hydrants; 
627 services; J in. and J in. galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 
30 lbs.; fire, 90 to 120 lbs. Consumption: 500,000 gal. Financial: total 
cost of plant, $40,000; annual maintenance, $3,200; revenue, $4,500. 
Rates: flat rate. 

ARNPRIOR, Renfrew co., (4,200). In operation since 1901; owned by 
municipality. Supply: pumpied from Madawaska river. ? mile distant, 

■ I I ■■! Ill I I 1 1 I'lIM II ■ 



t.. tank and mains; .stem, power used, 60 h.p.; pumps in duplicate 
Filter: san.i filter. Distribution: 7i miles „f C. I. mains, 4 in to 12 in • 
04 hy.lrants; 8(J0 servic-s; lead pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 00 ll.s • fire' 
120 lbs. Consumption: 500.000 ^al. Financial: total tost of plant' 
indudmg .sewers, ?<1 1,5,000; annual niaintenan.e, .'iKi.OOO; revenue from' 
eon.sumer.s, ,$(i,0(JO; from public uses, .'^l,(;oo. Rates: flat rate based on of rooms, $1 and ui.ward per dwelling; t.ath-room, |.5. Officer 
m eharKc: J. Uiddell, Inspector. 

AURORA, York ,„., (l.SOO). In operati.m since 18,S8, owned by munici- 
pality. Supply: pumped from artesian wells to stand pipe; steam power 
used, 150 h.p.; boilers and pumps are in duplicate. Reservoirs: two 
capacity, 100,000 gal. Distribution: 3* miles of C. I. and galvanized iron 
mams, 2i m. to G in.; 25 hydrants; 275 services; i in. and } in gal- 
vanized iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 35 lbs.; fire, 125 lbs. Consump- 
hon: 100,000 gal. Financial: total of plant, §26,800; annual main- 
tenance, $1,300; revenue, $2,000. Rates: flat rate, $4 for first tan- 
bath-room, $4. Officer in cliarge: C. A. Petch, Engineer. 

AYLMER, Elgin cc, (2,500). In operation since 1886; owned by muni- 
cipality. Supply: by gravity from wells, 2 and 4 miles distant to 
reservoir, thence pumped to stand-pipe for distribution; steam power 
used, maximum, 300 h.p.; leverage. 100 h.p. Reservoirs: twc of 300 000 
gal. capacity each. Distribution: 4^ miles of C. I. mains; 48 hydrants- 
450 services. Pressure: ordinary, 48 lbs.; fire, 100 lbs. Consumptioni 
150,000 gal. Financial: total cost of plant, $70,000; annual mainten- 
ance, $1,053; revenue from consumers, $2,400; from public uses, $2 500 
Rates: meter rate; 5c. to 36c. per 1000 gal.; minimum of $5 per service. 
Officer in charge: D. C. Davis, Secretary. 

BARRIE, Simcoe co.. (7,000). In operation since 1890; owned bv munici- 
pality. Supply: pumi)ed from artesian wells, at centre of dLstribuiion 
to stand-pipe; steam power used, 40 h.p.; boilers and pumps arc in 
duplicate. Reservoirs: two reservoirs of 193,000 gal. total capacity; one 
stand-pipe of 140,000 gal. capacity. Distribution: 20 miles of C.I. mains • 
105 hydrants; 1,400 .services; 1 in. galvanized iron. Pressure: ordinary,' 
78 lbs.; fire, 120 lbs. Consumption: 200,000 gal. Financial: total cost 
of plant, $120,000; annual maintenance, $500; revenue from con- 
sumers, $9,800; from public uses, $3,400. Rates: flat rate, $4 for first 
tap, $4.50 for bath-room; meter rate, 17c. to 26c. per 1,000 gal. Officer 
in charge: H. E. Brownlee, Superintendent. 

BEAMSVILLE, Lincoln co., (998). In operation since 1895; owned by 
municipality. Supply: by gravity from springs l{ miles distant. Reser- 


voirs: two of tKHt.Odd nul. iiml ;{,.".(HI,(mm) Kai. rapacity, rcs])0(tively. 
Distribution: 2 niilcn of (". I. muiiis, J ui. to H in.; JS liydmnts; 102 
soivi.cs; iin. |)ij)i'. Pressure: oniinary, S() Ibx.; fire, .WIKs. Financial": 
iiiiinial maintptuiiicc, ifi.V); revcruic, .s.WO. Rates: flat 
ilwclliiij;. Officer in fiiaiKf: F. Lay. 

rate, !S.5 por 

BEETON, Simcoc co., ^7t)^)). In i.pcnition sii -e lHi)4; owned l)y munici- 
pality. Supply: i)y Knivity from .spiitijts IJ mile di.stant. Reservoir: 
one of !»"),(M)() Kal. <apacity. Distribution: 2 miles of C. I. mains. J in. to 
12 in.: 25 hydrants; l.{() .services; galvanized inm pipe. Pressure: 
ordinary, 75 ll)s.; fire, HO ll)s. Financial: total cos of plant, $U,5()C; 
annual revenue from consumers, $1,021; froii puiilic uses, $1,084. 
Rates: flat rate, .'!>4 for first tap, $1 for each additional. 

BELLEVILLE, Hastings co.. (11,000). In operation since ISSS; owned by 
nmnicipality since ISO!). Supply: pumped from hay of (^uinte, IJ ndle 
distant, to stand-pipe and directly into nuiins; electric power used, with 
steam auxiliary, maximum 110 h.p.. average, 70 h.p. Reservoir: one 
stand-pipe of 3(35,000 kuI. capacity. Distribution: 17 miles of mains, 4 
in. to l(i in.; 2a() hydrants; 2,;i00 services; Kalvanized iron pipe. Pres- 
sure: ordinary, m lbs.; fire, 125 lbs. Consumption: 1,100,000 zal. 
Financial: total cost of plant, .'i!222,(HK); aimual luuintenanee, $ti,500; 
interest. $11,000; revenue from consumers. $23,000; from public 
$5,000. Rates: flat and meter rates; fiat rate, $5 and upward ner 
dwelling; bath room. $7: meter rate, 10c. to 30c. per 1,000 ,-;al. 

BERLIN, Waterloo eo., (15,33S). In operation since 18HS; owned by i. i- 
cipality. Supply: pumped from artesian wells, 2 miles distant, to id- 
pipe; steam power used, ma.ximum, 1.50 h.p., average, 00 h.)).; ,ilers 
and pumps are in duplicate. Reservoir: stand-jiipe of 500,000 gal. caii- 
acity. Distribution: 34 miles of C. I. and \V. I. muiiis, i in. to 12 in.; 
21S hydrants; 2,872 services; ^ in. to 1 in. lead and iron p'jes. Pres- 
sure: ordinary, 75 lbs. ; fire. 1 15 lbs. Consumption: 000,000 ^al. Finan- 
cial: total cost of plant, $200. 705; aiinual maintenance, $I2,(il4; rev- 
enue from consumers, $20,130; fr-m public uses, $5,0o0. Rates: flat 
rate, $4 per tap; meter rate, (ic. to I8c. per 1 .000 jjal. Officer in charfie: 
H. Hymmen, Superinte-'dent. 

BLYTH, Huron co., (1,000). Owneil by municipality. Supply: pumiicd 
from Hlytli creek. Reservoirs: 10 tanks, 12 ft. by 12 ft. and 10 ft. !iv 
12 ft. Distribution: i mile of W. I. mains. 4 in. : 4 hydrants. Pressure: 
110 to 140 lbs. U.sed for fire protection only. Financial: total iiisi of 
plant. $7,000; annual nuiiiitenume. ^M)'.). 


(.S(M)). Ill 


BOTHWELL, <•„., (^n„. In „,„.,;,thm >in, <• 1!K»,«S: ..vvm.mI 1,v m.ui.i. ip- 
ality. Supply: pmuixMl fnmi wells t,, n-.-rvuir; .Irani povvor use.l .V) 
li.p. Reservoir: ui„. of i.yooo ^al. Distribution: i „,il,. „f iron main 
4 in. andii m.: 10 liy.lranis. Pressure: SO \\,<. Financial: t,.tal .oM ,.f 
|)lant, $5,(MJ0. Ust-.l f.,,- firo pr,,ir. ti,.n ,,nlv. (Mli,.,.r in rhiir.'c M 

BRACEBRIDGE, Muskoka .list.irt, (.{.(MK)). 1,, u|H.ration .incc IS!*.',- „wn,.,| 
i.y nmnuipality. Supply: l.y ^avity ficn. aifsiun wrils, | mile disimit 
t.. n.s.Mv„ir, thcnco pumpv,! dimiiy into nniins: waf.>r-powor iim-.i' 
maximum ir.O li.p., avoniKr ti.") h.p.; pumps ami water wh.vls .no in ,iu- 
plKiitc. Reservoir: one of l'15,00(» j-hI. Distribution: U 
iniles of ('. I. mains. 4 in. to S in.; .'c' liydrants; -,;(() services; J in .mIv 
iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 70 Ihs.; lire, 100 to IJO l!,s. ' Consump- 
tion: ti4,(KH) gii\. Financial: total rost of plant. .S44,l(i2; annual 
inamtenance, $2,(i;M); revenue from consumers, $;{,1(I7; fruin puMic 
uses, SI ,2.-,(j. Rates: Hat rate of S(i and uj.ward p..r dwellin-, ,$4 for hath- 
rooni. Officer in charKP: W. ('. Simmons. 

BRAMPTON, I'eei co., (;},200). In operution sim.- 1NS2; owne.l l.v municip- 
ality. Supply: l,y gravity fn.m lake, 4 miles ilistant, fed bv underground 
springs. There is also a steam i)umpin!,' plant of .'{(iO.OOO ^al. capacity 
per day. Distrbution: (imilesof ('. 1. mains, 4 in. to 12 in.; -,S hydrants; 
.'jOO services; J in. lead and iralv. iron pipes. Pressure: ;{S lbs. to 4") lbs' 
Consuniption: 275,000 -al. Financial: total cost of plant, SSO,0()0; an- 
nual maintenance, $000; revenue from consumers, !j;(i,000. Rates: flat 
rate, S12 per dwellini^: meter rate, 20c to Mr per 1 ,000 ijal. Officer in 
charjre; \V. .\r. Treadfold, Town lOn-^ineer. 

BRANTFORD, Mrant co., (2-..0(H)). I,, operati.m since ISSO; owned l.y 
municipality. Supply: .•ollectin^Kallerio i,. wells 2 miles distant, theiue 
inimped directly into mains; steam power used, 125 h.p.: pumps are in 
dui)licate. Distribution: 50 miles of ('. 1. mains, 4 in. t,, 14 i,,.; 270 liy- 
drants; 5,(iSl .services, i in. and / in. lead pipe. Pressure: onlinarv, S(» 
lbs.; fire, 120 lbs. Consumption: 2,500,000 -al. Financial: total" 
of |)lant. •S512,;J11; annual maintenance, .SlN,4(ifi, interest, Si,ss54- 
amiiml revenue, $04,401. Rates: flat rate, .SL.tO to .S5 per dwellin-, 
$0.25 for batli-ro,.m; meter rate. Sc to 20.Sc per 1.000 ^;al, OfTicei- in 
charge: F. \V. Frank, .Manai,'er. 

BRIDGEBITRG, UVlhiml co.. (1,700). In operation since 19(«; owned bv 
niuuicipalily. Supply: pumped from Nia-ara river. ' mile distant, to 
stand pipe; j^as power use.l. nia.ximum, 70 h.p.; av<Ma,!i;e. 50 h.p.; en- 



Kiiirs 1111(1 pumps :vii! in :p,v' Uo. Reservoir: «tiin.i pipe 14(),(MK) 
jriil. tiipaiity. Distribution: .» ■ lilo-^of ('. 1. urul \V. I. miiiiis,2 in. t..Sin., 

■ipf. Preuure: ordinary, 20 to 4a llw.; 
»: 3(M),0()()ku1. Financial: . .nt of .hu|>- 
huiion n\Mi-iii .>4i),(XMl; annual main- 
Rates: flat rate, $4 per dwell inn, $2 
VI., Water ConiniissioniT 

41 hydrants; 4 U) B«•rvi(•«■^^, !■ 
lire, 100 to ISu Ihs. Co 
ply plant, *10,00t), »s 
tciiance, J<2,400; n'\< 
for liatli-rooHi. < »ffic 

muiiii ipaiity. Supply ^^ 
mains; steam power n • 
4 in to 24 in.; 127 li 
Pressure: ordinary, bii ' 
Financial: total cost of i 
revenue from consumer 

>'^.'>(.^' i ..perti(m .sine- 18.S2; ...vned by 

f ' >ni S' ' cnn' river directly into 

' '■»;:•• ju: 1!» milcHiif C. I. main.s, 
lees, lead an.l g;dv iron pipe.s. 
iir. s. Consumption: 2,5>00,(XX) pil. 

'It, $ aimual mainteniince, >;i3,(K)0; 

$!'•!' t. .!u. pul.lii:, :<12,.')(K). Rates: 
flat rate, t3.(KS and upw .rd {ler dwellimr; Lntli-riMim, $;j.OS. Officer in 
charge: Hobt. Picken, .'^ iperintendent. 

BURKS FALLS, Parry Souai, (946). In operation since 1905; owned 
hv n, iniiijiality. Supply: by gravity fr.)ni lleazen lake, 3 miles distant. 
Distribution: 5 miii^Hof (. . l. mains, 6 in. to Sin. ; 23 hydrants; 115 services. 
Tiessure: ordinary, (50 lbs.; fire, 125 lbs. Consumption: 30,000 Ral. 
Financial: total cost .jf plant, $,34,000; annual maintenance, $300; 
revenue from consumers, .; 1,000; from public uses, $:i.-)0. Rates: fliit 
rate, $0.50 and upward per dvvellinf;; bath-room $4.50. Officer m 
charsie: H. HIakley. 

BURLINGTON, Halton co., (1,600). In operation since 1010; owned 
by nmnicipality. Supply: pumped from artesian wells, ]J mile dis- 
tant, to stand-pipe or directly into mains; electric power used, 
maximum, 28 h.p., averajie, 25 h.p.; pumpinj; apparatus is in 
.Itiplicate. Reservoirs: well, .-)0,000 eal. capacity, stand-pipe, 100,000 
fial. capacity. Distribution: ,s^ miles of C.I. mains, 4 in. to S in.; 
60 hydrants; 125 .services; load pipe. Pressure: ordinary 48 lbs.; lire, 
140 lbs. Consumption: 25.000 jial. Financial: cost of supply plant! 
$7,000; cost of distributing; system, $40,000. Rate.'?: meter rate! 
10c. to .33c. per. 1000 gal ; minimum, $7.S0 per dwelling. Officer in 
charge: P. Dawson, Secretary-Treasurer. 

CALEDONIA, Haldimand co., (900). In operation since 1860; owned by 
Grand Trunk railway. Supply: pumped from Grand river to tank, or 
directly into mains; steam power used. 32 h.p. Reservoir: one, capacity 
25,(X)0 gal. Distribution: i mile of C. I. mains, 4 in.; 6 hydr-ants: 32 
services, 1 in. pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 60 lbs., fire, 80 lbs. Financial: 


wati;r.\V()uk.s of ontauio „ 

.nrmul r,,.i „f n,aiMl-uunr.., ^l,,m- rovenuo fn..,. r.,n,uM.,.,s s .■..-, • 
I.",.. jHT 1.(100 Kul. omc.T ill .huix..: (J. H,.-!-. 

CAMPBELLFORD, .V..riliiiinl)<'iliiiil <■,. idMNii f. .• ■ . 

"^^"<>-l l.y ..HUM. .pul.ty. Supply: ,,,,...,...,1 fn.m Tnu.t rivor, .iinrtlv iu,o 

a„.l wa...,-ui,....|.s ,.,v .n .lupli, H..-. Distribution: 2* of <'. i. L,;,!, 

1«: r '"■• ■I'-y'''"-"^' '^" ^'•^^■''•"- * '"■ '-^^'■- '-•"" Pi|'- Pres- 

S^HX." T; , T' •""■ '''■"' "•" ^^""'^"'^ '"■^' "f -M..1V plan.. 
%4,(HH). .•..Ht of ,l,,str.l)ut..„. systorn. S21,(H)0; h„„,„u „u,i,.,o,ui.>, .-, .y.)07; 

^v.-nue. $1,17! . Rate.: fl.t rato, *r, p.. ,Uv..|li,„, iaducli..^ l,ulh-roo„,. 
VV...T not ..sod for ,lnnki,„ p„rpoM... Officer in ohar^-: K. C. West 
town ( Icrk. ' 

CARDINAL (i,*nville ,.o., (1,200). I„ o,K.naion sinco ISiM; own.-.l l.v 
t ard.nal Wat,-,- Co. Supply: p„„.pe,l from St. Laun-n.., river. !)00 ft 
d..stant, to tank, or directly into mains; .steam a.ul wafr-powor used' 
ma.x.mum 00 h.p., av,.,a,.o, :«) h.p.; pu...p.s arc „. dxplu^at.. FUter; 
pressure filter. Reservoir: one, capacity 1(X),000 «a!. DistribuUon: 
^ulcs of (1. mains, 1 in. tofiin.; 9 hydrants; 230 services; W I pipe 
Pressure: ordinary, 40 lbs.; fir*, lOO lbs. ConsumpUon: .5 000 .'al 
Fmancutl: revenue from con.sumers, .^1,2.18; from public uses, .^072: 
Rates. Hat rate, $5 „r first tap, $2 for each additional. (),K,rated bv the 
i-duardsburR Starch Co., Ltd. . Supply: pum,K;d from Thames river, j mile distant, to stand-pipe' 
steam power used, maximum, 150 h.p., avera,.. .55 h.p.; boilers are in 
duplicate. Filter: sedimentation l„usin and me..hanical (il,t-^ used 
^servoir: sedimentation b*sin, S,5OO,(JO0 «ul. enpacity. Distribution: 
2S} miles ,. I. and VV. I. main.s, i in. to 12 in.; VM livd.-ants; 2,200 
services, IJ m. galv. iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 40 lbs fin- ilO 
lbs Consumption: 850,000 «al. Financial: total cost of pla.u, .-f;2i;j - 
000; annual mumtenance, $(;..(); revenue from consu.ners ,<!2>000- 
f.-oni publ... uses, *890. Rates: all sold by meter, rate, 20c, (less 1^ per 
.•ent.) perl,000gal. Officer in ..har^e: E. H. Jones. Superinteuden; 

CLINTON, Huron CO., (2.500). hi operation since 1910; owned bv munici- 
pality. Supply: pumped from deep wells to stand-pipe; producer <'-x, 
engine used, maximum, 50 h.p.,ave,a.e. 2,1 h.p.; engines In dupli-a^te. 

D.stnbution: miles of C. I. mains. 4 m. to 10 in.; 50 hydrrnts; ^li Z^ 



vices; I ill. ftiilv. iiou pipe. Pressure: onliiuiry, (10 Ihs.; fire, 120 lbs. 
Consumption: no.OOl) jrul. Financial: total eost of plant, $59, (HK); 
aiii.uai riuiinteiiiiiKc, $1 ,250. Rates: flat lute, $5.50 per dwelliiifr; meter 
vat<', 21c per 1,000 ual. 

COBALT, Nipissiiij,' <list., iti,000). In (iperatioii since I!K)1»; owned ],y rmini- 
cipaiily, Supply: piini|)eil from Sasa-ina^'a lake, i mile disiant, ti)star.<l- 
pipe; electric i)o\ver used, avera-e. (iO h.p.; pumps and nu.tors in 
duplicate. Reservoir: one stand-pipe. IS1,0()0 «al. capacity. Distribu- 
tion: ,! iniles of ('. 1. ini.ins. -I in. to 10 in.; 2S hydrants; ■120servi(("s, f in. 
and 2 in. f,'alv. iron i)i|)e. Pressure: .S5 lbs. Consumption: •l.{5,000 ^al. 
Financial: total est of plant, S!t(;.H2; annual maintenance, $7,000; 
rev.'fiue. si(),22:{. Rates: flai rale of s|5 and upwar.l per dwelling;. 

COBOURG, .Xorlluunherland co.. (5,000). in operation since ISSO; owned 
l>y ( ohuurK IJtililies ('orjionilion, Ltd. Supply: pumped from lake 
Oiilario. IJ mile distant, and from (i artesian wells, to stan(l-])i|)e and 
mains; steam power used, 50 li.p. to 100 h.p.; lioilers and pumj.s are in 
diipli.ate. Reservoir: stand-pipe lii ft. hy I Hi ft. 1 15,0((0 gal. Dis- 
tribution: 1 I miles. .f ('. I. mains, I in. to 12 in.; ,S2 hydrants: S50 ser- 
vices; j^mI v. iron pipe. Pressure: onlir-iry, 50 to 70 lbs.; fire, 100 Iks. 
Consumption: (iOO,00() j^al. Financial: cost of supi)ly plant! $10.0(H); 
cost ()f distribution .system. $l:i0.000; annual maintenance, $7,000, ex- 
clusive of interest; amuial revenue, $15,000. Rates: flat rate $5 and 
upward per dwelliuf;; baih-room $(i.50; meter rate, 10c to 25c i)er 1,000 
,i;al. Odicerin cliariie: .1. 10. ISkidmore, numa^'inc; Director. 

COLLINGWOOD, Sinic •(.., (7,(i(H»). In o])erati(m since ISSO; owned bv 

umnicipality. Supply: pumped from Georgian l)ay, IJ mile di.stant, 
ilireclly into mains; steam power used; pumps are in duplicate. Dis- 
tribution: 20 miles of C. ]. and W. I. mains, i in. to 10 in.; !M; hydrants; 
1 .COO services. Pressure: ordinary, 45 lbs. ; fire, !20 lbs. Consumption' 
(iOO.OOO -al. Financial: cost of sup|)ly plant, $12,(K)0; cost of distri- 
bution .system, siil.oot); annual maintenance. $12,000; revemie from 
consumers. $10, KM); from public, $:{,(iOO. Rates: flat rate, $3. .50 
and upward per dwelling; bath-room, $2; meter rate, 12c. |)er 1000 gal. 
Officer in charfje: .John 

CORNWALL, Stormont co. (ti,;{00). In ei)eration since 1.SS7; owned by 
municipality. Supply: pumped from St. Lawrence river, { mile distant, 
to stand-pi|)e; water and steam ptwer u.sed, average. 75 h. ]>. ; pumps are 
in duplicate. Reservoir:.stand-pii)e()f2;j5,000gal. Distribution: ISmilesof 
<'. 1. mains, 2 in. to 12 in.; !K) hydrants; 1,;«M) .services, J in. gal v. iron 
pijK'. Pressure: ordinary 73 lbs.; lire, no lbs. Consumption: 1,100,000 



«aK Financial: U,u\ ...., ,.f ,,„.,, ,„„„„„^ ^„„„,^^,„,onan,... 
N..0 ). n.v..nuo, >.,.,„„.,. Rates: fla, n.,.. 8<i f..,- ti,., ,h,.; I,.,1, Z 

•><..•.(»; iii.'tcr rate, 2r,,. ,„.,• .,i|, ' '' 

CREEMORE, Siniroc m r7Mn i., . 

" Supply: l.y KravKat.o,, fn,m spring. 2 mil-s .ii.iant ' Re«r 

MKU,.4,M.,,.s„.; .iI,y,l,aM,s;,i^s,.m.os. Pressure: !... li„. Finan- 
cal ,..n.l ....s ..f ,,,„„, s.,,,„„„; anuual n.aiu„.u.,„.,., sr.". ■ ,.,.,.,.!" 

wj:;::-.!sr"'"''"'^'"''-^^^ •"" -•'■^"-: wi,;;:;,; 

DESERONTO Has,n„s „,„00). 1,. ..,„,,,,.„ ,,_ ,,,,. .,^^. , ,,^. 

staiKl-pipe, jr,is and stcain p,,u-,M- uscl avci-i-o C.-. 1,... 
.p..a;......pH..a,. Rese^oir:....,;;;.:;^^^^^ 

|..p<-. Pressure- so Ihs. Consumption: <i().(H)() .r.,\ Financial-"" ' 
-....!>• Plan,, .,0,0,,,.; ..,.. .,f Ln..u,i„n s;;':, Ji:^ ! 'Z!^ 
-n.onan..o, ..,,„«,; rov, s,,ooo. Rates: flat ,a„.,s5p p 

l'>">; Supply: In- «,,,v„y sp,-i„.s l>J „„|,,s .li,,a„t. " puter- 
--ul .,..,. ,..,. Resen;oir: ,.., ,al. DistribuulS; 

Fnanci! . '",'"■ T''^ "•' "'" Consumption: 1l>.0,.o,„oo ,„, 
l<mancial: tola cost df i,|.u,i si;-,(in(|. ., . i 

rov.M,,,,. •<-<->Mn dV N^).!*,),), annual niunitcnancc, .siiOO; 

u. u. ^.},iO„. Rates: flat ,a,.., .s,i ,„ s.s p,., .Iwoliin..; n.oter rato 

M..u..a...p..M„00,al. (..ii...-,. in ..ha,...: U". U. Kn,,;!.., S,.;X 

DUNNVILLE Hal,li,nan.l .... ,,,000,. In opnati... .in.... ,S0. . ...n.-.l l,v 

;;;--Pal..y. supply: pun,....! f,...,„ ,;,„., .,..,.,.,„ n...un. ..Z • 

2' ;a...s; «asp.,werus..,l^..apa..i,y,.f p,.,„p, ,.,,o,000,„. Reservo^ 

om ..(.,(.,),) Kal. ..tpa...,y. Distribution: ."ii „,i|,s ..f ,,,,1,,.; 47 hv.lran,.- 

m) s..,.v..c.s. Pressure: ...linary. .,0 11..; ,i,e. 75 lbs FiUncial- 

DURHAM, Circy co.. (L.'iOO). In ,.,w.,..ui,... «|,. •,> umw • i 

Supply. 1,3 K,,v.,y f,..„n ,sp,..„,,.s, I ,„ile,. Distribution: ,{ n.iles 


of wooden ami iron miiins, up to (i in.; l.")l) soivic cs. Financial: total 
cost of plant, $!),()()(); annual revenue, $1,.')()0. Rates: flat rate, I") to 
120 per dwelling. H. ,J. Snoll, Owner. 

ELMIRA, Waterloo co.. (l.S")()). In operati(jn since 19()7; owned by muni- 
cipality. Supply: pum])("(l from wells, i mile cli.stant, to stand-pipe; 
oil engine used, ;ir) li. p. Reservoir: one, (i'i.OOO ^ai. capacity. Distribu- 
tion: ;{ n)ilcs of C. 1. mains, 4 in. to 8 in.; 35 hydrants; 105 services, J in. 
liiiW. iron pipe. Pressure: ordimiry, 45 lbs.; (ire, 110 to 125 lbs. Con- 
sumption: 25,000 sal. Financial: total cost of plant, $25,000, annual 
maintenance, $000; revenue from consumers, $375, from public uses, 
$225. Rates: fiat and meter rates; flat rate $5 [)er dwelling. Officer 
in charge: Hobt. T. McCallum, Superintendent. 

ESSEX, Kssex co., (1 ,300). In operation since 1890; owned by municipality. 
Supply: pumjjed from artesian wells to tanJ^; steam power used, average 
25 h.p. Reservoir: one, capacity 175,000 gal. Distribution: 3 J miles of 
C". I. mains, 4 in. to 10 in.; 34 hydrants; 350 services, lead pipe. Pres- 
sure: ordinary, 25 lbs.; fire, 95 to 100 lbs. Consumption: 100,000 gal. 
Financial: total cost of plant, $34,000; annual revenue, $2,2(K). Rates: 
flat rate, $7 to $8 per dwelling. Officer in charge: Albert Perry, Engineer. 

EXETER, Huron co., (1,700). In operation since 1911; owned by muni- 
cipality. Supply: pumped from river, J mile distant, to tank; ga.soline 
engine and electric power used, average 75 h.p. Reservoir: one of 
40.000 gal. Distribution: Ij mile of C. I. mains, 4 in. to 8 in.; 18 hydrants; 
10 services, J in. to 2 in. pipe. Pressure: 50 to 100 lbs. Consumption: 
37,000 gal. Financial: total cost of plant, $20,019; annual mainten- 
ance, $250; revenue, $562. Rates: flat rate. 

FORT ERIE, Welland co., (1,410). In operation since 1910; owned by 
municipality. Supply: pumjied from Niagara river, IJ mile distant, to 
stand-pii)e; ga.s engines used, average, .30 h.p.; engines and pumps ar<> 
in duplicate. Reservoir: stand-pi{X!, 130,000 gal. capacity. Distri- 
bution: 8i miles of C. I. mains, 4 in. to 10 in.; 80 hydrants; 300 ser- 
vices, i in. galv. iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 65 lbs.; fire, 120 lbs. 
Consumption: 30,000 gal. Financial: total cost of plant, $56,000; an- 
annual maintenance, $700; revenue, $1,100. Rates: flat rate, average 
$7 per dwelling. Officer in charge: Town Clerk. 

FORT FRANCES, Rainy River dist., (1,(K)0). In operation since 1<)08; owned 
by municipality. Supply: pumped from Rainy river, IJ miles distant, 
to storage .-^servoir; gasoline engine used, average 00 h.p. Reservoir: 



10 in.. 41 hycinu...: 12„ s,.,v.,.,.s, / i„. ,,,,i ,,;,„, p„,,„,,^ ,_. ,,/, J 
Consumption: (..,..,., ,.|. Financial: ...i.l .•.., ,.f ,.,.,„, SS2 470 u ' 

Ra . Hat a,o, av..a.o .,f ^.,. ,,ss 2. ,.,.,■ ....,.,. dis..o,.nt po,- dwelling, 
oititoi 111 ,.l,;iiKc: Juiucs Wilson, En-iii(.,.|'. 

FORT WILLIAM, Thundo,. B:,- di... (,.,,,00). I„ ..p.,,,;,, ,;,,... ,,,„. 
'• -d l,v „unu...palU,v. Supply; |,y „.,.,•,, f,,„. ,,.,, ,,„„„„^,, , .^^ 
l-a..L Reservoirs: Loch Loni,„ui, .roa I., s,, ,...; .mo ,.o„,.ret. re or 

Pni^u^: ;; ■'>■'''•=';!;:' ;*'^^^^<'-"-s. J i- load pip. ru , in. C. I. pipe. 
Pressure. ID to 12., lbs. Consumption: .•{..^ .,,i Pinancal- 
'"•St .. supply plant, $(iO(),()(K); ..„st of diH.ribution .sy.stein .S2y(i500- 
-";-! ".aintenauco. .S22.(..)..; n-venuo fi-on. .o„Humef«. «0(;.)47 f'om 
>ul ... „sos, $,.5,0()(). Rates: Ma. rate, .SS „. ,^,., pei..Kv •ni,,,, s/t.'.O 
foH> Oin..,. in .Har^e: Joiin Wils..n.'ci,y an.i Wate;.:,;.!,^ 

I'.etth into mams; steam power used, .37 h.p. to 100 h.p.; pumps ■ nd 
but^on 27 miles of C. I. and W. I. mains, 2 in. to 12 in. ; 140 hy.lrants • 
i'y 00 Jr-p- "7" -l"--y-051hs, fire.l2olbs. Consumption 
.s..).000gul. Fmancwl: cost of supply plant, .$2(i,000; cost of di.stril,u- 
t<on .system .^Ky.OOO; annual maintenance, .^5,53.5; revenue m 
.onsumers, «1,U,S2; from puhlie uses, $7,426. Rates: flat ratt $ 75 
an.i upwar, per dw..!ling; meter rate, ll-.e. to 2S.8c. ^r lioo Ji 
Officer m char«e; S. Bartleman. Superintendent. ^ 

'pal t> Supply: pumped from St. Lawrence river, 3,9.iO ft. .listant 
U, steam power maximum .50 h.p., avera-^e 35 ho' 
Re^rvo.r:, ,SU ft. by 20 f... 1,0.000 gal. Disiributio; 5im £ 
, '"a.n.s 4 ,. ... to 8 m. ; 08 hydrants; ,378 .services, lead pipe PresTu e• 
;- l';-n% 50 bs,; fire, 11.5 lbs. Consumption: 108,000 «1| FL^nSl." 

otal cost of plant, ,S100..3OO; annual maintenance, .*;,.500^v°mi' 

n d mr^' ' V I r 'i ' "i"""""" ^'''^'"^" "^ *'«« ^'^ 'l"-'^- Officer 
m cnarse. .\, u. Gardner. Supenntendeut. 

GEORGETOWN. o.. n ,-., In ,„..,.,:,„ .:,,, „,, ,^„.„^, ,^. 
— Pahty, Supply: by gravity from springs 3 miles dis; R^i^ 



voir: our. »()(I,(»(M( ^;i!. caiKuity. Distribution: 7} miles of ('. |. mnins, 
■1 in. t.. 1(1 in.; U) liydiaiit,-; liT'i .scrvicts. J in. t,, ■_> i„. jrjilv. in.n pipe. 
Pressuri.: V2 to US ll.s. Consumption: 7(;.(MMt u-mI. Financial: total 
cosi (if plant, $!.'{ ,.'{()(»: animal mMinlcnaini', SJ'.O; n-vcmic s:f(»:{| 

lai laK'S;-) plus SI f,„l>;illi-i(.om. Oliii'rr m rliai;,'c: A. M(l>.)i 

GODERICH, Huron co., ("i.OOt)). In op,. ration .since IS.S.S; ouiicil \,y nmni- 
ripalily. Supply: pumped from lake Huron tlu-ou-li sedimentation 
ii.ism. i mile distant, directly into mains or stand-pipe: steam power 
•ised, maximum 17.") Ii.p., uvorav'e IDO li.p.; l.oilersaiid pumps are indupli- 
cate. Reservoirs: St and-pipeofl2r).()0()^'al.; sediment atioiiliasinof ;{(>(),()(»() 
u-al. Distribution: II ] m. of C. I. an<l W. 1. mains. •_> in. to 10 in.: t)4 
hydrants: l.JOO services, J in. lead pipe. Pressure: ordinary, .W lbs.; 
tire. SO to 170 Ihs. Consumption: ,")0(),0()0 i^al. Financial: total cost of 
plant, .$S.1.0<»2; iinimal miiintenance, .S.",.l),;i); interest, $.5,000; annual 
revenue from consumers, ;y S42; from public uses, .S4,242. Rates: 
flat rate. So per (Iwellini:: batli-rooin ,$(1. Officer in charge: J. H. 
KpIIv. Suporintcndont. 

GRAVENHURST, Miiskoka (list., (2.000). In operation since liH)!); owned 
by niunicijxility. Supply: pumped from (iull lake, :m ft. distant, 
directly into mains or stand-pipe; electric jxtwer u.sed, nuixinnim l\n li.p,, 
!ivpra,i;e, 30 h.p.; pumps are in duplicate. Distribution: ;{ miles ot ('. I. 
mains, 4 in. to 10 in.; ;{S hydrants; 175 services, galv. iron pipe. Pres- 
sure: ordinary, "f) lbs. ; fire. 140 lbs. Consumption: 00,000 pil. Finan- 
cial: cost of supply plant, $8,000; cost ,.f distribution system. $12,000; 
annual maintenance, $2,085; revenue from consumers, $l,0(il; from 
public ii.s,>s, .$800. Rates: flat rate. $(i per <l\vel,infr. OHicer in charge: 
W. J. Stulibs, Secretary-Trciusurer. 

GRIMSBY, Lincoln eo.. (1.800). In operation since 1!»05; owned by muni 
cij)ality. Supply: pumped from lake Ontario, 1 mile distant, directly into 
mains and to reservoir; electric power used, average, 50 li.p.; pumping 
apparatus is in duplicate. Purification: sedimentation basin. Reservoir: 
one, 175,000 gal. capacity. Distribution: 25 miles of (i in. and S in. 
mains; 40 hydrants; 1,000 services. Pressure: ordinary, 140 lbs.; 
fire, 1.50 lbs. Consumption: 175.000 gal. Financial: cost of sujjply 
plant. .s25.00(); cost of distribution system. $;50.000; annual maintenance 
$2,000; revenue from consumers, .S;}.000: from public, $1,000. 
Rates: flat rate. .$5 peraimum. Officer in charge: .M.St. John. 




• il 

GUELPH, \VVII,„^r,,,„ ,„ ,|.-„|„ i„ , ,■ 

';:;;;:"' "; *:;"'-'"i"; ■-.< , „'„.•,., „...,i. ,., , ■ ,, ■ ' 

lXt::::;:'::;TTr"'r"rT''''''- '■»'■■ "'■°''«- 

M.N..;.;;l; :ir«;;;''^;rrr,;'''f'™ ■■ "■■ 

<»<•" iral Financial- , , . ," Consumption: I KM),- 

~.u. riiianciai. Inl.i cost of ii :iii( SMI '■fi- . i 

;^ . ..,,.....„,.„,., Supply: , „..,, f, laU Ti,uis,..,.i K:^ " ' 

'■■on |..|.<'s. Pressure: „nli„arv. ,s() ||,s ■ fi,,. ,.-,„ u; c''l Z 
I!»2.()(M) ....I Financial- ,-, , V , ',' Consumption: 

Raes- (I ,,t ■'•;'"""' """""■"'""■••■ •^•^"00; .-.-venue, $7000 
indiiiiKc T. Len,.,n,S,i,„.,-i,it,.n(lci,t. 
HAMILTON. UVu.wonh .-,.. (So..).)(„. ,„ ,„„.,,„-„„ ,;„,., „,.„. 

.m.u.pal>,y. Supply: p,.„,.,..l f,.,.,„ ,L, 4 . U. U i, t 

1.-^ m... „.a,„s; o.o,.tHc power, ,n..i„, ,,,,0 h. p., ^Z^^ 

•"""'•p., steam pun.p.sfore,„e,-,cn,-.v. Filter: san.lfilter BeservoS 

r i 'mlr'nli't <;;;P-i.y 2,500,„„0 ,.,. Distribution: .'HS 

wessure (,.-, |b,. Consumption: W.mmo jral. Financial- ,,.. nf 

:z^:,! :;;;:■ t^r^n'^ '"" "^ '^^'■•''■"^-" -^•-'' ^''^-^ --■ 

... It UM>, $ and upwar.1 ,K-r dwelling; l.ath-r.,.,M, J2: n.oter rate 7*,- 
-.1,. 1,000 «al. Ofli..,.i„..,,a...e: A. F. McC^lh.m. Ci, v l' ;:i,;!V 

' • Supply, pmnped U:„n Sau-'eon riv,.,- at town ,lire<-tlv into nrtins ■ 
; ;P;-;.- --l, ., ,,. p. Distribution: 1 .i.. „f C. I. nu.ns, i 

omjin;:;e:.^eio;^i^rcSj"'"'''-'''-'-'^^^ '■'■- 


CO. ( 

(4.2!»4). In operation since I<K«; .iwned 

>■" . auppij. p,aii|,f,i mwu ortawa river, 1 milf distant. 


to tank; steam iiouci' ux'il. :i\('ia'.;c 47 li.|). ; Ixiilcrs and p!iui|iiiit; 
apparatus in iliiplicaic. Reservoir: mic tank. SO.Udo }rn\. capacitv. 
Distribution: 4 miles of ('. I. main~. tl in. to 12 in; .") liydranis; SOO 
services. J in. to ,' in. leail pipe. Pressure: oidinaiy, 70 toSti ll)s.; fire, 
110 Ills. Consumption: ;{l'(),(MM» ;;iil. Financial: total cost of plant. 
•SIOO.OOO; annual maintenance. $;{.()()(). (incluilini; interest); revenue, 
$4, Si),"). Rates: Hat rate. sG ami upward ikt dwelling; bathroom, .•?•"). 
Officer in diarfje: W. (1. llimjinsoii. lln^^ineer. 

HUNTSVILLE, Muskoka dist.. (2.;{(»7). In operation .since ISOS; owned by 
municipality. Supply: jiumped from Vernon lake, j mile di.stant. to 
reservoir; steam power used; pumps in dujilicate. Reservoir: one, 
S(Mt,l)0() gill, capacity. Distribution: .'> miles of C.I. mains. 4 in. to 10 in.; 
M hydrants; 450 services. f;alv. iron pipe. Pressure: »0 to 100 lbs. 
Financial: cost of sujiply plant, $4,000; cost of (li.strib\ition system, 
>;2r).0()0; annual revenue from consumers, $3,200; from public, 
S1.700. Rates: flat rate. $ti., 50 jier tap. Officer in charge: Cleo. Uolston. 

INGERSOLL, Oxford co., (4.(J(K)). In oiferiition since 1891 : owned by In«er- 
soll Water-works Vo. Supply: by >;ravity from sjirini^s to well, tlience 
]iuinped to staml-iiipe ami mains; steam, electric and water jiower used ; 
pumjiinn apparatiLs in duplicate. Reservoir: one staml-pijie, Kio.OOO 
Kal. capacity. Distribution: 1.5 miles of mains, 4 in. to 12 in.; 72 liy- 
drants; 1,018 services, jialv. iron and load pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 
(iO lbs.; fire. 100 lbs. Consumption: 750,000 gal. Financial: total 
<()st of plant, .'>1(J!),000; aimual maiuteuance, $7,000; annual revenue 
•'>15.000. Rates: flat and meter rates; flat rate, $5 and upward jier 
dwelling; bath-room. $(i.,50; meter rate, 10c. to 25c. ()er 1.000 }ral. 
Officer in charge: H. (i. Robinson, Superintendent. 

IROQUOIS, Diindas co.. (900). In operation since 1898; owned by muni- 
cipality. Supply; pumi)ed from St. Lawrence river, i mile distant, 
directly into nuiins; water-power used, average, 50 h.p. ; auxiliary 
steam engine. Distribution: 3 miles of C. I. nuiins, 2 in. to (i in.; 20 
hydrants; ItiO mm vices. Jin. and } in. lead aiidgalv. iron pipes. Pressure: 
ordinary. 50 lbs.; fire, IHJ lbs. Financial: total cost of plant. $40,000; 
amuial nutintemmce. $750; reveime, $1,400 Rates: flat rate, Sli per 
dwelling, batli-room, $3. 

KENORA, Keiiora dist.. (fi..500). In operation since 1899; owned by 
municipality. Supply: pumi)ed from lake of the Woods, IJ mile distant, 
<lirectly into mains; sieani and electric power u.sed, average, 100 h.p., 
iiuLxiiiiuin, 15U ii.p. Distribution: ti miies C. I. maias, 4 iu. to 12 iu.; 



52 l.y.lnu.,.; !«X) sorvi,... J i„. ,,|v. i,-,,,. „„„. pressure: ..„linarv 
.01I.S.; hnMlOilH. Consumption: s.«, (..„,,. I. Financial: total Z' 
of plant, s.„„,00(): ,„ai,....nan,.o, v.,;;,; .vv-n,... ^ I ;":' 

KINCARDINE, Hn..e .■„.. (2,77o). J,. .,,e,-a,i..„ si,.,. ISS9; .,„,k.,1 l.v 
niu.uc.pal..y. Supply: ,,„n.pod fn.n, lak. ilun.n ,., s,a„.J-pipo- s ... . 
power use.l. JO to 00 h.p.; l,„il„,s a.-o ia .lupli,.at,.. Filter' .^.'v, ' 
•sa.Kl filtor used with .sa-isfactorv results Reservoir 

^ ft; .y .00 ft., i2.,ooo ,a.: aud ,:. ;;i;.vr:r;:; i,,:;; rii'ir 

D.stnbut,on: :J nwles (M. uudus; .'lo hydrants; .S92 services Psu'' 
ordn...y. .-..) to SO lbs.; ,i,«. „„, ,., ,5,,,,,,. Consumption: 12-" ,' 
gLFmancal: total cost of pl.,„, s,7...;i; annua! n.aintn 
!b2,2(!0 ^^>te,■est:^2,2.•Jl); revenue fn„„ eonsu.ners, .sr'{17- fn.tu 1 e 
us.. .2.4:n. Rates: .lat rate. .. to ,r, per dwellin : . ^ ^ , 
^0.50; meter rate, l.)e, per 1,000 ,al, Officer in .-har.e: A. U In'... n ' 
oupcrnitcudeiit. «"^i.wu. 

KINGSTON, .rontena,. ,.0.. (10,.500). In operation sinee iSoO; owned l.v 
""'""••Pnl.ty. Supply: pu.nped fro,„ lake Ontario, J .nile distam u, 
ma.ns and reservon-; stean. power use,!, tnaxin.u.n, 150 h.p avert-.. 
^h'%vZr T '" '"";''"'" ''"^"'"''^ ""^^ stand-pipe' so f,." hv' 

'"/n'iie ^ ' ";"""' '""• '"'• =''""" '^''" ^"^-■'"- Distribution: 

. -i n es . I. „,..n.. ,5 tn. to Ki tn.; 257 hydrants; 3.057 services, lead 
•i. .1 fralv. mm p.pes. Pressure: .^0 to so il.s. Consumption: 2 .■507 000 

^ .e.f ":°-?„o" '' 7""'^: •^'''"^' ^^-'"^"^ '■- "f •^-"'•-1.1; 

Ratesri """" '"=""'""-"•«• *15,000; revenue, .S.l.OOO. 

T': ur '^7^'^'^^^""''" l''^i«.*:i.:5upwani; l.ath-room. $;{.77; 

mete, rate, • <„•. to 4s... per 1,..0U gal. OlJicer in ..i.a,..e: G. G. FoLer 
.Supei-n.tendent. " ' 

KINGSVILLE, co.. (1 ,000). In ope,.ation sin.e ISOi; owt.ed l,v n.uni- 
<'.P''1".V- Supply: pu„,pe,l f,.o,n lake E.'ie. on- ,„ile distant t,", s,..„,l- 
I.i|.<> and tank; .steam power used: hoiier.s and engines are in .lupii,- Ue 
Reservoir: tank, 45,000 ,al. .-apa.i.y. Distribution: SI ,„ile ' 
•natns, 1 m. to S m.; 20 hydrants; :m services, ,alv, i.-on pipe- Pres- 
sure: ord,na,-y,;}2to.50 1hs.: fire, SO lbs, Financial: cost , 's.^n'- 
pbut^ .10.000; eost of dis,,.ibutionsystem, S20,,)0.,; ,1^^^^^^ 
.>2,200, revenue, i»I,SOO. Rates: Hat .ate. s.5 per dweilinir. 

LEAMINGTON, Essex .o.. (2.,S00). In operation sime ISOl; owned bv 
numicpa ..y. Supply: bv gravity from .rte^i.. welis, j III. auJ 
to pun.p-house, thetu^e pumped directly into ,nain<; steam p.wer u'e l' 



luuxiiiuiin, 75 h.p.. iivi-ni^'f. 4") li.ii.; lioilcrs and piiiiips are in duplit'iite. 
Distribution: (\\ miles (". I. and stfol iiudiis, 2J in. to 10 in.; 4,S hydrants; 
47') services, lead and ualv. iron pipi's. Pressure: ordinary, 50 lbs.; 
tire. 110 11.S. Consumption: 175.(MH) j;"l. Financial: cost of .supply 
plant. $5,500; cost of (list ril ml ion system. .'<2!*.000; annmil maintenance 
■S:{,_'00: revenue. $3,400. Rates: fiat rate, •'i>5 per dwellin-r; hath-room, 
$2. Officer in charKo: !•". McDonald. 

LINDSAY, \ictoria co.. (S.OOO). In operation since 1S'J2; owned hy muni- 
cipality. Supply: inimped from Scuhok river t(» stand-pipe and also 
directly into mnius; eleitric ]»ower used, ma.ximum, 110 h.p., averaije, 
So h.p.; steam i)uinpin<!; plant in reserve. Filter: two mechanical 
filters and ozonization chamlier. Reservoir: stand-pipe, 110 ft. by 
15 ft., 135,000 gal. Distribution: 11 miles ('. I. mains. 3 in. to 12 in.; 
'.»2 hydrants: 9.'>() .services; J in. to 4 in. |i;alv. iron and C. I. pipes. 
Pressure: ordinary, (iS to 72 lbs.; lire. 95 to 120 lbs. Consumption: 
475,000);al. Financial: total of plant, .$120,000; annual main- 
tenance, .$6,0(K); interest, s:{,23S, revenue from consumers, .$12,000; 
from public uses, $4,2.''<0. Rates: Hat rate, $(i per dwelliii!;; batli-room, 
•$ti..')0; meter rate, y.Oc. to lOc. per 1,000 gal. Officer in charge: 
I). Ray, Secretary. 

LISKEARD, See Xew Liskcard. 

LISTOWEL, Perth co.. (2.000 In operation since 1!X)5; ownetl by muni- 
cipality. Supply: pumped from artesian wells to stand-pipe; steam 
I)o\ver used, average 40 li.]i. Reservoir: one stand-pipe of 06,000 ;;al. 
capacity. Distribution: 5miles<)fC. I. mains,2in. toSin.; 3Shydrants; 
20!) services, J in. to 1 in. pi|)e. Pressure: ordinary, 50 lbs.; fire, SO to 
120 lbs. Consumption: 00.000 gal. Financial: total cost of plant, 
$44,000; annual maintenance, $1,S43; revenue, .$3,555. Rates: flat 
rate. $5 for first tap; bath-roi'm, .$5; meter rate. 10c. to .30c. per 1.000 
ftal. Officer in eliarsc: U. H. Staford, Superintendent. 

LONDON, .Middlesex co.. (40.300). In operation .•■-ace 1878; owned b.\- 
numicipality. Supply: pumped from sprinijs. 5 miles distant and from 
wells 'i city, to re.servoir; electric power used; pumpinj? apparatus in 
duplicate. Reservoir: one. 5,000.000 gal. at springs, and one, 1,000,000 
gal. in city. Distribution: 105 miles (' I. mains, i in. to 20 in.; OSl 
hydrants; 12,928 services, i in. lead pipe. Pressure: 70 to 110 lbs. 
Consumption: 3,880,0* ■'. gal. Financial: total of plant, $1,077,288; 
annual maintenance. .$51,505; revenue, $129,.>")0. Rates: meter rate 
of 12 Sc. to 24c. per 1 ,000 gal., plus meter rental ; flat rate .$5 and upward 
per dwellin- , bath-room, $7. .50; .30 per cent, discount on flat rates. 
Officer in charge: X. J. (Jlaubitz, -Manager. 


MARKDALE, Grey .•„ (1,(MK),. I„ .,p.,,„i,.„ ,;„,,. ,,M(); .uv,.e.l l.v muni- 
cpality. Supply: by gravity, fro.n s,„in« ...o.-ks i „ul,. ,lis,.nt to 
pump.n« .,au..„. then,.,, pun.po.l ,.. stMui-pip„: .utor-p,,... us..!. 
Fdter. Kravol n t..r-lK.,l. Reservoir: .mo stan.l-pip.. 70 ft. hi«l,. .;7.(,,)o 
ga ...apunty. Distnbution: o^ niil,.s C. I.,„nin,. j in.t.. S i„.; 2.n,v,lrw.ts- 
1 14 services, i in. ^alv. ir,.i, pipe. Consumption: .-,(),()()() ,,.,1. Financial- 
t..tal ....Ht „f plant, mwm- annual n.aintenan,.... ^:m; revenue srm 
Rates: flat rate, .s;i un,l upwanl p.. f.unily ; l.ath-rcmt. .S4 an.l upwanL 
Off-.-er .n ehar,..: I{. W . |.;,„h.. d.^inuan, Wuter-w„rk.s C.„nnIi.M.,M. 

MARKHAM. V,.rk ,•,.„ ,1,()()(.,. I„ operati„n .since 18!K); ,nvne.i In- n.uni- 
.•ipaity Supply: F,„- fi,,. pn.te,.ti„n „„ly; pun,,,e,l fr„n, springs )()() 
yards ..stai.t , in,,, ,„ains; st,>am p,.w,.,- Reservoir: 
;-"<•, .y.OOO Kal. ,.apa,ity. Distribution: I mile ir„n pip,.. » i,. „. ,s 
in^; 1.. hy.irants. Pressure: 1.^0 Ihs. Financial: ,.„st ,.f plant, .sp. „o„ 
(•'.(•erm charge: W. .\f,.iii>,,n, Kn-iineer. 

MEAFORD. (Jn.y ,.„.. (;}.()()(»,. fn ,.peration sin..e ISiW; ..wne.l l.v „.uni- 
.ipul.ty Supply:,! f,„M. (ie„rL;ian hay, i mile distant, t., stan.l- 
pipe an,l directly int,> mains; steam power used; avenv-e ,-,0 ii „ • 
boilers and pumps are in duplicate. Filter: 50 ft. of j,'ravel from baMo' 
basin Distnbution: miles C. 1. mains, 4 in. to 8 in.; 4.1 hvdrants; 
.)00 services, ^alv. mm pipe. Pressure: onlinarv, 65 lbs.; fire " l.'JO lbs 
Consumption: 200,000 «al. Financial: , of'supplv plant,' .^S.OOO;' 
cost „f distribution .system, S2(),000 ; anmial maintenance .S.-JOOO- 
nn-enue. W 500. Rates: flat rate. Olficer in charge: William Hose' 
Oiipermtendent. ' 

MERRITTON, Lincln c,,., (1,74.0. In operati.m since ISSO; „une.l I,v,,pality. Supply: by ^ravity fn.m lake Erie (Welland canal) '.i 
miles -'..stant. Reservoir: „ne, .5,000.000 «al. eapacitv. Distribution: 
- 1 -nuc. ( . I. mams. 4 in. t„ 14 in.; 51 hy.Irants; ;W0 servic-s i in an,l 
i i.i. iro,, pipe. Pressure: W lbs. t,. KW lbs. Financial: ,„st of su„,,lv 
p.ant, ,-^70.000; est ,.f dis,nbuti,.n system, .$17,12;5; annual mainten- 
ance. .^1,430; revenue, ,^5,^77. Rates: flat rate, .^5 per dwellimr; batl- 
nK.m, .>4. Officer in charge: R. ("lark, Superinteiuient. 

MIDLAND, Sina.oe c., (4..500). In operati.m sin... 1901; .nvrnvl bv unu.i- 
cipality. Supply: pumped fr,.m spring's, li mile distant, to stan.l-pipe 
an.l mams; steam [...uer used, maximum. lUO h.p. avera-e 7-, h ,, • 
enmnes an, I pumps in Filter: and i;rav,.| filter' 
Reservoir: „a....,va!. 50 fr by i;.!!fr. Distribution: .JimilesC.l main-' 
4 u.. to 10 in.; 7.i hy.lrants; 1.0,50 servi,.es, i h,. iron pipe. Pressured 


*!i^tw;' '"' ''*, "^ '!"•• "'•'■• '"♦ "- Financial: ,ot.l .us, of plnnt. 
*H,>,0(M); uniiuiil muintona,,,.., >!(;,■,()', .w,.,,,,... .>i|l,0(M» Rates- ,i.^t 

rat.-, Nl f„r h.-st tap; l.atl,-,- „, >.i. ,)|ii,.er in rlmrKc.: S. ,J. Millikin 


MILDMAY, Bruc- en,, (\.m}). I„ „|„.ratiot. si„,.o I<t.)S; ow.u'.l l.y W H 
lI..l,2,nun.V:C„. Supply: fn.n. wolU, ^ n.ile distunt.t,, tankan-i 
niunw; hy.lraulic pmssure used. Reservoir: one, l.,S(M) -al .apacitv 
Distribution: I J mile ^alv. i,-..n mains, ] in t„ ,{ i,,.; :,■> JrvircV 
Financial: total cost „f plant, .^2,()0<J; annual maim. -natue s,j(»- .i„n,iii 
ivvonue, !t;27o. Rates: Hat rat.v S", p,,r tap. Offi.'or in rhaii;..: W H 

MILTON, Ilalton c... (I.7(M)). In op.-ration sin,.. 1SS7; owne.l l.v muni- 
cipality. Supply: l.y gravity from sj.iinus 2 niile.i ilistant. Reservoir- oO(l,OUO -al. .'apacity. Distribution: 4 miles .,f mains 4 in t<, S in • 
21 hyeliants; 200 s.-rvi,fs, J in. L'alv. iron pip,.. Pressure: ..rdinarv sr, 
t.. !t2 11.S.: tire. 92 ll.s. Consumption: ;J7,5(K) gal. Financial: total 
.•"•St of plant, ?;;J7,000; annual maintenau.^e, .$200; revenu.. fn.m ,■„»- 
siinu.f.s, .^1.150; from pui.lic u.scs, .<ti,-,(). Rates: flat rate $>,-,() .uui 
upwind per dwelling; l.atli-ronm, J J. in charge: W. A. Chap- 
man. Inspector. " 

MITCHELL, Penh co., (2.000). In o;.,.ruti„n sin,.e 1,H74; owm-d l,v -mni- 
cipahty. Supply: i.ump..,lfrom rivrr Thames (mill pon,l,4 acreshlinTtly 
into mams; pumps in .hii.licate. Distribution: 2i miles of mains, 1 in. 
an.J (i 111.; 10 hydrants; 00 services. Pressure: ordinary, 00 lbs.; tire. 
i:i.j 11..S. Financial: annual reveime, sr.s.j. Rates: flat rate. $:, p,.,' 
<lwelling. Officer in charge: |{. Ord. Sup(.rintendent. 

MORRISBURG, Dundas co., (1,(;.5;{). In operation sin.e 1887; owned l.y 
iminicipahty. Supply: pumped from .St. I.awivnce river. J mile dist.-mt. 
directly mt,, mains; water-p.-wcr u.^ed. aveia-e, 82 h.p.: ntimps are in 
iluplicate, with a steam au.\iliary. Distribution: o miles (". I. mains. 1 in. 
to 8 in.; .'H hydrants; :ir,() .services, iron and lead i.ij.e. Pressure- 
ordinary. (10 11.S.; fire, <tO lbs. Consumption: :i00.000 jial. Financial: 
cost of supply plant, $]:i.OOO; cost of distribution .system, .S27,000; au- 
mial maintenance, incln<linj; dci.enluiv.v $;j,4S;"}; revenue,' .s;{',i.'().j 
Rates: Hat rate, ,S.5 per dwellin-; bath-room, f>5. Officer ii'i ,.hai;,'e: 
( yrus C'assclmaii. 

MOUNT FOREST, WVllinRttm ,■..., (2.200J. In operation .sin.'e 189S; owned 
by rminhipality. Supply: pump(.d from .sprim; wells to stand-pipe; 
steam power u.sed; ma.ximum, 1:25 h.p.. averasre, !).". h t. : boilers in 



duplicut.!. Reservoir: .i:ii„|-ni,„. ,", noo ,r,i 

■1 mil.-- <•. 1, M.ains i ,„ .'//.•'•'■';•'«'■ '-^Mnimy. Distribution: 

" ■'<- — "-»"-"":- "«"'':;'::, ::?;::"'^i-: 

lion: l(lo,(«M);;al Financial- .,»• i i ,' ' ' Consump- 

kill. riudllLiai. tdfjll COS if I, .,„» .Silfuui 

'" '""" •■'"l.SlltliCTS >>»<KM'' fr,,.., ...I 1- 
S .,!(M( Pnt... .1 .. . ... • -•■"" • 'f'"" pUlillc US(>.-. 


I'fiis. j;ii:;iiu'fr. 

al rate, s,-, ,„.,. iHv.-llini;. ojfi,.,.,. 




NAPANEE, |,riin..\ and A(Miii-i,,n ,,, (.{•{{ km i„ . 

"Illy. Distributon: ;j niijfs (' i rn,i „ i. • • ''\' '-''"J" :4"' ''''l'- 
;{.-il.nlran,,s- -,().., 1,.^' ,' u ,- '^".'' «"'^ •"••'"""""«. -^ '". to 10 in.; n te, .>.,.,5 upward oor .Kvellin.^ l.atl.-roon.. S!, 20- mr-, . r,',, , ,? 
NEW LISKEARD, Nipi.Msin.' di.t i HHioi I, 

1 . . t"' '"n xiM.. \I.UI«)). Ill oDoralInn «in(<. liio-. i 

Mio.s. i m. Kalv. iron p p<>. Pressure- s". il,- r„„ "» in. . .iim ..,.,- 
NEWMARKET, York .•,, m Vn i 

-:..i.^i.^ii;y. suppi;; ;;;;;;;:, ,:;;;™;\~i ■::;::•'-' '- 

-"• -"i ='i- .lirecly i„„. „.ains; steam pow.,-" d' ~ vlJT- 
Pun,,.n« appai-atus in duplicate. Reservoir: llu^r^: ' '^^^ 

Financial: ,.„a, <•:«, ,;f „ . 1 "./""rP^'""^ """""' ^-1- 

;ev..uo, .3,000. Rates: i^i. nu l. rro;;;;"::;;'"'";: 

for first tap. OHi,.,. in ,,,.,,,, wiil^ain o' iLlir .iwu"" '"'"■ ^" 
NIAGARA FALLS, Wolland .„ (looooi in 

;;. .nnicipaiu... Suppi, ' ..ll^i^lliVSl'r^^^^ !:-;,;-';;:' 

auecuy nuo „,a.n.; hydraulic: and electric power used; 250 h;;:;:^;^ 





li|).; piitiips ill (|ii|>lir:iti'. Reservoir: oii". J.ooii.iHM) n:i, capacity. 
Distribution: jn inilfs ('. I. .nui womiIimi imiin-i. I in. to I.' in.; 15:{ 
iiVilruMtt; 2,'Ji)<)s«M'vic'(M. j in. nklv. iiiiii pi|)f. Pressure: iii-iliii.irv.;i5 to 
J<»|Im.; tire, .')!) to 7'»1Ih. Consumption: .>.2:n,!tl 1 ical. Financial: total 
ciHi of plant, >«il7.:{H(); unninil tnairitcnatico, ■S0.2()4; rovenuf. sj'i.'ilK). 
Rates: SI prr ilwcllini;; luitli-rooiii. *!; nu'tcr raff. (><•. to 12c. per I.IMM) 
iral. Otiicci' in cliarvc: .McKiinilfi- Coilins, .SniM'rintcndcnt. 

NIAGARA, Mticoin c.p.. il 7_'H). In oporatinii since \s\)l; owiicil l>v niuni- 
cipalitv. Supply fioin .\iai.'ara rivcv J niilc tli-^tant, to tank, cicctrii' 
powi'r used, with stoain anxiliaiv; iiia\iiiiiim, S(t li.p., average, tiO li.p.; 
piitnpiii'.; appat-.itn-i in duplicate. Reservoir: tank, .lO.IMM) i;al. Dis- 
tribution: ')J niilc-iC. I. and '^alv. iron inaii; J in. to I'J in.; 4."( hydrants; 
22") .services, I in. pipe. Pressure: onlinaiv, 10 His.; the. 110 to \:H) 
lbs. Consumption: :i(M).(Wti)i;al. Financial: total cost of plant, *40,(K)(); 
annual maintenance, ><1,((2'.>; ifvenne. S2.4!(l. Rates: flat i-afe. ■S(» 
per dwcllinc; hath-rooin, s'j.tM). Ollicer in charge: James iirown. 

NORTH BAY, Xipi.ssinn dist., (S,,').14). In operation since l.Silj ; o\Mie<i l>y 
inunici|>ality. Supply: pumped from Trout lake. ;j miles distant, directly 
into main.s and to reservoir; electric power used, with steam au.xiliary. 
Reservoir: one, l..'<7s,(M)() nal. capacity. Distribution: 13 miles C, 1. 
niains, 4 in. to 12 in.; ")() iiydrants; l.HIH) .services, J in, and i in. ^alv. 
iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 4"> to fiO lbs.; fire, 70 to S5 lbs. Con- 
sumption: 7()().000 tral. Financial: total cost of plant, $17.j,10t); animal 
maintenance, $14,.')()2, iniemst, $;j,t)S7; i-evenuo, 8IS,47H, Rates: meter 
rate, tic. to Sc. per 1,1)00 u'al,; flat rate, $7 and upward per dwellini;. Officer 
in charfje: J. II. Maneau. Cliairmaii, Fire, Water and Lij;ht Conmiittee. 

NORTH TORONTO, York co,, (,-),r)00). In operation since 1S!K); owned by 
municipality. Supply: pumped from shallow wells, i mile tlistant, to 
stand-i)ip(^ .steam power used, maxinjum, 100 h.p.. average, SO li,p,; 
boilers and pumjis in duplicate. Reservoir: one staiul-pipe, 198,000 
Kal. capacity. Distribution: .i't miles (". I. mains, up to 10 in.; 3')l) 
hydrants; l.fiOO services, J jjalv. iron pipe. Pressure .S5 lbs. Con- 
sumption: 17").0t)0 sial. Financial: cost of supply plant, .Slo.OOO; cost 
of distril)ution system, 81 o.S, 400; annual maintenance, •8.'), <iOO; revenue 
Slj.olO. Rates: flat rate, .iiO and upward per dwelling; bath-room, 75c. 
[M'r inmate. Officer in charjre: K. A. .fames. Municipal Enjrineer. 

NORWICH, Oxford co.. (I.2.")0). In operation since l'.K)(); owned l)y H. 
Webster. Supply: |nimped from artesian wells in town, to tanks 
and mains, steam power used. Distribution: J mile iron mains, H in. 



WATKIt-WliRKs ()|- ONTAKlo 


iinil 2 in.; <i ^fivid- in.ii piiu-. Consumption, •i,,'>(Ml n-il. Financial; 

(•list (.f supply planl, 'MXM); ,„M ,.f di-i ril»iliun sy-t.-m. .s;r)(»; uin'nil 

nmiiitpiiiinco, .'ill.'); rovenuc fn.m ir.n^iitu.T" TirH; fri>tii \>iU\iv u:*,.^, yn). 

Rates: flat rat"-. Imx-.l on (|ii:uiiirv r(i|uiM-.| ( itficiT ii. rharu" II. 

OAKVILLE, llaltonco., (2,4(M)). Iti(.|,cnilii)n -iri.r I'llli uwiici ii\ 
ality. Supply: punipcl fioin lake Oni.iri,., 1 mil,- iii>i,iiil. 
scdiniciilatiiiti ba-sins to stalicl-|ii|)c. or ■lin'clly iiiti' tit.iiii^; ■■li'( I 
ii.'<c(l, iiui.ximum. KM) li.p.. riiiiiiiniii ii.p Reservoirs: iw..- 

all III l)a.-<iiis witli a capacity of .'{.(Hii iiih, ^nl,; ,,iu' .-laiul-pipc n 
t;al. capacity. Distribution: 7 mil. of ('. I. main.s, l in. t,. 
Iiyliiiiits; :j7.") .sfiviccs. ; in. ijaiv. 1. !i pipr. Pressure: oniin,.! 
till'. 1 U) lli.s. Consumptio-:: .."i.ixic ^.il Financial: ci.-t ,. 
plant, >;14,(XM); c(i-t ..f .'i- i,,uii,,n -y>icMi, S')(i,0(IO; ;iriiui 
ii'iiancc. :>l,20<), o.xclii.'sive oi ivi<- , t, r,.\,.n,i(. fn.iu ciusunicr- 
froiii pul)iic uses, •'<2,47."). Rater. M- ial<- x.-t i, i lii>( tup 1. 
SS (miiiiiiuiiii iiistallatiiin, ""> p.- v ,,i t i iri' .-i in clia:-;."': 


III pll«(T 

^ ii)ii.(iii(» 
.^ ill. ; .")."> 
y. 10 III-, 
f Mipply 
al inaili- 
-, .Si.IMM): 



ORANGEVILLE, Uufferin c... (2,.')(K)). In ,,p..!:iti.,n -imc isiC); „u.,..l l.y 
iiuiiiicipality. Supply: hy gravity fnmi -j iin''s, IJ mile di.'^iani Re- 
servoirs: two, 42,()0(1 Kill, and :{0.()(t(» ;;al. Distribution: SJ riilc.- .,t i ■. 1. 
and naiv. iron niain.s, IJ in. to ID in.; ")7 hydrants; .")■»() seivicc- Pres- 
sure: ordinary, 20 totlOllis; tire, ,S.") i,, KHill, Financial: total co-i o' 
plant, S.T(J,()00; annual maintenance, S2,()()0; annual revenue. -SMHi'i 
Rates: flat rate, $'> and u|)ward per dwellimr; hatli-niom, Sii. ()|Ii,-, 
in cliarf,'e: Clias. Kin^. 

ORILLIA, Simcoe c... (7.()(M)). In operation since \ssrr, own.-d |,y muni, i, 
ality. Supply: \>y jiravity from sprinji.-i, 1 mile distant, t.. pump hou-.-. 
thence pumped to reservoir an.l tank; eleifric p.>\ver us.-.l. |(H) h. ]>.; 
pumps are in ilupli.-ate, with >trani au.viliaiy. Reservoirs: three (..lle.t- 
injK and receivini; reservoirs, total caijucity. ;{}().()(l() :,'al.. two di.-trilnit- 
inK reservoirs, total eapa( ity, 22i),()()() iial. Distribution: ('. I. and \\ . 1. 
mains; SI hy.h.ints. Pressure: ordinary, .{() to 100 11...,; fire, ui. t.i I to 
ll).s. Consumption: 2(i(),000 i;al. Financial: total cost of plant, -SIll.- 
(KH); annual maintenance. .S4.000; revenue fii>iu consumers, >;7..')00; 
revenue from public uses, .S2.010. Rates: flat rate.JO per dwelling: i,;iih- 
room, $:i(>0. Officer in charge: \V. Kemlall Creenwood. 

OSHAWA, Ontario co., (7,300). In oi)eration since 1!N)."); owned l>y muni- 
cipality. Supply: pumped from lake Ontario, ;{ miles distant. t.> stand- 
[)ipe; steam power ij-^ed I!M> h. p.; pumps i^ diij;!irate. Reservoir: 


staiiil-|.i|..'. ti.-) feet hisli iiiid of L'lMi.OOO s;al. .iipiiciiv. Distribution: i;{ 
niiU's of C. 1. lui.l «:ilviiniz(Ml iron miiiiis, IJ in. t„ |_) i„ ; ,s| hydmnts- 
1,(M)2 services, Ica.i and tcidviinizcd iron |.i|,cs. Pressure: crdiniiry 4r> 
ll.s; fire !«t to 120 ll)s. Consumption: .{O.j.OOO jrul. Financial: cost of 
supply plant, SL'ti.-Mr,; cost of di.stribntiou system, Sr.S.dO?; iinnuai 
i.iaiiitcnamc (includinf; interest), $S,;j(i(i, revenue from con.s„mers 
itdO.TO?; revenue from pulilic uses, 81,044. Rates: meter rate ((i()7 
meters in usiO Kic i)er 1,000 gal., plus meter rental; flat rate. 8!i per tup. 
Officer in c'larjre: Frank Cliappell, Town Engineer. 

OTTAWA, Carleton co.. (W.2:H)). In operation since 1S74; owned l.y numi- 
cipality. Supply: pumped from Ottawa river, I J mile disiani, ilirectiy 
into mains; water-])ower used, 1,200 to l.-iOO h. p.; pumpin- apparatus 
mdwphate. Distribution: I.')4 miles of ('. I. mains, li in. to24 in.; 1 1(«) 
hydiMuis; 21,100 services, > in. to 1 in. lead pipe ami up to C in iion 
Pressure: ordinary, !M) to !« Ihs; lire, 1 10 ll,s. Consumption: l.l.SOO.OOO 
■cal. Financial: t..tal cost of plant, $2,-)00,000; ammal maintenance (e.v- 
clusiveof interest), .S'JO.OOO. ; revenue, $211,000. Rates: flat rate on 
as.-e.ssment l.a.sis. $(i on first .$1,000, plus $1 per .$-,00 additional 
ment: meter rate (ic to Sc per 1,000 j;al. 

OWEN SOUND, (in.y co.. (12,000). Jn opentlion sin.'e IS.SO; owne.l l.y 
iminicipality. Supply: l.y jjravity from Sydeiiliam river, ;{ miles distant 
and 2J miles distant. FUter: slow .sand filter u.sed on .suppiv 
from river. Reserv .rs: two, OOO.OOO ^al. and 1' -,00,000 <r:,\. caj.acily. 
Distribution: is miles of (", I. main, 4 in. to 12 in.: 12;{ hydrants; 2.-,fiO 
.services, lead pipe. Pressure: 70 ll.s. Consumption: (iOO.OOO iral. Fi- 
nancial: total cost of plant, .$22.",,'M)(); annual maintename, $:{,.TM : rev- 
emu from consumers, s|ti.2l(»: revenue pul.lic, .$:{,00(i. Rates: 
flat iile. $;!.;;:{ ,„.,• family;, ,$:{.:{:!; meter rate, Lie per 1.000 ' 

PAISLEY, Hruce co.. (S27). In operation since ISSS. owned l,y municipality. 
For In-e i.roteciion only. Supply: pumped from Sau-een river directiv 
mif, m.ims: steam p(.vver used. Financial: total cost (.f plant. .$(;..-,()(); 
annual nicintciiaiue, $700. 

PALMERSTON, \\cllim;lon <o.. (2.000). In operation since I'.MKS; owned l.y 
niunicipahiy. Supply: pumped fn.m artesian wells l.y compressed air 
to reservoir, thence l.y steam power t(. anil miiins; 20 li.p. 
used: l.,.ilers in duplicate. Reservoirs: one of 7,S„-,IM) jral. capacity; 
stand-pipe, mil feet hi,-h and of 7s,-,.0(i() jrai capacilv. Distribution: 4 
iniles ol C. 1. mains, (i in. to 10 in.; 4li hydriu.ts; 20.-, services; J in. 

' '' >=>3i\r' 




wlviiiiizcl iron |)i|)(.. Pressure: <.nliii:ii-v, XS ll)s, lire 100 t,, 1>.-, II,. 
Consumption: l.m.dOO i,Ml. Financial: ,„si ,.f s(.,,,,lv p\:mt s'oooo'- 
.-t of .hstrii-utior. system, s-.M,0(IO; aiinwal rov.-nuc fn-iii ,„nsumc,-<' 
S.{,!»'.t7; rt'vciiuo fr„i., pul.lir iisi-s. .s|,2(H». Rates: lint raf sr, f,,,- fi,sf 
lap; l.atl.-rooin, .So. UiVui-r i„ .iKtri;,.: W. J. ll.mvy. Sup.., iiiinuicft. 

PARIS, n. (PMIO). In „p,.,-ali.m Mn.-c ls,>_.; .,w,i,.,l l,v n.ui.i.ipalit v 
Supply; pumpml from sprin-s, IJ mil., .listatit. to rosorv.ur; ..j.-.trir 
pow.-r use.l, IS§ !,.,,.; pumps an- in .lupiicat.- witl. steam aiixiliarv 
Reservoir: ,m.', 1,20(»,0()0 ^ai. ..apacity. Distribution: Si niiles C. I 
Miain^, 42 Iiy.lraufs; sdO s.-rvic-s. Pressure: SO ||,s. Consumption- 
17.V00() ^ul. Financial: total of plant, .Ssr.,0()(l; animal n-v.-m,.. 
sd.OOO. Rates: Hat rate. 

PARRY SOUND, I'any .list.. (4,()()0). In ..pcration siiuo IStf oui.o.l 
In mu.ii.ipahly Supply: pumpcj fnm. (k-ori-iai. l.av, ,' mile .listanl. 
to stiin.l-pipe; steam tunl eleetiie p.)\ver use.l, average, 4r> U. p. Reser- 
voir: one. stand-pipe, LMOOO o^l. capacity. Distribution: Oj miles (' 1 
mams. ;{ m. to 10 in.; (iO l.ydiants; li.50 s.Mvi,.es, i in. to 1 in. -alvaniz.-.l 
"on pipe. Pressure: ordin.vry.SOll.s; fir... I2011.S, Consumption: 175- 
<«)<» ual. Financial: total cost of plant. S(J2,00(); animal mainl.Mian,..'. 
.>2.0(,>0; revenue, s.y2(H). Rates: flat rat.-, S;{.-,o :,;„1 upvvar.l pet- 
family; meter rate. 4J,. to 7i. per 1.000 <^n\. Ottun- in .har-e: (\vn. 
.Murray, I'Jiif^irieer. 

PEMBROKE, Henfiew ,„., (H.OOO). In operation sin,.. ISO.i; owned l.v 
municipality. Supply: pump...l fr.mi otttiwa river (Aliunu'tt.- lake) ^ 
r.iiles .iLstant, to slan.l-pipe, and .linTtlv int., mains; ..|,...tri.- power 
iise.l with steam au.viliary; maximum. IJO Ji. p.. av,.rai,'e. 7", h p Reser- 
voir: .,no,stan.i-pipe. 140.000 ;:al. .■.•i,,a, it v. Distribution: 10 mil.-s of 
mams; S4 l.y.lrants; 1,000 .serviV..s, i in. to IJ in. I..a.l and -alvaniz.^d 
ir.m pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 7:5 lbs; lir.-. 12', Ihs. Consumption- 
..00.000 fjal. Financial: t.,tal e.,,st of plant, .si.'-,O,0OO; annual main- 
tenan..... s.5..-,00; ,m d.'h.Mitun.s, $S,450; r..venue fr.,m ..onsum- 
ers, .S12.0()0; fr.,ni ,,ul,li,. uses. .Si..^oo. Rates: S(i p,.,- dw..|lim; of r, 
i<",ms; hath-room. $0; m..ter rate. lOe t., ;{(),■ p,., 1.000 -al. () in 
.■liari;e: A. .1, Fortier, Town Clerk. 

PENETANGUISHENE, Sin...oe .„.. ^;{..-iOO.. In operati.m siu,.,. ls,«,: own...l 
I'.v muni..ipaliiy. Supply: pump<.d from spriri;:s. (iOO ft distant, io stand- 
Pi[.e; steam |,ow,.r us,.d, l.",!) h.p.; pumps :,nd l.oilers in dupiir.u,. 
Reservoir: staml-,,i|H. „f 3(K),000 gaL , Distribution: 12 mil... 
"t C. I. mams; 4 in. to 10 in.; oS hv.lrauts; ISO servi....s i in to 



4 in. Pressure: onliiiaiy. sy il.s; lire. 110 llj.s. Consumption: ;{:'r).000 
jriil. Financial: cost of su|)ply ])lant. Sl.oOO; cost of distriliution 
system. >1(),()1K); niiiiuiil niuintpnuiue. $;{.oU(): i-evenuc from conMimers. 
$1.(10(1: from puhlic usp.s, ,si,7()0. Rates: niPtcr nito 15c to oUc i)or 
1.000 -al; flat ratp, $."> and upward jjer tlwelling; l)atli-rooni. .')0c. ]^r 

PERTH, Lanark co., (3,:5(K)). In o|)iM-ation sincp 1,S07; ownpil hy Canadian 
Hipctric and Watpr-Powpr Co. Supply: puniped from Tay river. J mile 
distant, dii'pctly into mains: stpam and electric power used; ma.\iiiuim. 
■-'Oil h. p., aveni^^e, 50 h. p.; pumping apparatiLS in duplicate. Filter: 
slow sand filter. Distribution: miles of C. I. mains. 4 in. to 10 in.; 4A 
hydrants: 400 .services, ^ in. and f in. fiaivanized iron and lead pijie. 
Pressure: ordinary, oO ll)s; fire, !.">() lbs. Consumption: .jOO.OOO ;::J. 
Financial: total cost of plant, .SlOo.fMK); annual maintenance, exclusive 
of interest. S4.0()(); anmial levpnue, S(i.()()() Rates: fiat rate on assess- 
ment basis, $0 and upward jht dweilinir; meter rate, Sc per 1,000 fjal. 
Officer in cliarge; R. J. Smith. Superint*^dpnt. 

PETERBOROUGH, PeterboroUs'h co.. (1!),;5(K)). In ..perafion since 1882; 
owned by municipality. Supply: jiumped from Otonatiee river, 2^ miles 
distant, directly into mains; water-power used, 4.50 to ,t«K) h. p. Dis- 
tribution: 'MS mile.s c)f C. I, mains. :', in. to 20 in.; 202 hydrants: .{,222 
services, lead and f;alvanizp<l iron pipe, C, 1. for lar^e services. Pres- 
sure: ordinary, T.") Ib.s; fire, up to 130 lbs. Consumption: 2.-')(M(.000 f;al. 
Financial: total cost of plant. ••ri4ti»l,0S;j; annual maintenance, >>1.'),427; 
revenue, .S43,()95. Rates: flat rate, $4 and ipward })er dwellin>r. ac- 
cordinj: to number of rooms; bath-room, So; meter rate 1:5 Jc to 40c 
per 1,000 gal. Officer in char;re: A. G, ''awcett, 

PETROLIA, Landiton co., (4,000). In operation since 18(Hi; owned by 
nuini( ijKility. Supply: pumped from lake Huron, Vi miles dis^tant. to 
stand-pipe; steam |)owcr used, 00 to KM) \i. p.; pumps in duplicate. 
Distribution: llij miles of C. I. mains, 2 in, to 12 in.; iOO hydrants; 
1,000 services, lead pij)e. Pressure: ordinary, 32lbs;fii'e 28 u, 3.5 lbs. 
Consumption: .>S(),544 .^a!. Financial: cost of suppiv (dai.t. .si.ii .700: 
cost of distriliution system, ^.58,072; annual maintenatice, 'i^i.T'.iT . reve- 
nue from consumers, $11,808; from pid)lic ises, $4,000 Rates: Hat rate, 
••^0 per dwellinir; bath-room, $0. also has meter rale ( )flicer in charire: 
.(ohn Hriiiht, I'jiirineer. 

PICTON, I'rince Ivlward co., (4,000). In operation since 1,X,S',»; owned hy 
municipality. Supply: pum|)ed from bay of (iuinte, ^ mile di.stant, to 
r.servoir; >ieam |>ouer used, averajre, f>0 h. p.; pumps in dupiiiate. 
Reservoir: one, 300,00<t gal. capacitv Distribution: 5 miU-s of C. I 



mains. 2 in, t.. s in.: 4(» hy.lnuits: 27.-) survi,-,.,, -.Ixunizcl in.n i-ipe. 
Pressure: (iiilinun , To !l.s: Hro. 9*1 Ihs. Consumption: ;{.-)().(HKl -al 
Financial: .•,,>! .,f siip|.!-. plant. 81().()()0; ,.,st uf .listiil.utinn .svst.~ni. 
>>-'n,{MH): uniiial niainu-iiancp. s.j.OOO: revenue. .■<;{.()(»(). Rates: flat 
rale, s'.t [ht .iweiiiiiM; nu-ler rate, USt- h) lO'^c per l.(t(K) ^al. Ofli. cr 
in i'har;re: S. < >. (■(■.■iniiell. 

PORT ARTHUR, Thun.ic- Hay distrirt dtl.fMIO). In operati..i. sin.c 1!h«, 
oAiH'ii l,y Miiiiii.'ipalrv. Supply: piimpe.l fn,in lake Superior. :{ m\k'> 
ai.iant. (lirectiy int.. laains, .n.,! to stand-pipe: water-power used, 
•uavinium. -JOd h p. avera-e, 1 -,() 1,. p.; ejertric pump for enier;renries.' 
Reservoir: onc.-^rund-pipe, 2(K).;M)() -al. rapu. ity. Distribution: 2:. miles 
of I'. I. and wo.'den mums. 1 in. to 72 in.: 22:{ hydrants: 2.("i(l servj: cs. 
lead pipe. Pressure: ordinary. S.", to 95 |l>s: rire, !;!() Il)s. Consump- 
tion; 1 soiXHHi -ai Financial: ....t of supply plant. >si;{,.-,iii): r„M of 
di-triliution .svstem. >ili(K).(MX): annual niainteaunro, M 1.222: r.nenue 
fnun < i.nsumer- '<:52.")7(t: from puhli.' uses, .SS.298. Rates: flat rate 
•SO ami upward |»'r dwelling;-: meter rate. 11 •2'' and ItJc |)e: 1,0(1(1 f;al. 
Officer in cliar^'e: I,. .M. Jones. City Knuineer. 

PORT CARLING, Muskoka district, u'ioOj. In operation since 19()2; private 
plant operated co-operatively by consimiers. Supply: pumped from 
Indian river. 12()0 feet distant, to re.servoirs: wind power an-: Kasolme 
on^iue \ised. .i h.p. Reservoirs: two, ." ■rti\. capacity ea.'h. Distri- 
bution: 1 mile of galvanized iron mains, 1 in. to 2* in.; 21 .services, j in. 
Kalyanized iron pipe. Financial: total co:;t of plant. Si. 275: annual 
maintenance, .S7o. Rates: flat rate, $12 per <hvellins. Officer in char>re: 
W. !■' Haima. Secretary. 

PORT COLBORNE, Welland co,. (1.500). In operati.m since 189S; owne.l hv 
ni inicipali'y. Supply: pumped from lake Krie. i mile distant, to stand- 
pipe: -ii.s and electric power u.sed; pumpinic apparatus m dut)licate. 
Reservoir: one >tand-pipe, 12 ft, l.y SO fi.. .-,(;..-,i)(t gal. Distribution: 
:>i miles of ('. 1, and "galvanized iron mains; Mi hydrants; ;j50 .services, 
i m. and ; in. pip-.. Pressure: ordinary. 40 Ihs.; fire, up to ,S5 Ihs. 
Consumption: 75.000 iral, Financial: to;;il cost of plant. -SiO.OOO; 
arinuai n.,-, int. •nance. .■^!.4(i7: revenue. •S2.1S;^ Rates: flat rale, >!fi 
WM' dwellin..' officer in char^'e: Frank 1). Xohie. 


• race CO.. ii,,-iO(l!. In operation since 1007; i,\vncd hv nmni- 
iipality Supply: pumped sprimjf, 14 miie di.-tant. to stand-pipe; 

.steam power u^eil. averaj;e. 7; 
natural re.servoir, 40f).<MK) lmI. . 

I It.Ii.: i)oil'rs ill d'lniicate. Reservoir: 
apaiiiy. Distribution: 2;j miles ^f < . l. 


and f;alvaiiizo(l inm mains. 2 in., (> in. ami S in.; .'j:{ hydrant.-i; 200 
service.-*, i in. jialvaniiicd iron pipe. Pressure: ;{4 to (»(i il)s. Financial: 
total cost of plant, $42,0(K); annual niaintoiianee, .'jUOO; rovonui>. -STT.J. 
Rates: tint rate, $;j per d'.vellinj!;; bath-room, §0. OIKccr in iharLne: 1). 
'ieddes, (Jlerk. 

PORT HOPE, Durham co., (5.000). In oporatii.n since 189(1; owned l.y 
luiiniripality. Supply: pumped frcm lake Ontario, J mile di.stant, to 
stand-pipe; steam power u.sed. ma.ximum. 100 h.p., averai;e, 7.") h.p. ; 
pumps and boilers in duplicate. Filter: filtoriiii; basins. Distribution: 
10* n.iles of ('. I. mains, 4 in. to 12 in.; 00 hydrants; 50.5 services, ; in. 
to2iii. t)ipe. Pressure: ordinary, 110 lb>.; fire, 110 to 125 lbs. Consump- 
tion: MIMMK) i;al. Financial: total cost of plant, $105,0s0; annual 
maintenance, $0.;i4(i; re\ 'nue. $(j,533. Rates: flat rate, $5 and $0 per 
tap; meter rate, 10c. to 25c. per 1,000 gal. Officer in charj^e: R. Gniy, 

PORT PERRY, Ontario co., (1,200). In operation since 1905; owned by 
municipality; water not used for dnnking. Supply: pumped from 
Scutroir lake, f mile distant, directly into mains and to tank; steam 
power used. Distribution: j mile of (J in. iron mains; G hydrants; 25 
services. Pressure: ordinary. 70 lbs.; tire. 100 lbs. Financial: cost of 
supply plant. §10,000; cost of distribution system, S2,0t)0; annual 
r<'venue from cimsumcrs, S51(); from public uses, $450. Rates: flat 
rate. $5 and upward per dwelling; bath-rxmi $4. Officer in cliarf;e: 
K. J. Tinsley. 

PRESCOTT, OrenviUe co., (;5.0()0). In operation since 1000; owned by 
luunicipality. Siqiply: pump<'d fmm St, Lawrence river. 400 feet 
distant, to main^ ami tank; steam power used, maximum, (iO h.p. 
ReseiTOir: one elevated tank, 87,000 fial. capiU'ity. Distribution: 7^ 
miles of','. I. mains. 4 in. to 12 in.: 02 hydrants; .53S services, lead i)ii)e. 
Pressure: ordinary, 0(( to SO lbs.; (ire, 120 Tos Consumption: 130.:5t>3 
j:al. Financial: <'est of supply plant, •'rsO.OOO; cast of distribution .system. 
S")5.7.52. annual maintenance, $0,234; revenue frjm consumers. So.iCM; 
from public uses. s;i,();5i. Rates: meter rate. yOc. to 35-2c. per 1. 000 
gal.; flat rate. ,S').40 pe: t:i[). Officer in charge: H, K. Dowslev, 

PRESTON, Waterloo co., (,5,300). In operation since V.H)7 , owned by 
municipality. Supply: by gravity from springs, i mile distant, to 
i-eservoir thence |iumped to siainl-pipe: steam power useil. 35 iip. ; 
punij.s in duplicate. Reservoir: stand-pipe of 127 ,000 gal.. r(\-e;v'iir of 
(i.").(l(((i gal iap.'.(ity. Distribution: 4 in. to 12 in. mains; t)2 liydranis. 



400 sorvuTs. l.-:ul;„„lj;dv;„u/..Mlii„a pipe. Pressure: ordiuui-v 70 llw • 
fire, 120 ll,s. Consumption: 1 -)0.000 «;.!. Financial: .ost of <upplv 
pliint. Sl0.s.»7; ,•„., of .ii.trihuti,,,. sys„.,„. ^oI.477; .,m„al riu'in- 
tonan.e. s.,.l»74; rcvcmo. s.{ :iOO. Rates: thit rate. S(J p,.,' ,lu,.|li,„r .s7 
for .at].-n,„iM: ..u.t.T rate. .i,-. to .{Or. p,-,- 1,000 -,|. Offic-r i„ 
I. n. Uauuli, SupciinteiKlfiil. 

RAINY RIVER, Kainy Kiv..- .li,,,,,,, ,2.(M)0). 1„ o,,e..,ion .i,,,- IHIO 
..vvmHi Uy imu.K.ipalily. Supply: pu„.(H.,l from l{ainv riv.-r mile 
(kstaiit, directly into mains; Ka..olin.. cn^in,. „..,..!. •_'.-, l,,p Reservoirs- 
two ot (i.OOO j;al. eacli. Distribution: .i tniles of (". 1. muin.s, (i in an,l S 
in.; .{2 hy.liants- 'i.T Pressure: 100 11,-. Cons-, nption: 
1<.),()00 gal. Financial: total ,-o..t of pl-.t. .S«.00(); ann.ial main- 
tenance. .S'J.oOO; revenue. .^4.000. Rate., flat and meter rates; flat 
rate, .s!l ami upward per <iwellin<:; l.ath-room, S!»; meter nt.- Sc i„ 
4oc. per 1,000 f;al. Officer in chari;e: S. .Sau'c. Superinte.ulenl. 

RENFREW, Renfrew .o., (;{,700). 1,, operation since l.s.»7; „wne.l l.v 
inuni.'ipality. Supply: pumped from Monnechere river, | mil.- .listint 
to stand-pipe; electric power u.sed, avera-e. :,() h.j,.; reserve .teim 
pumpiiiK plant. Filter: mechanical filter. Distribution: V> miles of 
'•. I. mains. 2 in. to 12 it,.; 10,5 hydrants; 730 services, lead an<l -al- 
vanized iron pip<'s. Pressure: ordiiiar\-. SO ll,s.; fire, l.W lbs con- 
sumption: 500,000 ,,.d. Financial: cost of supply plant, s;24,(M)0; cost 
of distril.utiou sy.stem. .So7.000; annual maintenance (inchidim: interest ) 
N).O.W; revenue from consumers. .SO.OOO; from public use- S'> 4(K)' 
Rates: flat rate. >^5 and upward p.T -Iwellim;, a.cor.iini; to number of 
■ oom.s; bath-room.$,5. Officer in ..har^re; .J. U. Stewart ,, 

ROCKLAND, Hu.ssell .o ,:{.()00,. o.vned |,v W, C. A- Co 
Supply: pumpe.l from Ottawa river, i mile distant, t.. mains an.l tank' 
steam power u.sed. 45 h.p ; pumps in .luplicate. Distribution: 2 miles 
of( . I.andW, I.mains. ;Uin. t.)(iin.- 21 hvdrants; 400 services W I 
pipe.s. Pressure: or.linary. 40 lbs,; tire. 1.50 lbs. Consumption: ,1<IOOO 
Kal. Fmancial: total .'ost of plant, .^40,000; :i,„,ual revc ic from imblic .S490. (JfFic.M- i-; chaiL'o: Henry Taylor. 

ST. CATHARINES, ],i„c„l„ ,.„.. ,i;i,.5oo). 1„ operation sin.e l,s7!»- owned 
l),v nuuu.ipality. Supply: by .p.avity from Welland canal 7 mile- 
dis^tant. Reservoirs: tv.„ of .55 and 10 acres area. respe.Mivelv. Dis- 
tribution: 441 "Hies of C. 1. and f,'alvanized in.n mains. 1} i„ to W in ■ 
.i2<. hy.lrauts; .•J,4,j5 >, rxh;;. l.-ad. Kalvanize.l iron and ('. I. pipes i^' 
'!!. f. ^ in. Pressure: .50 to NO lbs. Consumption: 2.7.50 000 -al 
Financial: total cost of plant, .S,4.;,.54ti; annual maintenance S7m)- 

i .L;^ 




ri'vciiuc fiiiui cimsiiiiifrs, ;>:i5,457; ri-vciiui' from public uses, jiT.loO. 
Rates: Hut rate, $.1.50 to :sti per (Iwellins^; liath-room, $5; meter rate, 
4.,V. t(i 19.2c. per 1.000 giil. 

ST. GEORGE, Urant co., (o'jO). In operation since 1S8S; owned by St. (ieorge 
Wiucr Supply Co. Supply: by j^niv^ty from iprin^s, \ mile distant. 
Reservoir: one, 1.7G0 ^al. capacity. Distribution: 3 miles of iron mains, 
1 in. to2i in.; oD services, { in, and 1 in. pipe. Financial: total cost of 
plant, $2,1 i)S; annual mainteiumce, .Sl(i;{; annual revenue, $398. 
Rates: fiat late. $0 per dwelling. Oflicer in eharsc: J. I,. Addison, 

ST. THOMAS, Kk'iM co., ( In operation since 1890; owned by 
niiinicipality. Supply: pumped from Kettle creek and artesian wells, li 
mile distant, directly into mains; steam power used, maximum, 200 h.p., 
average, 100 h. p.; pumi>s in duplicate. Filter: " Hyatt" filter. Reser- 
voirs: two of a total capacity of 25,000,000 f;al. Distribution: 29 miles 
of C. I. and \V. I. mains, j in. to 14 in.; 17.") hydrants; 3,0.5(1 services, 
\V. I. and lead pipes. Financial: annual maintenance, .'!;i9,21 1 : revenue, 
?;3S.7.55. Rates: flat rate, !i;3..50 and upward i)er dwellinj;: bath-room, 
$3.50; meter rate, Sc. to 16c. per 1 000 gal. Oflicer in charf^e: S. O. 
Perry, Secretary. 

SANDWICH, E.ssex CO., (2,106). In operation since 1S92; owned by muni- 
cipality. Supply: from th. Windsor, Ont., system (<7.i;.). Distribution: 
3 miles of C. 1. and galvanized iron mains, 2 in. s.nd 4 in.; 40 hydrants, 
330 services. Financial: annual maintemince, .'i;2,5(M); revenue, S2, 766. 
Rates: fiat rate, $5 i)er dwelling; l)ath-n>om, $3; meter rate, 21( . jier 
1.000 gal 

SARNIA, Lam lion co.. (9.S10). In operation since 1.870; owned by muni- 
cipality, supply: pumped from St. Cliur river, IJ mile distant, directly 
into 111 !!' '^li-am power used, 150 h.p.; pumps in duplicate. Distribu- 
tion: : , ...les of C. I. and VV. I. main.s, i in. to 20 in.; 188 hydrants; 
2.~'Mi M-rvii-es, J in. to 3 in. lead and galvanized iron |)ipe.s. Pressure: 
or aiiarv.OOlbs.; fire, 100 lbs. Consumption: 3,.500,(RHJgal. Financial: 
total (ost of plant, $225,000: atuiual maintenance, .$8,.5.5(); aimual 
rev-nue. $23,000. Rates: flat rate, $3 and upward per dwelling; bath- 
room, $4. Officer in chaigc: Richard Hell, Water-works Engineer. 

SAULT STE. MARIE, Algoma district, (11,000). In operation since 1H94; 
u\\ni«€i by the Tagoiui Water and Light Co. Supply: pumped from St. 
Mar river directly into mains; water power u.sed. maximum, ;i()0 h.p., 
average, 200 h.p.; pumping apparatus in dujilicate. Distribution: 



2-)i miles „f C. I. iiiain-., 1 in. u, J4 in.; ISO liydraiils; .'.-'iin „. 

fire. KWI ll.> 

galvanized iron jiipc, Pressure: ..nlinuiv SO ii. 

sumption: .^1. Financial: u'.uxl ,,,-,, „r ,.|,,„, sji' i7s 

auniuil nuu.iicna,>,-...s_..;j):{: n.v..,nM.. Si7,7.i 1. Rates: flat a.„l mrt,.,' 

raio.s; flat rate, s.", aii,l iipuani per <lw..lli,u;- Lalli-n.,,!,,. S4; r.ici.M i-il.. 

Sr. t„ 24r. ,w-r KIO.) gal. ( Mli,.,.,- in ,l,a..'..: .f M. MrPhcrs,,,,. ( Jenoral 


SEAFORTH, Ilun.n ,.„., (2,14.-.). In .,,., ration sin.c IN7.i; ..wnci l,v mu.ii- 
.•ipality. Supply: pumped fn,ni Silver creek. \ mil.- di.stant. directlv 
mto nniin.s; .-team power used, maximum. S.", |,.p., avera-e, (10 I, p"- 
pump.s md '.oilers in dui.Iicate. Distribution: :{ miles of" mains, I :{ 
hydrants; 40 .services. Pressure; ordinarv. tiO |l,s • tire l Ht II. 
Consumption: 2tM).0(»0 ^ral. Financial: loial <osf of plant sir, nun 
annual nmmtenance, 81, 100; reven.u. .S7.50. Rates: flat rate S", to 
*;{() per service Water usc.l ,mly lor fire protection, imlustrial' an.l 

SHELBURNE, D.ifTerin c . (1.120). In operation since ISS!)- owned l.y 
munfipality. Supply: pumped frotn uclls to steel tunk; Kii.soline 
engines and wmd pouer used, (j t„ .S li.p. Reservoir: one tank, 120 000 
B8.. capacity. Distribution: A mi|.,.s of ir.m mains, 2 i-i. and 10 in '; 2:', 
hydrants; 205. servi.e.s. iron pipe. Pressure: Or, ll.s. Consumption- It U 

000 Ral. Financial: total cost ..f plant. S;i2,o(M); annual maintename 
$700; rcveuuo, $1,300. Rates: flat rate, -So per .Iwellin- l,alh-,„om' 
$2. OfHcer in charjre: Tims. Walley, ("lerk. 

SIMCOE, NorfulK co., (;j,800). In operation since 1!M),S; owned l.v muni- 
cipality. Si-pply: p,..i.ped from springs, i mile .listai.t, to ,stand-pipe 
ami .lire.tly mto mains; f;as engines used, ,50 (o ,S() h.p,; pumpins 
apparatus in duplicate. Reservoir: .-tand-pipo, 20 ft, l.v 'i") ft ■ r'7 000 
gal. Distribution: lOJ miles of C. I. mains I • in. to .S in ; 7(; I'r.-.i'rant.- ■ 

01 8. services, j in. lead and galvanized iron pipes. Pressure: ordinrv 
'iO ll>s.; fire. So to 125 ll.s. Consumption: ^T.^nn -;al. Financial: t,,t'j 
<'o.stofplant ssi.Ol!); annual mainieuaure. si.,V.t2; dei-emure i> -ere-t 
$4,723; revenue, $7.S01. Rates: meter rate Sc. t,, 24.'. per looo g:i).' 
flat rate, .% an<l upward per dwelling. ( )til,ei- in char <■: W ( ' .\I, I'alK 

SMITHS .FAIXS, Liuiark eo,. (C.'-OO). In opera' ion -lue ISO!,- owned l.v 
iminic.paitiy. Supply: pumpe-i ,V,„„ river .litectlv into maims; 
water aru! steam j.ower u.-e,l; m::--..:,ium. 100 K.p , avei":,-.-. 7.". Im 
steam anu ele.-'.ri,- pump-^ tor elm., ■euci,... Distnbution: ,. mil.- .,! 



'\ I 


C. I. mains. I ill. til 10 ill.: ',I2 liydiiititH; ,S(K) st'rviics. Pressure: oidiii- 
ur.v, o4 Ills.; tiro. 1(H) llis. Consumption: .'k)U.O(N) ;;:il. Financial: 
total cost (if piiint. !<i;{0,(K)((; tiiiiiiiul inuintoiiaiicc, 8'),o()(); revenue, 
SlU.iMM). Rates: Hut nito, t'> »nil iipwiml per dwelling; liiitli-niDin, 
$5.")(); meter. ■')(■. per I.lKK) nal. A private eoinpaiiy liud 8upi)lied the 
' <\\n fmni to ISiC.t. 

SOUTHAMPTON, Hnice co.. (1,X0()). In operation since 11K)1; owned liy 
municipality. Supply: pumped from wells, J mile distant, to stand- 
pipe; steam and electric power used, Vi) h. p. Reservoir: stand-jiipe 
110 ft. hi«li of 1;JH,000 jial. capacity. Distribution: 4 miles of (,'. I. 
mains, 4 in. to S in.; X\ hydrants; 252 .services, );alvanized iron pijie. 
Pressure: orduiaiy, (>? Ili.s; fire, 110 Ih.s. Consumption: town, lOO.tHM) 
^'al.: fish hatchery !_'5.(M)0 >;al. Financial: total of plant, $40,000; 
annual maiiiteii.ince. •Sl,!(20; revenue, $2,20(J. Rates: Hat rate. S4 
|)er dwelliiij;; 'atli room, .^o; meter rate, ISc per 1,(MM) nal. Officer 
in cliar;:e: (ieo \V. Martin. 

STAYNER, Simcoe CO.. (1.100). In operation since 1899; owned by munici- 
pality. Supply: by f;ravity from springs, ;{ milesi distant. Distribution: 
C. I. mains; 14 hydrant.s; services, J in. galvanized iron. Pressure: 
tio ll)s. Consumption: 100.000 sal. Financial: annual maintenance, 
$;iOO; revenue, $S50. Rates: flat rate, $4 for first tap. 

STEELTON, Algoma district, (3,954). In operation since 1900; distribution 
system only owned by municipality. Supply: pumped from power canal, 
1 mile (list ant, and sujiplied to town byTagona Waterand Li^lit Co. Dis- 
tribution: 7^1 miles of ('. 1. mains, 4 in. to 10 in. ; 2 in. mains in addition to 
this; 41 hydrants; .jOO services, J in. galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: 
ordinary, 90 lbs; fire, KM) lbs. Consimiption: 115,000 f^al. Financial: 
cost of distribution system. .S75.000; annual revenue, ;i;5.()S4. Rates: 
flat rate. ^S and upward per dwelling. Officer in charge: John Roberts, 

STOUFFVILLE, York co.. (1,(M)0). In operation since 1S97, owned by 
muni(ii)ality. Supply: by gravity from springs. 4 miles distant. Re- 
servoir: one of 700.000 gal. capacity. Distribution: 4 miles of ('. I. 
in.iiiis, 4 in. to 12 in.; 38 hydrants; ISO >. ices, J in. pipe. Pressure: 
ordinary, (iO lbs; fire. 4s to 50 lbs. Financial: total cost of pUmt, 
$25,000; annual maintenance, $78; revenue, $737. Rates: fat r^vte, 
$4 per dwelling; bath-room, $2. 

STRATFORD, Perth co., 114,779). In ojieration since 1SS3; mvned by 
municipality. Supply: pumped from Avon river, J mil'' distant, and 




frnn. .six .trtOHiar, wcIIn, tl,rou«l. filler, -linvtly i„„. ,a,,i,.s: ol^Hri,- nn,l powrr uso.Unuxinn,,,,. 7.1 h. p., ,v,.,h,.-, l- h, p. FUter: ..u-hH,.- fill..,- usnl. Distnbution: l'TJ milos .,f ( . i. :„„| \v I ,„.,i,„ ■. j,, 
t.. 12 in.: JN7 hy,lran..s; I .'m .s.-rvirrs. I,..,! h,.,1 Kulvaniz.-.l iron piiH-s' 
Pressure: ..niinary. .SO ll,s; fi,,.. n,„ ,.. ,..„ ii„. Consumption: 1 ..()(. .hh, 
Ku. Financial: ,o,al .•.., ,.f ,,|„„, .vm,.7m): mmhumI n,:u„„.,uu. ,• 

1 . .Mc.Nal). >iipciinti'ri(i('nf . 

STRATHROY. .Mi.ldl..s..x ...... cum. In ..p,.,„i..,. .i,,.,. ,,„,,. ..„„.,, ,,, 

""""■•'l>;'lH.v. Supply: p„,„po.l ,v,,m .Sy,i,.nl,a,u >iv,.r, _'()(. ft .lisfw,, 
to stand-p.p..; Mean, powrr us,.,!, -jr, h p. Reservoir: ..„.. „f i.v.nod 
Kal. rapm.ty. Distribution: .i nul.-s .,f c. j, ,„,ins 4 i„ ,„ s i„ : „, 

n'w''mMM'''''r' «=''^''"'^'-' "■"" I'M-. Pressure: .,n::uarv. 
■i. -,, hre. JOO ll,s. Consumption: L'.-i.i,..(i(( .,,1. Financial: t.,tal 
.. plant .M.,.(MM); annual rnaintenan,... s.XH.; ....venu.. fn.n. , 
■M,(M)0; from ,,„l,|i.. uses. ,S1.;{00. Rates: fiat rate, s| p,,. ,,,,,. ,,^„,. 
n,.,m, Ni./id: nu'tn- rato. ^,. p.-r 1,00.) .^J. ,„n,,, ;„ ..i,,,,,,; \,;,,,i„ 
.Mcl.achhn, ftupciintondi-nt. 

STURGEON FALLS, .Vipissin" <li<iri..t (•»'>v», i, 

Pumpnii: stat.,.n ..wn.-.l l,y I,np,.rial Paper Mills. I,,,l : n.,uain.l,.r ,.f 
s.yst.-m .>wn...l l,y n.uni.ipalily. Supply: pu.npe.i fr...,. .S,,,,,,.,,,. Hver 
ur.v,ly „„.. ,nan,s; wa..-r-p„w,.r us.-.i. Filter: >a.., filt.n- ,;-..,l' 
Distribution: .,j n..l,.s „f C. J. an.i .^dvanize.l in.n n,ains. 4 in. ,., p. i„ . 
4< l,y,lr,.nis; 48.5 servi..,..s. Pressure: nnlinaiv, 40 ll.s; lire lOO U,\' 
Financial: t,.tal .■.,st ..f plant. .S4.i,00<l: annual n.aintenan.e .si ■.,i7- 
"■venu.-. .s;i.l4.*. Rates: Hat rate use.l. in elu.r...; .)' r„r:i..r' 

SLDBURY, Su.ll.ury .ii-tri.t, (4.000). !„ operation since ISO.i; „wne,l i,v 
'"unie.pallty. Supply: pun,p,.,l ,,,„„ Ran.sav lake, 1 ,„il,. .li.,.,„; 
.. elevate.1 tank; ele.trii. powor us.wi, niaxirnun.. 200 !,. p ..v.-p'r..' 
1)0 h. p.: ;iOO 1, p. .stean, a,.xiliary p,„„pi,„^ plan,. Reservoir: 
elev-ate.l tank of ,1.,,000 ^ai. .apaeity. Distribution: 10 mil... „f . ■ | 
mn.ns. 4 ,n, to IJ i,,; 4s hy.lran.s; .1^0 .,,,•,...., | ,n. to 4 in, ,alvani...,l 
'n-n an.i lea<l pipes. Pressure: ..nlinarv, 7.5 ll.>; fire P'O Ih. Con- 
sumption: .100,000 ,al. Financial: -otal i,., .,f plant, si.)O,.)0..- annu-.l 
"'=""tenan..e. .s7.!..iO; annual revenue, >.H.r,u7_ Rates: flat rate .SlO M 
a.1. up^v.:nl ,,er ,lwel!i„«; hat h.roo„,. «, ;;.; „„.„.,, ,,^,„, ,,, ^^,^, ' ^,. . . 
1.000 ,.'al. if.,.er ,n ..har.e: K. 11. M:,.- i,„l:.|., .Superinte„.i..nt 

oomaseuoN of conhervation 



TEESWATER, Bruce CO., (810). In operation. since 1.SS9; owned by munici- 
pality. Snpply: pumped from Teegwater river directly into mains; steam 
power used, 80 h. !>. Distribution: 1 mile of C. I. miiins, 4 in, and 6 m.; 
9 hydrants. Pnssure: fire, 140 lbs. Financial: total ( o-'t . plant, 
$12,000; annual mainfnance, $400. Only used for fire protection. 
Officer in charg*": Walter Roee. 

THESSALOIf, Algonia district, (1,852). In operation since 1896; owned by 
municipality. Supply: |, imped from lake Huion l.WK) ft. distant, 
directly into mains; steam powt-r u.^ed, maximum, 250 h. p., average, 30 
h. p.; pumps and boilers in duplicate. Distribution: 4 milcfi of C. I. 
mains, 4 in and 6 in.; 24 hydrants; 311 services, J in. to 1 in. pipe. 
Pressure: ordinary, 60 lbs; fire, 120 lbs. Financial; cost of supply 
plant, $5,000; <08t of distribution system, $20,000; an ual maintenance, 
$2,300; revenue, $2,8,55. Rates: flat rate, $6 and upward per dwelling, 
bath-roi m, $4. Officer in charge: E. G. Scott, Ck rk. 

THOROLD, Welland co., (2,300). In operation since 19(J.S; owned by muni- 
cipality. Supply: by gravity from Welland canal, 1 mile distant, to 
pumpiut; station, thence pumped to stand-pipe; water-power used, 50 
to 100 h p. Reservoir: stand-pipe, 100,000 gal. rapacity. Distribution: 
8 miles of C. I. mains 4 in. to 12 lii.; 64 hydrants; 250 services, I in. 
galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 60 lbs; fire, 160 lbs. Con- 
•um jtion: 75,000 gal. Financial: cost of supply plant, $10,000; cost of 
distribution system, $80,000; annual venue, $1,600. Rates: flat rate, 
$4 to $6 per dwelling; bath-room, .i>5; meter rate, 4.8c to 19.2c per 
1000 gal. 

Tn..BURY, Kent co., (1,406). In oiwration since 1902; pumping system 
owned by Michigan Central railroad; distribvition by town. Supply: 
pumped from Baptiste creek, 3J miles di-itant, to tank; jrasoline engines 
used, 55 h. p. Reservoirs: two, 79,000 gal. and 9U.0OO gal. capacity. 
Distribution: 3 miles of C. I. main.s, 4 in. and 6 in.: 20 hydrants; 121 
services, J in. to IJ in. Pressure: ordinary, 15 lbs; fire, 80 to 100 lbs. 
Consvmiption: 77,168 gal. Financial: cost of distribution system, $15,- 
000; annual maintenance, .?1,200; revenue from consumers, $80J<, 
from public uses, .$980. Rates: flat rate, $5 per dwellius;; bath-room, 
$5. Water is not u.sed for dt inking or cookin'.;. 

TILLSOIfBURG, Oxford co., (3,000). There are two sysf'tns; one ownetl 
by municipaliiy for .tire protection, and the other owned by the Tillson- 
burg Water- Work.s Co., for domestic purposes. 

Fire Protection System; in operation since 1875. Supply: 
water pumped from springs, 5 miles distant, direct iy into mains; water 




,'J^A. I 





1653 Eos. Uo,n Sl-ett 

Rocfiester N** vori. 14609 USA 

I '16) ■■.82 - OMO - Phon. 

('16) 288- 5989 - Fa. 



power used,7oh.p. Distribution: 5 miles of ('. i. rimiiis, t in. and Gin.; 
43 hydrants. Pressure: IIOIIjs. to lot) lbs. Financial: total cost of 
plant, $30,000; annual maintenance, $500. 

Domestic System: in operation since ISi).",. Supply: pumped 
. -oni sprite^. 1 mile distant, to reservoir; ste.un, ^lasoline. and \vater-[)o\ver 
u.sed, maximum, 00 h. p., average, !.") h. j.. Reservoir: one of IS.UOO 
f;al. capacity. Distribution: .ij miles of mains, J in. to fJ in. ; 3S0 services. 
Pressure: 20 lbs. Consumption: 12'),00() i,'al. Financial: cost of sujiply 
plant, 69,700; cost of distrii)ution system. .'<21.000; annual maintenance, 
$1,800; revenue, $3,o00. Rates: both flat and meter rates with a mini- 
mum charf^e of $0 per year. OfTicer in char!:e: Goo. VV. Tillson. 

TORONTO, York co., (42.5,000). In operation since 1841; rebuilt in ls7,j- 
1S7S; owned by municipalii ■. Supply: pumpetl through filters from 
lake Ontario, 4 miles distai. directly into mains and reservoir; steam 
and electric ])ower used, ,3,()()() h. p. eacli. Filter: slow sand filter. Res- 
ervoir: one of 33,000,000 f;al. capacity. Distribution: 434 miles of (J. I. 
mains; 4,905 hydrants; 83,005 services. Pressure: orditiary, 40 lbs. 
to SO lbs; fire, in business district, 300 lbs. Consumption: 42,131,037 
gal. Financial: annual maintenance, $873,000; revenue from con- 
cuiners, $720,321; from public; uses, $101,882. Rates: both meter and 
flat; meter rate, GJc to 15c per 1,000 j;al.; flat rate, $2 and upward per 
dwelling, according to number of rooms; bath-room, .$2.50. Officer 
in charffe: R. C. Harris, Commissioner of Works. 


TRENTON, Hastings co., (5,000). In operation since 1890; owned by the 
Trenton Electric and Water Co. Supply: pumi)ed from springs, J mile 
distant, to stand-pipe; electiic power used, 15 h. p.; steam auxiliary 
plant. Reservoir: stand-pii)c of 20,000 gal. capacity. Distribution: 8 
miles of C. I. and W. I. mains, 4 in.; 3 liydrants; .300 .services, gal- 
vanized iron pipe. Pressure: 05 lbs. Consumption: 250,000 gal. Finan- 
cial: cost of supply plant. $25.0(J0; cost of distribution .system, .$25,000; 
annual maintenance, $1,000; revenue, $4,.500. Rates: flat rate, $1 to 
$5 per dwelling; meter rate, G.4c to IGe per 1000 gal. Officer in 
charge: A. T. Hicks, Local .Manager. 

UXBRIDGE, Ontario co., (1.700). In operation since 1874; owned by 
nuinicipality. Supply: pumpec' from s])! i'lgs directly into mains; water- 
power used, 40 li. p. Distribution: 5 miles of C. I. mains, in.; 17 
hydrar..j. Pressure: ordinaiy, 100 lbs; fire, 125 lbs. Financial: total 
cost of plant, $15,000; anruial maintenance, .$500. For fire protection 


WALKERTON, Bruce vo.. (3.()7.">). In oinMiitioii since l.H<tl; owned hy 
nuinicipality. Supply: ininiiied from sprinjis, 1 mile distunt, to reservoir 
and into mains; steam power used, maximum, 50 h. p., average, (i h. ]>.; 
boilers in duplicate. Reservoir: one of :{()(),()(K) Kal. capacity. Distri- 
bution: C. I. mains, 4 in. to S in.; .")2 liydraiits: ;i(j() services, galvanized 
iron i)ipe. Pressure: ordinary. 5o lbs; fire, up to l.H) lbs. Financial: 
total cost of plant, .S4o.0()l); annual maintenance. !i;2,744; revenue, 
$4,()l;(». Rates: flat rate. $4 and ui)ward per dwelling according to 
number of rooms; bath room. i>."). 

WALKERVILLE, Essex co., (3,500). Population of 5,000 served. In 
operation since ISSO; owned by Walkervi'le Water Co., Ltd. Supply: 
by gravity from Detroit river, 300 ft. distant, to screen well, thence 
pumped directly into mains; steam n ,\ver used, maxinmm, .'JSO h. p., 
average, SO h. p. Distribution: 17 miles of ('. I. mains. 4 in. to l(i in.; 
17:1 hydrants; 1,050 services, i in. to (i in. lead and galvanized inm pipes, 
large services C. I. Pressure: ordinary, (55 to 70 lbs; fire, 110 to 130 
lbs. Consumption: 1,902,000 gal. Financial: cost of distribution sys- 
tem, $7(1000. Rates: meter rate, 6c to 8c per 1000 gal.; flat rate, 
$4.S0 per dwelling; bath-room, .S1.()0. Officer in charge: S. C. Robinson, 

WATERLOO, Waterloo co., (4,800). In oi)eration since 1889; owned by 
nuinicipality, since 1899. Supply: inimped from artesian wells at plant 
to stand-pipe and directly into mains; electric power used witli steam 
auxiliary; maxinuim. 100 h. p.. average. '0 li. p.; mains can also be 
supplied from Berlin system. Reservoirs: ilnee of a total capacity of 
500.000 gal.; .stand-pipe of 250.000 gal. capacity . Distribution: 9 miles 
of ('. I. and W. I. mains. l\ in. to 12 in.: S4 hydrants; 7S0 services, 
i in. galvanizeil iron antl leail pipes. Pressure: ordinary. SO lbs; fire, 
110 lbs. Consumption: 450,000 gal. Financial: cost of supply plant, 
S41,000; cost of distribution sysf: .i, $59,000; annual maintenance, 
S5,0G5; interest .$2,841; revenue from consumers, $8,914; from public 
uses, $2,440. Rates: flat and meter rates; flat rate, $3.75 for ti'st tap; 
bath-room. $(i; meter rate. 5ir to 22ic per 1 ,000 gal. Officer ii ge: 

F. 8. Kumpf, -Manager. 

WELLAND, Welland co., (4,500). In operation since 1888; owned by 
nuinicipality. Supply: by gravity from Welland canal. 1,900 ft. distant, 
to pumping station; thence jjumped directly into mains; water power 
used, maximum. 170 h. p.. average, 40 h. p.; steam auxiliary |)lant. 
Distribution: 14^ miles of C. 1. and W. I. mains, i in. to 10 in.; 100 
livdrants; 1,270 services, i in. to 2 in. W. I. pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 

■'t^'-w ZLfir T.^wiJt^mrTt^ '-WKm sj-tct.^ 



GO lbs; fire. 110 ll)s. Consumption: 7S2,!t40 tin\. Financial: ti>t:il cost 
of plunt. SUl.S^O; aiiiiiial iiKuntcnaiicc, iiicliidiri!; intPicst, si.S.lvjN; 
revenue, $1."),724. Rates: Hat rate. 84 and ii|)\\ar(l per dwelling:, accord- 
ing to ninuher of rooms; liath-rooin, $;{. Officer in cliart:e: .las. J. 
Haffey, Superintendent . 

WESTON, York co., (1,700). In operation since 1911; owned hv munici- 
pality. Supply: pumped from Humher river, 1 mile distant, to stand- 
pipe and mains; electric power u.sed. Filter: mechanical filter. Res- 
ervoir: stand-pipe. 20 ft. hy SO ft. Distribution: 4 miles of ir(»n mains; 
00 hydrants; services are not all laid yet. Financial: total cost of plant, 
$05,000. Rates: meter rate. 24c i)er 1,000 jral. 

WHITBY, Ontario CO., (2,700). In operation since 1004: owned l>y munici- 
pality. Supply; pumped from lake Ontario. 2 miles distant, to stand-jiipe; 
steam jiower used, 45 h. p. Reservoir: stand-])ipe 15G.700 gal. Dis- 
tribution: 5 miles of C. I. iaains, 4 in. t.i 10 in.; 47 hydrants; 10.") ser- 
vices, -J in. to 1 in. galvanized iron iiij)e. Pressure: ordinary, 45 lbs; 
fire, 200 lbs. Consumption: i;{0,000 fral. Financial: cost of supjily 
plant, $15,000; cost of distributing .system, $41,000; amiual mainten- 
ance, $2,000; annual revenue from consumers, $2,450; from public uses. 
$1,850. Rates: flat rate, $5 for first tap. Officer in charge: Geo. W. P. 
Every, Superintendant. 

WIARTON, Hruce CO.. (2.500). In operation since IS.SS; owned by munici- 
l)ality. Supply: pumped from ('oli)oy bay, one mile distant, to reservoir; 
electric power used, 35 h. p.; iiumps in duplicate. Reservoir: one of 
27S 000 iral. capacity. Distribution: (ij miles of mains; ;;". hydrants; 
400 services. Pressure: ordinary, S4 lbs; fire. 110 lbs. Consumption: 
244.000 gal. Financial: total c(jst of i)lant. $50,000; annual mainten- 
ance, $2,000; revenue, $4,400. Rates: Hat rate. $5 per dwelling. 

WINDSOR, co., (10.142). In ojieration since 1S72-7:1; ownecl by 
municipality. Supply: pumped irom Detroit river, i mile distant, 
tlircctly into mains; steam jiower used, 1.50 h. p. ; pumjjs are in duplicate, 
and, in emergency, water can be obtained front the Wtilkerville 
system. Distribution: :is miles of ('. 1. mains. 4 in. to Hi in.; :il2 hy- 
drants: ;i.s9() ser\ices. l(.;id pipo. Pressure: ordimiry, .^0 lbs; fire, 100 
lbs. Consumption: 5.0()0.()()0 gal. Financial: total cost of plant. $;j50.- 
000; annual maintemmce (including debentures), $40,500; revenue from 
consumers, $47,450; from public uses, $7,500. Rates: meter rate. 
10c. per 1,000 gal.; Hat rate on asses.smenf basis. $:{.40 and ujiward. 
Officer in charge: .Joseph Hall, (."hief Engineor. Also supplies Sandwich. 



WINGHAM, Hiiiuiuo., (2,4(10). In oporation since ..STK; owni-.l l,v iiumici- 
IKility. Supply: immped fioiii Maitland river, i niiie di.stant, to .staiui- 
pijx! and niai •; water-power used, in.-\imuni, 2(J0 li. p., average, 75 Ii. p. 
Reservoir: stand-i)ipe of 12'J,0()() kuI. capatity. Distribution: 3} miles 
of C. I. mains, 2 in. to 10 in.; 27 liydrants; 180 services, galvanized iron 
pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 76 lbs; fire, 120 lbs. Consumption: 00,000 
Kal. Financial: total cost of plant, $41,000; annual maintenance, 
$1,000; revenue, $2,754. Rates: flat rate. Officer in charge: George 
Alien. Superintendent. 

WOODSTOCK, Oxford co., ('J.420). I'irc j.rotection system built in ISSO; 
present .system in operation since ISOl ; owned by municipality. Supply: 
pumjied from springs, 4 miles distant, to reservoir and mains; electric 
power used, maxinuim, 175 h. p., average, 140 h. p.; steam auxiliary 
plant. Reservoir: one (,f 1,000,000 gal. capacity. Distribution: 27 
miles of iron mains, i in. to 12 in.; 1(15 hydrants; 2.200 .services, galv- 
anized iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 80 lbs; fire, 125 lbs. Consump- 
tion: 1,500,000 gal. Financial: cost of supply plant, $Sl,OtW; co.s; of 
distribution system, $134,853; annual maintenance, $10,907; revenue 
from consumers, $20,182; from public uses, $6,734. Rates: flat rate, 
15 for first tap; bath-room, $4.50; meter rate, ejc. to 25c. [Kjr 1000 
gal. Officer in charge: J. G. Archibald, Superintendent. 




BRANDON, (1-),0U0). In oporutioa miic.- 1,S!«; owned In- iuuni(i(nility. 
Supply: by gravity from Af^f^iniLoinc river 1.0()() ft. distant, lo wjlls, 
thence pumped through filters to iiuiins; steam |)()wer used, pumps in 
dui)licatc. FUters: eisht "New York" pressure filters. Distribution: 
IS miles of (". I. mains, 4 in. to Ki in.; 115 hydrants; I.OOO services. J in. 
to 4 in. lead and Kalvanizod inm pipes. Pressure: ordinarv, So Ihs • fire 
140 lbs. Consumption: l,145,2i:{ gal. Financial: total'cost of pianti 
$;{(iit,;j(i8; annual maintenance, .1;2(),S44; revenue, .'«;(i5,57:{. Rates: me- 
ter rate, G.4c to 32c per 1000 gal. Oflicer in charge: A. \V. .'^haw, 

CARBERRY, (1,200). In operation since 1907; owned by munii ipalitv. 
Supply: pumped from wells to reservoir, thence into mains; steam power 
used; boilers in duplicate. Reservoir: one of .J.lUOO gal. capacity. 
Distribution: 1^ mile of wooden mains, 4 in. to 8 in.; 25 livdrant"s! 
Pressure: fire, 100 lbs. Financial: ,ost of supply plant, ^2,5m] cost of 
distribution system, .•<!13,500 ; annual maintenance, .Si ,200. For fire pro- 
tection only. 

CARMAN, (l.SOO). In operation since I'JOO; owned bv nmnicipality. 
Supply: by gravity from Hoyne river. 200 ft. distant, to 're.servoir, thence 
pum|)ed to elevated tank; steam power used. Reservoirs: (me of 20.000 
gal.; elevateil tank, 60,000 gal. Distribution: 2i miles (,f wire-wound 
W(,oden mains, 4 in to 10 in.; 22 hydrants; 4(i services, gal v. iron pipe. 
Pressure: ordinary, .50 lbs ; fire 50 to 130 lbs. Consumption: 24,000 
!ral. Financial: total cost of f>lant, including .sewerage svstem, $74,0()(}; 
annual maintenance, $595; revenue, .'!!708. Rates: flat rate, SIJ per 
dwelling. Water not u.seu fov drinking or ct)oking (Jffi,er 
in ciiarge: V. tj. .McCov. 


GRANDVIEW, (900). In operation since 1904; owned bv municipality. 
Supply: pumped from Valley river, 1,500 ft. distant, to tank or directiv 
into mains; ga.oline engine used. h.p. Filter: and sand 
filter. Reservoir: one tank of 30,000 gal. capacity. Distribution: one 
nule of iron mains. 2 in. and 2i in. ; 7 hydrants; 100 .sei vices, iron pipe 
Consumption: 10.000 gal. Financial: total cost of phmt. .^5,000; an- 
nual maintenance, .•:! 1,1 00. Rates: flat i ate on a.sse.s.sment basis. Officer 
in charge: Peter Hume. 

■ • -j'kWMM'^mm^miif'^^mM^^'.imr'j 



PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, (7,(M)0). In oin-rution sin.f l!K).i; ..wnetl hv 
iiiuiiicipiility. Supply: pumped frmn Assinilioinc rivi-r, 15 miles distant. 
tlin>\iv:li f;:illeri('s to well, tiieiice pumped directly into miiins; steiuii 
iind electric power used; nuixinutm. 1(H) h.p.. averuiie, 75 li.p.; putnpinK 
ai)pnrutus in duplicate. Filter: s;ind lilfer. Reservoirs: two. of 5(I0,(KM) 
and •_'.")(),()<)0 ^al. capacity, res|K'< I ively. Distribution: 14J miles of (;. 1. 
an<l Woollen mains, (1 in. to 12 in., 14(i hydrants; 4(i() .services. J in. to 2 
in. lead [)i|)0. Pressure: ordinary. 4()ll)s. ; fire. 12o ll)s. Consumption: 
2"_'').()(M1 <;al. Financial: total 'ost of plant, $42").(M)0; annual main- 
tenance, SO.S.K); interest and sinkinj; fund, $27.70o; revenue from 
consumers, SS.OOO; from public uses, •'<11,!KK). Rates: meter rate, 16c. 
to 4()c. per lOOO gal. Offii cr in ehuriie: 1{. Pride. Chief Knjiineer. 

SAINT BONIFACE, ((,S,()()()1 In operation since 1904; owned by muni- 
ci|)ality. Supply: pumped from wells to tank; steam power used. (iO 
h.p. Reservoirs: one elevated tank of S(i. ()()() ijal. ca|)acity. and two 
other reservoirs of oOO,()()0 f;al. each. Distribution: 19 milcss of C. I. 
mains. 4 in. to 12 in.; 102 hydrants; 1.010 services, i in. lead pipe 
Pressure: ordinary. oO to (iO Ihs.; flre, 100 lbs. Consumption: KiO.OOO 
ga'. Financial: total cost of plant. 8.S.")0.0()0, annual maintenance. 
S17.:572; revenue, $20.S7.S. Rates: meter rate. .'J7ic. to 45c. per 1.000 
pal. Officer in charKc: M. P. Ulair, City Knijineer. 

SOURIS, (2,000). In oix-ratiou since 1912; owned by municipality. Supply: 
from wells, 100 to (iOO yards distant, to reservoir, thence pumped to 
comiiression tank: suction j;as enjjines used; eni^ines, pumps, an i 
in duplicate. Reservoir: one, 30 ft. diameter by 20 ft. deep. L 
tion: 12 miles of C. 1. mains. 4 in. to S in.; 7ti hydrants; 110 v. 
Financial: cost of supply plant, !>80.o00; cost of distributio'i 
!s.s;i,0()0. Rates: meter rate, lOc. to 50c. i)er 1.000 gal. Officer in ciiai-,i;i : 
r. C. Smith. Town Eiifiinoer. 

WINNIPEG, (175.000). In ojjeration since 1S99; owned by municipality. 
Supply: pumped from artesian wells. 2 to 4 miles distant, directly into 
mains; steam and electric power used, average. 800 h.p.; each well has a 
separate pump. Reservoirs: two of ;500.000 sal. and (i.OOO.OOO gal. 
capacity, lesped ively. Distribution: 221 miles of C. I. mains, 4 in. to 
20 in.; I,fi9;{ hydrants; 2(i.()07 J in. to 1 in., lead and 4 in. 
to in. C. I. pipes. Pressure: ordinary, 50 lbs.; fire, SO lbs. Con- 
sumption: S.OOO.OOO gal. Financial: cost of supply plant, $1,250,000; 
cost of distribution .system. .S2. 250,000; annual maintenance (exclusive 
of interest which amounts to $230,000), SlS.S.200; revenue, $425,000. 
Rates: flat rate, $0 and upward per dwelliiig, according to number of 


' -W. < ia%»f:'r_- » 



High Prf.ssire System' \Viiiiiip..;r 1,^^ als(. u hiuli piv-smv sy^ti'm in 
tlu; husiiu'ss portion of tlic city, which hiws been in opcniiion >iiii(> l'.K)7. 
The water is piunpe.l fnmi the Ued river, producer ^';is en^'ines. consisting 
of (i units of an a!;i;re„'atc capa.'ity of !),()((() i;m1. pt r minute liein^ usetf 
Tlie engines can also he supi)lii'.i from the city ;,'ii.s mains. The disi ribu- 
tiim system consists of S miles of S in. 'o 20 in. mains, to which there are 
connected 80 hy.lrunts. The [pressure is :«)() ll)s, Ofhrcr in chari;e: 
H. X. Uuttan, City Engineer. 



ARCOLA, (l.JOU). Iriopcriitioiisinrc 11M(7; owniMlhy miuiiripalily. Supply: 
by ^nivity from spring**, -^i miliw (li.«tuiit; r-lso pumpcil in st:iii<l-pipc 
with 10 li.p. <:;iH(>line ciiiiiiii'. Distribution: inilcs of wooilcn iiiaiiw, 
S in. iiiid 12 in.; i;< liydnints; ;{() :*prvi(c.s, | iti. pipe. Pressure: (10 11m. 
Consumption: lOO.lMM) pil. Financial: cost of supply plaiil, $10.()()(»; 
coKt of (listriliution sy.stom, $7(1,0(10; imnuul nmiiitcnunrc, ^ril.OCM); 
rpvonup. s;2.S00. Rates: flat riito, $1"> p«'r ilwellin;;. Officer in chiirKe; 
("i"(>. Fortiick. 

CARLYLE, ((i(t()\ 'n ojioriition .since 101 1 ; owned by municipality. Supply: 
.unipcd from wells Reservoir: one of 12,000 kuI. capacity. Distribu- 
tion: one mile of (i in. nuiin; 7 hydnint.s. Pressure: ordinafv, 40 to 5*) 
lbs.; fire, up to SO Ib.s. Constunption: «al. Financial: total cost 
of plant.* 13 .000; uimual revciuK', $l.l(M). Rates: Hat rate. ii^lO to $15 
per dwellinR; bath, $3. 

ESTEVAN, (2,300). In operation .-iince KHO; owned by municipality. 
Supply: pumped from well, in town, to stand-pipe; 50 h. p. gasoline 
engine used. Reservoirs: .stand-i)ipe 100,000 n^l. capacity. 80 ft. high; 
well 40,000 gal. Distribution: 2i miles of C. I. mains, 6 in. and 8 in.; 24 
hydratits. Pressure: ordinary, 40 ll)s.; fire, to i20 lbs. For fire 
protection only. Officer in charge: L. A. Duncui, Secretary-treasurer. 

FRANCIS, i;4()0). In operation since 1009; owned by municipality. Supply: 
by gravity from spring. 2J miles distant. Distribution: 2i miles of 
wooden and iron mains, (i in.; 7 hydrants. Pressure: 12 ll)S. Con- 
sumption: 3,000 gal. Financial: cost of supply plant, $4,(X)0; annual 
maintenance, $850; revenue, S2.2l)t;. Rates: flat rate, $0 per dwelling. 

INDIAN HEAD, (2,000). In operation since llM)(i; owned by municipality. 
Supply: by gravity from springs, 9 miles distant. Distribution: 13 miles 
of wooden and C. 1. mains, 4 in. to 12 in.; 43 hydrants; 18S services; 
'i in. to 1 in. lead ])ipc. Pressure: ordinary, 80 lbs; fire, 150 lbs. Finan- 
cial: :()st of supply |)lant, $(iS,;i40; cost of di.>tril)uti(m -system, $4'.).,300; 
ainuial maintenani <■ (exclusive of interest) $2,000; annual revenue fron; 
c(msumers $0,900; from public uses $1,200. Rates: fiat rate. $12 to 
$30 jier dwelling; cattle $3 per head. 


MAPLE CREEK, (I..MH.,. In „,M.,at,o„ m,,,.. |.H,7: „um.,l l,v ,nu.u,i,,..ii, v 
Supply: l,y „nivity fm,,. .,„inL'>. s milrs cli.tunt. Reservoir: „„.. i.f 
■-'"<',(M»() i;a|. .ui.mity. Distribution: 10 „., ,.f w„.,acn luaii,. r, i„ ,,, 
I-'.".: ;i(ll:y.l,.a„ts;2.^<,>.m,.,.- J in. .,„! i i„ ,:,h,ir,.„|.i,,..- Pres- 
sure: nnimary, (K) 11,,, fir.-, i.p t„ ||'i ||,s. Consumption: .'immmiu ::;.1 
Financial: ;„tui of plani, s'r.m); annual inaii.iman.c M doii- 
n-v,.n,„., S7.(XM). Rates: flat r.o,-. s\r> ,„ sj.-, ,,.., ,iw..llin. oil,, .■ ,■ in' 
• liarjic: I). I'atcr^i.n. SiMiviary-TicasunM-. 

MOOSE JAW, (20,()(.()). In ,.,„.ra,i„n .in,,- l-K),-.; ,.wn,.,l l,v n..,ni,i,,aii v 
Supply: by gravity fn.n. .|„in^>. s mil... ,li>iant, t„ r..s..,v„ir il„.n.'.. 
puiu|,o.l ,l,ro,.tly int.. mains; wal.T is als„ innnp,.,! fn.rn u.^ll. t., sarn.- 
ri"s..rv.,ir; steam an.l .■{(..•trie p.,w,.r us.-.l. maximum, I.V) h p.; awia".. 
I'.l li. p. Reservoirs: ..f \)-,.im.m) ;;al. at spiin— iw,. 
..tluTs ,.f 2!»l,r,(M) «al. ,in,| mmM 1,'al. .apa-itv. ivsp... , iv..|v ^Filter: 
(•rushed rock mid (•harcml filter used at sprin-s. Distribution: .'!» 

mile«of C. I. and w len mains, 4 in. to 12 in.; 17.-, hv.liiints- 1 H7 

servires; j i„. to 2 in. i.a.l an.l -ilv. in.n pip,-. Pressure: ..rdinarv. 
4()ll..s.; fire, 140 ll)s. Consumption: .ilMt.OOO . . Financial: t..tal.,."st 
of plant. *.JU().()()0; annual maiul.Mian..-, S22.2<i(l; annual icwnu.' 
$2,S,.«)(). Rates: meter rate, 16,. l., »l)r pe,- 1000 f;al. A ne\v plant is 
heia.i; installed whirl, will he supplied from wells 20 mil.'s .li^tant. 
Officer in chiir«e: J. Antonisen, City Kn^ineer. 

MOOSOMIN, (L.'JOO). In ..i)eruti..n since I!»07; owned h- muni.ipalilv. 
Supply: i.umped from well to stand-i)ipe; oO li. p. !;u.s„liiie en-in.- used 
Reservoir: stand-pipe, 100.000 gal. eupacity, 80 ft. hi«li. Distribution: 
2 miles of in.n mains, (i in.; 10 hydrants; !) Pressure: ..niinary. 
37ll).s.; fire. 125 Ihs. Financial: t..tal ..f plant, .SiO.OOO. Rates: 
flat rate. $12 an.l upwanl per .Iwelling. Offi,.,.,' in char-e: G. S. P.ige. 
Se. rotary-Treasurer 

NORTH BATTLEFORD. (2.0(M)). In -.p.Mali.m siiu^e 1010, own-.l l.v muni- 
cipality. Supply: pum|)cdfi.,n. X. .it h Saskatchewan river. IJ mile dis- 
tant, to elevated tank; elect lic p..wer and -a.s..line .Mi-ine us.-d, mavimum 
70 h. p., avera-e. ^o h. p. ; pum|)in',' aj.paratus in .iuj)li.ate. Reservoirs: 
sui»ply hasin, 100.000 gal. cai.a.ity; tank, l.-,fi,0()o nal. cai)acitv. Dis- 
tribution: 4 miles of C. I. mains. 4 in. t„ 10 in.; 42 hy.liants; 100 seivi, c,. 
i in. to 2 in. pipe. Pressure: ..nlinary. (ID lbs. : lire, IM ll.s. Consump- 
tion: (;o.(MIO -al Financial: total of plant, >;S4.000; annual main- 
tenane, .si.ouo; revenue, ,st.,SOO. Rates: m.'t.-r rat.'. 40,- to .V,,- per 
1,000 gal. Oilieer in char-e: M. 1), {',.„luell. Superinten.lent. 

PRINCE ALBERT, (10,000). In oi)erati.,n sin.e 1007; ..un.'d l.v muni.i- 
pahty. Supply: pumped 'njm Xorth .Saskat,i,,.u;,r( river. 200 !r. di-t:.!!' . 

?- ■mm.v.^t'^ '-sm '''-uti^^^^i^.s&^Ji^iM^^sim 



foMMiSMInV t)l- ('oXsi;UVATlt».V 

ti. M'lliiiuTitiiiiuii l.;isin. thi'iici' ii. >t;i'i.l-|.i|>'; *t<-;im puw.-r iiscmI. 
Tidli. p. Filter: tH»(i.(MHl i,mI. pii-sMiri- filuT Rese.-voirs: ^.•.limciitiitimi 
lm.siii, l,(MH),(M)n lmI. iiii uity; sliirul-pipf-, liii>.(NM) u-al. iiipmity Dii- 
tribution: I.") miles ..f ( I. muin-, ti in. !■> Ii> in.; ll'O li.v<lniiii-<: »-'0 
MMviic-, J in. Ifii'l pi|»- Prewure: miliiiiirv, h(I |h- ; lire. I."i(» Up*. 
Consumption: 40(». HM) ;;ul. Financial: <...-! of supply plant, Nl'.t.iMM); 
cosi of .list iil>\it lull systPin, $;ilL',(KM); lumiinl niiiiiitt-niinci', ■>2').IMM»; 
n-vcniii'. S17,".IMI. Rates: Hut rate, !<lii to $24 per (IwclliiiK. ni.-tcr 
riitc. Sc to ■.V2r pel' l.tHHI Kill. Officer in .liuntc: I. A. Crfitrliion. ( iiy 


REGINA, lUn.OOO). Ill oiHTiitinn m\iv l',H)5; owned l.y muni-ipiility. 
Supply: l)y Kruvily from sprinK»* OiikI HoKHy ireek ti.s ii reserve). Nj miles 
(ILstiint. to reservoirs at pump house, thence pumfHMl (lire< tly into mains; 
steam power used, averftiie. M) h. p.; pumps in <lupli<'ate. Reserroin: 
one ;it creek of l(M».tKK),<MM) )«iil. capacity; two basins, ul>out half way to 
pump house, of (»5,0(M) nal. ami 1,(K)(),(MM) «al. capacity, ; twi> 
re.servoirs at pump house i)f (i.lO.OtH) ^al. total cai>acity; one of 
.5,()(K»,0(X) gal. l)eing constructed. Distribution: Hit miles of wooden and 
iron mains, II in. to IS in.; l'.« hydrants; 2,7IHI services, J in. lead pipe. 
Pressure: ordinary, 40 Ihs.; fire, »() to KM) Ihs. Consumpllon: 1,I(K1.()0<) 
(lal. Financial: total cost of plant, S.-);J4,'-'71); annual .naintenaiice, 
>i2(),tMW); revenue. S4o,H2K, Rates: meter rate, tie to 2')c \wv I.IKXJ 
(lal.; flat rate. W and upward [M-r dwelling, accordinfr to numher of 
rooms; bath-room, ijiT.-W. Offi. 3r in charite: L. A. Thornton, City 

SASKATOON, US.OOti). In operation since 1907; owuetl by municipality. 
Supply: pumped from South Saskai chewan, river, 1 i mile distant , din-i tly 
into mains and to stanil-pipes; steam power used, maximum, 87 ii.p.; 
average, 25 h.p.; pumping apparatus in duplicate. Filter: (jravity 
mechanical filter. Reservoirs: two stand-pipes, each of l.-)7,()0() xal. 
capjicity and 8() ft. hinh. Distribution: 22i miles of C. I. mains, 4 in. to 
12 ■• ; 257 hydrants; 1,170 services, «ah-. iron and lead pipe Pres- 
ordinary. fiO lbs,; tire, 125 lbs. Consumption: 1.250,01)0 sal. 
Financial: cost of supply plant, $15:M)00; cost of distribution system, 
$;JHS,000; aimual maintenance, $52,017; revenue from consumers, $42,- 
71)2; from public uses, $10,205. Rates: meter rate, Itic to 4Sc per 1,000 
gal. Officer in charge: G. T. Clark, City Enj^ineer. 

TANTALLON; (100). In operation since 190S; owned by municipality. 
Supply: by gravity from spring, i mile distant. Distribution: i mile 
of wooden and iron mains, .3 in. and 4 in.; 12 services. | in. to 1 in. galv. 

^tAk^ % m^'%' ifsnmsii^'. 

ir-n pi,H.. Preaure: •... u„. Financial: ,..,,,1 .,.,. .„ ,,1^,,,, s 

iiiiniiiil n 

•v..,n,... m. Rate.: (lut raf, .S7(M) ,,,.r .l«,.lli„^.. o 
cliurj;e: G»',.ri{«« Miiiklntid. 


"I lKJO; 

Supply. ,. „p,.a fr. „, ,,,.„ ,„ ^,,„,^., ,^.,, , J ,^^j,^. ^,._^^^^^^ ^_^ ..H.wLipi.- 
el.-tn.. power ,m,.|. ,„aximu,n, TX) I,, p ; auvilinrv «as..lin.. .m Jno 
p.„p.n. plu„,. Reservoir: stan.l-pip... „«,,„«> ,,, „„„..;,, ^."^ f, 

1- .TV.,.,.., «alv. ,r,.„ pi,„.. p„„ure: or.i , .;() ||,,.; li,,..', p, n,/ 

Consumption: "lO.iMM) gal Financial- mm i.. i - 

t ■• ... '^ rinanciai. lost . j,|y pUn, (iO.UUO; cost 

. .Iwtr.l.u.m nyst,.,,., yj.yooO; un.u.ul .evenue. $«,(),«,. Ra,es: 

.no..T rato, 40u- to fl 20 per I T(M) gal. OTwer in -har,..: .V, Murra v. 

^°^^!!l!'. ^*''^';/" "P^^"^''"" '*'"•••> l'H)H; owm..i l.v ,nuni..ipa!i.v. 
Supply. pum,K.,l fron. wdln .lin-r.iy into n.ains and to ,.o,np,.,.s.'..l uir 

R^^rr """"'■" '"^.^••^- '"•'..; pu.npin« apparatus iu.lupii..a,.. 

D.stnbudon: 7} nnU. of C. I. n.ain., 4 i„. ,o S in, r,s Indrant.; -jm 
seiNu...s «alv. iron pip.-. Pressure: or.iinary, 4(» to (K) W,^'.; firo (=.-, IIh 
i-inancial: total cost of plant, $(i(),(MM); annual niaintenan.-.- '.MOM)' 

H. lallH)t-Crosbip. Town Engineer. 


BANFF, (()()()). In operation .since liWS: owned by municipality. Supply: 
liy Ki'ii^ity fro"' Forty-mile creek, 2i miles distant. Distribution: 4^ 
miles of iron mains, 10 in.; 32 hydrants; 150 services, ;j in. pipe. Pres- 
sure: 12o lbs. Financial: total cost of plant, $100,000; aimual main- 
tenance, $r),()()0; reveime from consumers, $2,100; from public, 
$2,000. Rates: flat rate, 5c. j)er foot of frontajje. Officer in charge: 
A. H. Macdonald, Su])eriiitendent, itocky Mountains park. 

CALGARY, (40,000). In ()])eration since 1891; owned by municipality. 
Supply: by <;ravity from Klbow river, 12 miles distant; steam and 
electric; auxiliary plant. Filter: coke filter. Reservoir: one of 20,000,000 
jjal. capacity. Distribution: 120 miles of wooden, steel and C. I. mains, 
ti in. to 30 in.; 5(!0 hydrants; 7,200 services, lead and iron pipes. Pres- 
sure: oidinary, 80 lbs.; fire, 120 lbs. Consumption: 7,000,000 gal. 
Financial: total cost of plant, $1,917,000; anmial maintenance, $53,950; 
reveiuie, $149,000. Rates: flat rate, $5 and up ;rd per dwelling; bath- 
room, $2. Officer in charsje: J. T. Child, Ci'y Engineer. 

CARDSTON, (1,200). In operation since 1907; owned by municipality. 
Supply: pumped from Lee creek to reservoir; steam p(jwer u.sed, 75 h.p.; 
boilers in duplicate. Reservoir: one of (12,500 fi,a,\. capacity. Distribu- 
tion: 3 miles of wooden mains; 21 hydrants; 80 services, i in. iron pipe. 
Pressure: fire, 125 llis. Financial: total cost of plant, $30,000; annual 
revenue from consumers, $2,000; from public uses, $168. Rates: flat 
rate. Officer in charge: Samuel Treasurer. 

CLARESHOLM, (1,200). In operation since 1910; owned by municipality. 
Supply: pumjied from Willow creek, ti miles distant, to stand-pipe; 
electric power used, ma.\imum, (iO h.p., average, 50 h.p. Reservoir: 
stand-pipe of 100,000 gal. capacity. Filter: water drawn from gravel 
bed, 150 ft. from river. Distribution: 10 miles of wooden and iron 
mains, 4 in. to 8 in.; 29 hydrants; 100 services, galvanized iron pipe. 
Pressure: ordinary, 40 lbs,; fire, 65 lbs. to 100 lbs. Consumption: 
35,000 gal. Financial: cost of supply plant, $56,000; cost of distribu- 
tion system, $17,000; revenue from consumers, $3,500; from ])ublic 
uses, $1,500. Rates: flat rate, $12 to $24 per dwelling; meter, 8c. per 
1,000 gal. 

COLEMAN, (2,000). In operation since 1906; owned by International Coal 
and Coke Co., Ltd. Supply: b\ gravity from Neu Perce ■ leek; steam 


\v.\ti:h-\\()uks of ai.hkkta 


I'u.npin;; station. sup,,li,MllVo>„()l,l.„a.i,iv,.r tor ,.,„..,-..urv Reservoir- 
""0, of 1, .)(.().()()() .a!. ,.a,,u..ity. Distribution: 4 tuil.-s .,f uoo.lon „uu.w' 
- m. t„ 10 .„.; .; l.v.lnuus: |s,) snvi..,., ; i,, .alvaniml inm pipe." 
Pressure: !.{., ll.s. Consumption: .idO.oou ual. Financial: t„tiil 
of plant. .s;{.5,(M)0; iinnuul niaintcnamc 

..,_„„ „ >'1.0()(): icvciiiu! Ironi cdn- 

sun...r.s,.>.i. /()(). Rates: flat rate, sis ,„.,., a,,, ,),ii,.,., 
^\'llit(•sidp. .Manaiccr. 

•■1 incliariie: O. K.S. 

EDMONTON North Side, ,25.00..). In operation sin.o l-.IOl; ,.vn,.,l l.v ity. Supply: pumped North .Saskairlunvan river one niife 
<listant. dlreetly into mains; steam power use.l. maximum, 500 I,,, 
average, 27oh.p; l.oilers and pumps in dupli.-af. Filter: me.-h.ani'al 
. It^ers. Distribution: <iO,- nules of C. Land steel mains, 4 in. to >() in • 
IN- hy.^ants: 4,7:).i servi.-es, ; in. „, 4 in,, lea.l and iralvani.ed iron 
pipes. Pressure: ordinary, 45 ll,s. to 100 il.s.; fi,-,.. S5 lbs to I'", Ihs 
Consumption: .1000,000 ,..!. Financial: cost of s.ipph- plant si!;7 5'.0- 
.'..St of di.strilM.ti.m system, .SS07,775: annual maimenan.e .siijc'ip^' 
revenue, ^117,7<i!», ' ' 

South Side ,0,00..,. la operation sin.e lOO.i; oumed l,v muniei- 
palily. Supply: same as on north side. Distribution: litj miles of 
w..o.len n.a.ns, 4 in. to 20 in.; 121 hydrants; 701 serviees, lead and 
galvanized iivn pipes. Pressure: ordinary, 50 Ib.s,; fire ,S5 lbs Con- 
sumption: 500.000 ..d. Financial: total cost of plant, .s2H):i5>- annual 
..uuntenanee, .S1!),27I; revenue, 817,10!.. Rates: ( 
■sides) : flat rate, .>S8 and upwar.l per dwellimr; bath-room. $,S; meter (ic 
to lOe. per 1000 gal. Otfieer in .har.e: A. .M,.Loan. .SuperimendentV ' 

Supply: purnpe,! from Helly nver, one mile distant, to stand-pipes and 
.Invetly '"to mams; steam ami eleetrie power used, maximum, :m h p 
aveiy. 200 h.p ; motors and pumps in .luplieate. Filter: .san.l and 
;-n'nin T " .Rf^"^"*": '^v" stan,l-pipes of 1.^6,000 g,d. an.l 

4. .000 sal. respeet.vvly. Distribution: ;52 miles of wooden ami iron 

mams. 4 to Sm.; 1(,S hydrants; 1 ,S00 .services, ,ralvanized iron pipe 
Pressurp- ,,i'i 1.,.,..,. •i.r 11.. . i;..- ./,.. 11 „ 1"1«.. 

liiuiry, ;r, lbs.; Kre, lOOlbs. Consumption: 1,. -,00,000 

p. . , , • ' ' • »'""au"ipiiun: J,.)(H|,UU() "-a 

Financial: total eost of plan,, .S:«0,000; annual maintename .sJo.K.o: 
.■evenue,_.s;,4,000. Rates: flat rate, dwelling, .s,2 for first tap-' l.uh- 
■■oom s..,;,n,.ter, I0...,o40c.perl.0( OlfLer in ehar^e- \ C |) 
Hlanrhard, Citv l';n:;iiieer. ' ' 

MACLEOD, (2,500), In ..[.eration 

1 (.1 
steam power u.seil, maxi:aum 


c„„„i , „ • ■ owned bv municioalitv 

Supply: pumped fr.mi (.Idman riv.M- 1 „,,-i,. .1: . „ " . . .• 

'•J U.p. 

p.. avera-e, 40 h.p.; pumpii 



apparatus is in diii)liiato. Reservoir: stand-pipe of 1()(),()00 gal. capaiity. 
Distribution: 10 miles of wooden and C. I. mains, (i in. and 8 in.; t!2 
hydrants; ;}00 services, fialvanized iron and lead pipes. Pressure: ordi- 
nary, 45 ll)s.; fire, 100 lbs. Consumption: 000,000 gal. Financial: 
cost of supply plant, $27,883; cost of distribution system, $105,254; 
annual maintenance, $1,000; revenue from consumers, $9,000; from 
public u.-<es, .$2,000. Rates: flat rate, dwelling, $20 for first tap; bath- 
room, $5; meter rate, 12ic. to 30c. per 1,000 gal. Officer in charge: 
G. H. Altham, Sui)erintendent. 

MEDICINE HAT, (0,600). In operation since 1900, owned by municipality. 
Supply: pumped from S. Saskatcliewan river, through filters, directly 
into mains and stand-pipe; natural gas engines used, maximum, 200 li.p., 
average, 125 h.p.; steam and electric plant for emergency. Reservoir: 
stand-pipe, 35 ft. diameter, 75 ft. high. Filter: mechanical filters used. 
Distribution: 10 J miles of iron and wooden mains, in. to 10 in.; 125 
hydrants; 1 ,400 services, J in. galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 
;J5 lbs. to 80 lbs.; fire, 00 lbs. to 80 lbs. Consumption: 850,000 gal. 
Financial: total cost of plant, $280,948; annual maintenance, $14,273; 
annual revenue, $35,000. Rates: all flat rate, dwelling, $12 and upward; 
bath-room, $0; meter rate, 16c. to 10c. per 1000 gal. Officer in charge: 
A. K. Grimmer, City Engineer. 

PINCHER CREEK, (1,500). In operation since 1900; owned by Municipal 
Water and Light Co., Ltd. Supply: by gravity from Pincher Creek, 2 
miles distant. Filter: gravel filter used. Reservoir: one, 30 ft. diameter, 
12 ft. deep. Distribution: wooden mains; 24 hydrants; 100 services, 
i in. to 2 in. iron pipe. Pressure: 65 lbs. Consimiption: 90,000 gal. 
Financial: total cost of plant, $48,000; annual maintenance, $l,-<iOO; 
revenue, $4,000. Rates: flat rate, $15 per dwelling. Officer in charge: 
F. W. Foi-ster, Superintendent. 

RAYMOND, (1,000). In operation since 1911; owned by municipality. 
Supply: by gravity from springs, 2 miles distant, and pumped to tank or 
mains; gas engine used, maximum, 11 h.p.; average, 5 h.p. Distribu- 
tion: 8 miles of wooden mains, 4 in. to 10 in.; 4 hydrants; 110 servi-'es, 
galvanized iron and lead pipe. Pressure: 25 lbs. Consumption: 18,000 
gal. Financial: cost of supply plant, $2,000; cost of distribution system, 
$45,000. Rates: meter rate. Officer in charge: R. Powell. 

RED DEER, (3,000). In operation since 1900; owned by municipality. 
Supply: pumped from Kcd IWr river, 200 feet distant, directly into 
mains; steam power used, capacity of pumps, 1,000,000 gal. each; 





pumping apj)aratiis is in duplicate. FUter: .iti.ier and grav,-! I,a.sin.s Distribution: Ci niilois of u„„don and C. I. mains, (i in. to 10 in.; 
:52 hydrants; 204 .services, galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary,' 
•to lbs.; fn-c, 120 Ihs. Financial: total cost of plant, .^s.^.ooo- innual 
maintenance, $2.lH:i; rovemie, s2,.-,2(;. Rates: flat rate, S(i..i() ,„.,. 
dwcilnif;; meter rate also used. Officer in cliar^e: A. T. St( 


STETTLER, (1,750). In ojjeration since 1911; owned l.v nuinicipality 
Supply: pumped from well to reservoir and tower; steam power used 
Reservoir: one of oO.OOO gal. capacity. Distribution: i mile of V, I 
mains, S in. and 10 in.; 10 hydrants; l.", .services, galvanize.l iron pipe' 
Pressure: o(l lbs. Financial: t(jtal cost of plant, S37,000. Rates: Hat 
and meter rates. 

TABER, (2.000), In operation since lOlO; owuetl l,v municipaliiv Supply- 
pumped from Belly river, 2 miles distant, to tank; steam power us.hI.' 
Distribution: G miles of C. I. mains, (i in. to 10 in.; 152 hvdrants; ir,0 
services, i in. galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: ordinary. 10 lbs ■ fire 
70 lbs. Consumption: 8,000 gal. Financial: total cost .,f plant, .•vl5,()Oo! 
Rates: flat rate. Officer in charge: W. K. l',,rter. 

WETASKIWIN, (.3,500). In operation since 1910; owned bv municipality 
Supply: pumped from wells. 2,500 feet tlistant to elevated tank; .r^s 
engine used. Reservoir: one (,f 175,()()0 gal. capacitv. Distribution: "sj 
miles ,)f V. I. mains, G in. to 10 in.; 4,S hydrants; .jO, lead and 
galvaiuzcd ir(m pipes. Pressure: ordinary, 70 lbs.; fire. 100 lbs. to 110 

lbs. Financial: cost of supi)ly plant, .'s:iO,0()0 

system, .SSO,000 

cost of distribution 

Rates: meter rate. Officer in charge: \V. L. C 





DUNCANS, (tlOO). In opeiiition .since KM).'); owned hy The Couicluni Water- 
Works Co., Ltd. Supply: liy gravity from Hkinner creek, 2\ miles 
di.stant, directly into mains. Reservoir: one of T.'iO.OOl) ;;al. capacity. 
Distribution: 5 miles of wooden mams, 4 in. to >< in.; S hydrants; 14ti 
services, iron pipe. Pressure: 00 lbs. Financial: total cost of iilant. 
!'M4,0.'iO; annual maintenance. si.20!t: revenue from consumers. .S2,27S; 
from public uses. !!;2!M). Rates: flat rate. Officer in charge: l^rnest A. 
Price. ManaiiiiiK Director. 

ESQUIMALT, Owned by tlic Esquimalt Water- Works Co. , Victoria . Supplies 
water to Esquimalt peninsula. Supply: by gravity from fioldstream 
(Loon and Jack lakes). Resti-voirs: five, with a total ca|iacity of 
3,470,000,000 f;al. Distribution: lOJ miles of .'il in. mains; 27 hydrants; 
1,050 services, galvanized iron and lead pipe. Pressure: 120 lbs. Con- 
sumption: 400,000 gal. Rates: meter rate, 20c. and 30c. per 1,000 gal. 

GRAND FORKS, (2,500). In operation since 1911; owned by municipality. 
Supply: j)uniped from Kettle river, 500 miles distant, diioctly into 
mains and to tank; electric power u.sed, 80 li.p.; pumping plant in 
duplicate. Filter: gravel filter used. Reservoir: (me tank of !K), 000 gal. 
capacity. Distribution: 10 miles of steel and wooden mains, 4 in. to S 
in.; 4S hydrants; 500 .services, galvanized iron. Pressure: !20 lbs. 
Consumption: 300,000 ga' Financial: cost of supply i)lant. .'>70.000: 
annual nuiintenancc, 84,3.s ; revenue from consumers, SO.OOd; from 
public uses, $200. Rates: flat rate of .'SI per tap. Officer in charge: .1. 
Hav, Clerk. 

GREENWOOD, (800). In operation since 1S<)8; owned by nniiiicipality. 
Supply: by gravity from Lind, Twin and Providence creeks. 1 mile 
distant. Reservoirs: three reservoirs of 250,000 gal. capacity each. 
Distribution: 4} miles of iron and wooden mains. 2 in. to S in.; IS 
hvdrant ;; 205 services, i in. to 2 in. galvanized iron pi|)e. Pressure: 130 
lbs. Financial: total cost of plant, !?57,000; annual maintenance, s()27; 
revenue from consumers. S4,s()0; from public uses, $1,380. Rates: flat 
rate,of ■'S12 to $18 per dwelling; bath-rcom, $0; meter rate. IGc. to 3.').2c. 
per 1000 gal. 

KAMLOOPS, (4.000). In operation since 1S05; owned by municipality. 
Supply: |)ainped from Tliompson river, 000 ft. dUiant. to reservoir and 
directly into mains; steam power used, l.'iO h.p.; juimps and iioilers 


. •*?■'? '45SBirS*i: 

' ■ t*^*«»'^-;iy5H«SM»^' i-: 


in .luplicatc. Reservoir: of (i,(«)0 ;riil. .apu.ity. Distributioa: 14 
miles .f C. I. an.l W. I. mains, 4 in. to 10 in.; NJ Imliunts; (ill) services. 
; in. Kiilv. iii.n |)i|.<>. Pressure: ordinary, li'.j il.s.; (ire. \4'> ll.s. Con- 
sumption: winter, 5()(),()0() fral.; summer l.L'.^)().()0() jral. Financial: 
total cost of plant. .$110,000; annnal maintenance, .SI2.44I: revemi.- 
from consumers $l.j.224. Rates: Hat rate. Officer in duir-e- (1. L. 
Wain. .Superintendent. 

KASLO, (1,100). In operati.m since ISWi; owned hy mimicipalitv. Supply: 
by gravity from Kalso treek, A miles distant. Reservoirs: two of 10,000 
j;al. and :J2,000 gal. capacity. Distribution: 2 miles of steel mains. ;{ i,,. 
to 10 in.: 22 hydrants. Pressure: 72 Ihs. Consumption: 2S.0()0 ^al. 
Financial: total cost of plant. $32,000. Rates: fiat rate. Officer" in 
charge: R. A. Cockle, Water Commis.sioner. 

KELOWNA, (2,000). In operation since 190S; owned hv municipality. 
Supply: pumpeci from Okanagan lake, i njile distant, directlv into mainsj 
steam power used. 15 to 40 li.p. Distribution: 7 miles of V. I. and' 
wooden mains, 4 in. to 10 in.; 2;J hydrants; 2IS .services, i in, galv. iron 
pipe. Pressure: ordinary, oO llxs.; fire. 125 It.s. Financial: t'.tal 
of plant,. s;j5.000; annual maintenance, s:}. 000; revenue, *4, 200. Rates: 
flat and meter rates; meter 15c to 40e (less 25 per cent.) per 1.000 gal ; 
flat rate $19.20 i)er dwelling. Officer in charge: G. H. Dunn, Town 

LILLOOET, (150). In oi)eration since 1908: owned l.y S. A. Macfarlane. 
Supply: by gravity from a mountain stream. I mile lilstant. Reservoirs: 
two; one created by damming stream, and a settling tank of ;5,(i00 gal. 
caj)acity. Distribution: one mile of W. I. mains. :i in. and i^ iii.; 2 hv- 
drants; 40 .services. * in. pipe. Pressure: 117 to KJO lbs. Financial: 
total cost of plant. .$3,000; annual revenue, $480. Rates: fiat rate. $12 
jK'r dwelling. Officer in charge: S. A. -Macfarlane. 

LYTTON, (200). Owned by municipality. Supply: by gravity from Lytton 
creek. IJ mile distant. Distiibution: IJ mile (,f wooden and iron mains, 
5 in. and in. 

MICHEL, (4.000). In operati.m sin<e 19|(;. ned by Michel Water 
Liglit and Tower Co., Ltd. Supply: by gravity from Aqueduct creek, 1 
mile distant. Reservoir: one of (lO.OOO gal. capacity. Distribution: 
li mile of wooden mains. S in. and 10 in.; (i hydrants; 02 sinvices, J 
ni gaiv. iron pipe. Pressure: !"<i lbs. Consumption: 24.000 gal. 
Financial: total cost of jilaiit, $15,00(i. annual maiutcnance. $200; an- 

■— eM^-fc..-*-sw*B¥?'«^'»i&w>*t> 


nual revenue, $1 -><K). Rates: Hat i-ivle, $IS for firr^t tup. Officer in 
(jliai'f?e: G. B. Stednian, Secrinary-trea-surer. 

NELSON, (7,000). In operation since 1897; owncl by muncipality. Sup- 
ply: by gravity from Cottonwood creek, IJ Mle distant. Reservoir: 
one of 1.000,000 gal. capacity. Distribution: 15i miles of steel luuiiis, 
IJ in. to 14 in.; 01 hydrants; 1,473 services, iron pipe. Pressure: 100 
lbs. FinancUl: total cost of plant, $70,000; annual maintei\ance, 
$2,000; revenue from consumers, $23,000. Rates: Hat rate. $12 to 
$18 per dwelling. Officer in charge: G. G. Mackay, Town engineer. 

NEW WESTMINSTER, (15,000). Owned by nmnicipality. Supply; by 
gravity from Coquitlam lake, 14 miles distant. Distribution: 14 miles 
of steel mains, 14 in. and 25 in.; 150 hydrants; 3,000 services, gal v. iron 
pipe. Pressure: ordinary, 90 lbs.; fire, 174 lbs. Financial: annual cost 
of maintenance, $10,000; net revenue, $ti8,000. Rates: flat rate, $12 to 
$22 per dwelling; meter, I6c to 40c per 1,000 gal.; all subject to dis- 
counts of 20 per cent, to 30 per cent. Officer in charge: J. W. B. 
man, City and Water-works ]':ngineer. 

PENTICTON. Proposed municipal installation. Supply: by gravity from 
Penticton and Ellis creeks. Distribution: 10 miles of C. I. mains, 4 in. 
to 10 in. ; 52 hydrants; 179 services. Financial: estimated cost of plant, 
$95,005. OfTicer in charge: F. H. Latimer, Town Engineer. 

PRINCE RUPERT, (4,000). In operation since 1911 ; owned by municipality. 
Supply: partly from a mountain reservoir, and partly pumped from 
a reservoir in city; steam power used. City will shortly be supplied 
from lake Woodworth, 7 miles distant. Reservoirs: mountain 
reservoir, 500,000 gal. capacity; city reservoir, 8,000,000 gal. 
capacity. Distribution: Hi miles of wooden and galv. iion mains, 
2 ill. to 12 in.; 31 hydrants; 672 services, galv. iron pipe. Pres- 
sure: 150 lbs. Consuirt ion: 250,000 gal. Financial: annual revenue, 
$10,000. Rates: flat auu meter rates; flat rale, $6 and upward per & ell- 
ing; bath-room, $6; meter rate, up to 64c per 1000 gal. Officer in 
charge: W. M. Davis, City Engineer. 

REVELSTOKE, (4,000). In operation since 1890; owned by municipality. 
Supply: by gravity from spriuirs, 5i miles distant. Reservoirs: two of 
75,000 gal. capacity each. Distribution: 5 miles of wooden and iron 
mains. 4 in. to 12 in.; 42 hydrant.s; 520 services, i in. galv. iron pipe. 
Pressure: 108 lbs. Consumption: 450,000 gal. Financial: cost jf sup- 
ply plant, $40,000; cost of distribution system, $80,000; annual main- 




teiiiiuco, i^2.()()U; rewmie. >ii7,i;j7. Rates: fliU nttp, *!> per dw.'llinu'; 
hath-rouiu, .S3. (Mcer in charKe: J. li. Scott. Suporinl.'micnt, 

ROSSLAND, (4,000). In operation since ISOO; owned by 'niinicipality. 
Supply: by gravity from spring's, 7 niile.s ili.-.;taiit. Reservoirs: tliree; 
one of ;},000,000 gal. and two of 200,000 «ai. capacity ea. !i Distribu- 
tion: miles of stcci.C. I., and wooden mains, 4 in. to 14 in.; ;}() hydrant. s; 
SOO .services, i in. to 1 in. galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: ^0 tn 21.") lbs. 
Financial: total cost of plant, $06,922; annual maintpnaiue, >;;{,.T{4; 
revenue, $14,900. Rates: flat rate, .$24 per dwelling; batli-rootn, .$12; 
meter rate. 45c. to 7.5c. per 1,000 gal. Officer in cliarge: J. A. .McLcod! 

SANDON, (400). In operation since 1890; owned by Sandon Water- Works 
and Light Co. Supply: by gravity from mountain streams. 1 mile 
distant. Reservoirs: three, ;{0.000 gal., 40,000 gal., and 1)0.000 gal. 
capacity. Distribution: li mile of steel mains, 4 in. to 14 in.; ^12 
hydrants; 50 .services. Pressure: l.iS to 178 lbs. Consumption: 300,000 
gal. Financial: cost of supply plant, .$30,000; cost of distribution 
system, .$20,000; annual maintenance, $500: revenue from consumers. 
$1,200; from public uses, $600. Rates: flat rate, $18 per dwelling. 
Officer in charge: J. .M. Harris. 

TRAIL, (1,700). Owned by municipality. Supply: by gravity from .-^jjrings 
and creeks. Reservoir: one of 100,000 gal. capacity. Distribution: 4 
miles of wooden and iron mains, 2 in. to (i in.; 15 hydrants; 220 services. 
i in. galvanized iron pipe. Pressure: 103 lbs. Financial: total cost of 
plant, $15,000; annual maintenance, $800; revenue. .$5,417. Rates: 
flat rate, $18 per dwelling; $12 for bath-room. Officer in charge: H. 

VANCOIP'ER, (125,000).* In operatiim since 1889; owned by municipality. 
Supply: by gravity from Capilano ^'er ai I Seymour creek, both io 
miles distant. Reservoirs: two, 1 ;00,000 gal. and 25,000.000 -al. 
capacity. Distribution: 240 miles of wooden, C. I., and steel mains, 4 ii.. 
to 30 in.; 1,100 hydrants; 21,200 services. Ii-ad and galvanized iron [lipes. 
Pressure: ordinary, 100 lbs.; fire, 100 to 190 lbs. Consumption: 
17,000,000 gal. Financial: total cost of plant, .$3,000,000; annual main- 
tenance, $45,000; revenue from consumers, .$400,000. Rates: flat rate. 
$12 per dwelling; meter, 11.2c. to 25.tjc. per 1000 gal. Olficer in charge; 
F. L. Fellows, Supervising City Engineer. 

* This figure includes a population of 2,5,00(J in iidjawnt niuniiipiilities al.<o served 
from thia system. 



VERNON (;}()tX)). IiK.periition since 1899; owned by municipality. Supply: 
by gravity fn.m U.X. .reek. Reservoirs: three. lti,0<K),OUO «al., 5,(KM),()()() 
uul an.l 50(),(MM) .1. .apacit v. Distribution: 10 miles of C. 1., steel, and 
wooden mains, 4 m. to 12 in. ; 40 hydrants; 5.50 services, i m. galvanized 
iron pipe Pressure: 125 ll)s. Financial: totaUost of plant, «lf>l,<41; 
imnuttl maintenance. $5,(KM); interest, $7,915; revenue from consumers, 
*9,;i()(). Rates: Hat rate. $12 to $15 per dwellmn; bath-room. ^.5. 
Officer in charge: (i. T. Fox. Town Engineer. 

VICTORIA (r>()000). In operation since 1874; owned by municipality. 
Supply: bv gravitN from Elk and Beaver lakes, 5 miles distant, and 
pumped t<; reservoir; pumps in duplicate. Reservoirs: of lf.,()00,000 
gal capacity, and one stand-pipe of 21M),0(K) gal. FUter: sand filter. 
Distribution: 135 miles of C. I. and steel mains; 400 hydrants; 7,18b 
services lead pipe. Pressure: 4(iibs. to801bs. Consumption: 4,000,000 
gal Financial: total <ost of plant, $1,765,447; annual mamtenance, 
$73 750- revenue from consumers, $l73,54ti; from public uses, $19,102. 
Rates: 'all meter rate, 12lc. to 20c. per 1,000 gal. New system under 
,.„nstruction at an estin.ated cost of $2,000,000. Water to be supplie.l 
fn.m Sooke lake. Officer in charge: C. H. Rust, City Engmesr. 











o & 


« w I 

= 5 - 


M O 






* 5 
« it 


3 g- 

































t'f /. 



2- * ^ 






2 "^ "' " K? I "' 

I I I - ^ -^ 

£ = I = n « - H 2J 

•r «i -" I- ff. I I f« ul 

I r» « -. -r 

fi I — t, — I fS 

I " I 

— f ! •! — « 


?5 I 

! r. I- — A -A ' T T t- 

-1* ri I ^ I- -r 

r I c"- — ? I I - 

■ J4 • 

i5 i? i.' O" C ^ x' < K 





i 2 

^ - 1 "" ■" 1 1 1 1 

! i 

-- 1 ^o 1 1 1 1 


1 •" 

- - 1 « '" : 1 1 1 


-- 1 1 " 1 1 1 1 



-- I M ! M 

i i 


= i « 

.2 .H ~ 3 = ^ S = 'C 


;i^i '1 -jpsw««i:'^*^-fe»} 









o s 

£ ° 



- z s 



< 5, 









._N0liWa3d0_NI SlNVId JO MlawnN 




taijm: III 

OF a,000 ARD OVER 

Citv or Ttmii 

Nova Scotia : 

Dnrtninutli . 

ftliioi' Buy 




New (ila-Kiiw 


Pirtou . 




Sydney Mincn 


Wostville ... 


Varnioiith . , . 


I l)»ily 




in Kul. 


10, ;«•.'(> 

Pr. Edward Is. 


New Bninswick : | 

Camp'.jcllton 5,(KX) 

Chatham 5,()()0 

Fri'dcricton 7,2(W 

Moiieton ] I3,00() 

Nowpastlc ' 3,500i 

St. John I 48,000J 

St. Htrpli, n 3,00(); 

\\ ood-itdck a.S.'if)' 


17,IXKt| H9 
40 UK)' 217 




ll'.'KK): 39 

:».'.«): 20 





1 1)1 
• '7 






H to l.'. 

5 to l.'i 

3 to 3(1 


■5 tos. . 
Ill to .')() 


. ;«) 


I li»t ((HT yi'ar) 

IVr Dwi'lhns |)it 

(Dollar.! IJoth- 

I Dollar-) 

iS and upward 14 

ft rt 

.Vsw.* . Ixi-i.t, 4 and ; 
upward i 

«itol3 I 

.V-si'sn. ba.'i^', 20c. per 

f> ! 10 

S 3 

K for lir^t tap ! H 

.5 ami upward 
."i for lir>t tap 4 

« for first tap i ft 

fi per tap j 

5 and upward j 3 

.5 for first tap j B .'iO 

6 [«'r tap 5 
(> |»'r tap 4 
(1 .50 

4 and upward 
7 .'A) to 20 

4S I S for first tup 

SO I 5 for fir.-^t tap 

74 [10 to 25 . a for first tap 

154 L..10 10 to 17 

29 \ : 8 for first tap 

20.S I.... 10 ,3 

1^S j 7 

83 I ... 2.5 6 and upwanl 

•lucluilei baih and wnUr-clnM-t. 

t"AiMc«. h.^is" means that the Hat rat<- is baso.l on aaaeaament. 



H per family > 

6 ' S 






TAMLK IV. —Continued 


^ " 




Klat {|xryc 






Citv or Town 




I'.T Dwcllir.K 







in Kul. 




Quebec : 




....;«) .. 

$0 to 20 


IJcaiiliariiois . 



Uused on no. of taps 




.\s.s(..s. basis 

Cap St. Innacc 

4, INK) 

.\ l)a.sis 


.'■),. 5(H) 





(1 to 15 



7. 50 

raniliam . 



('» to S 





7 to 20 



1.5 to IS 

to 10 

Orniul' M(Vc 


S |HT tup 





.\sHess. basis, \ of 1 ',' 
and upward 




.\.s.sos.s. l)a.sis 




I'roni 5 up 
Hu-st'd on rental 



11), (K») 


.5 to 1.5 


^.TKH) l)a.sis 




6 . 50 and upward 







7, (MX) 


HaHod on rental 






.Assess, basis, ',\ and 




15 to .{() 

7 anil ,S 



•2 . .KX) 

jier tap 


MoiiiMiMKiiy . 



.\ss<'ss. basis 




l^J . 

Hased on rental 







.\ss<'ss. basis 



(i and upwards 
Ma.seil on ri'iilal 





Liirioiloii . . . 


•J, 17:) 






(1 lip 




Hock Island 

7.. 50 

St( . .Vcatlii' lies 




Sti'..\iiiu'il(' i{<>aii|>ri'' 

.-) ,50 

:f 50 

*lricl\iii('f* hiitli (imi \v(itrr-«'i<)Met. 

tThi,-* inclu'les only the .Mnnireiil municipal system. 

JThi.s inclu'les only the Mnntn-Hl Water and Power Co'a syste 

l<)4 I 

TABLK ni.—Contin'ied 

Quebec {('im.) 

St. lOii^tiichc 
St. I ry.'iciiit lu- 

st. J(;r6mc 4 , MM.V 

St. John li.KHl 

St. Joseph do Sorcl. J.-iOO 

St. LiimlxTt . 2,().5it 

St. I^uiroiit 2..'MKt 

Shawinigaii lull- l.iUKi 

Sherbrodkc . Id, UK) 

Sorcl l(),(HHi 

Tem'bonnc 2,(HH( 

Thctford Mines . 7, (XX) 

Thrpc RiviTs ; II, (XX) 

Viillcytii'ld 10, (XH) 

Verdun 12, (KM) 

Wir.d.sor Mills 2, Mm 

■J.KHI 2(1 
ll.()')7 111 

Ontario : 

.\niherstburf; . 


Belleville . . 


Brani|)ton . 
Brant ford . . 
Broekville . 
• liathanit . 





Deseronto . 

2, -KM) 

2 , rm) 

7, (XX) 


;i , 2(K) 





















I'hit i|)iT yearl 




I'lr Dwellini; |),t 

(Dollars) liaih- 


.20 to 30 


. .{ to; 




tilo IS 


• Ml) 20 N, 


10 to 2." 

#0 and upward 
• i and upward mi 

asse^^. basi» 
Assess, basis 
U and upward 
(i [XT tap 
s .")0 and upward 
Based on ri'iit^d 

.". to 

j 6 and upward 
.s to 10 

.\ssess. basis 
.■\ biisis 
Based on rental 
(i for kitchen tup 


I'lat rate 

4 and upward 

4 for first tap 

5 and upward 
4 for tap 

I) and upward 


I .">() to .'. 

'.i (is anil iifmard 

o ."X) 

lo and upward 


)i for lirst lap 
.■) per tap 


4 ■>() 

t> 2.") 

:! lis 

li .10 
It oO 

•Includes tiatti ami wjiter-rloset. 
tWattir aupplie^l on the meter rate only. 

TABLE ni. -Continued 

W i. 

f'ity or Town 


sum lo- 
in gal. 

Ontario (Con.): 

Dundas 4,297! 

Dunnville 3,000 

Fort William 19,000 

Gait 9,800 

Gananoqui't 3,S0O 

GoUorich 5,000 

Gravenhurst. ., . , . .' 2,0001 

Guelp'^ 15,000] 

Hail, youry 5,000! 

Hamilton S5,000l 

Hanover 2,523' 

Hawkesibury 4,294 

Huntsvillr 2,307 

Ingersoll j 4,600 

Kenora . | 6,500 

Kincardint'. . 
Kingston. . . . 



Mcaf ord 



Mount Forest 


New Liskeiird . 
Newmarket . . 
Niagara Fulls . 

North Hay 

North Toronto 


Oakville ! 2,400 

Orange\ille | 2,500 

OriUia | 7,(100 

Oshawa ) 7,;i(M) 

Ottawa I 90. ■-';«) 














Flat (per year) 





.10 to 25 

Pit Dwelling 


. . . 32 to 40 

.8 to 20. 


room * 


10 to 25. . 

. . . 10. .. . 

.9. etc 40. 

. 10 to 30 . 

. 12.8to24. 

$6 to 8 

6.25 for first tap 
8 to 14 
3 75 and upward 



Uu.--ed on no. of rooms 
I 6 and upward 
[ 4 and upward 

! 6 and ' rd 
j 6.50 p^ .up 

5 and upward 

Based on size of dwell- 

I ing 
I 5 to 6 
I basis 
I 5 
i 6 
5 for first tap 

5 and upward 
Flat rate 

6 for first tap 


5 . 75 and upward 

6 and upward 

.20 6 for first tap 

.6 to 12... . 4 

. 6 to 8 7 and upward 

(i and upward 

'■ 3 for first tap 

5 antl up" \rd 

■ fi 

Ki 6 per tap 

. 6 to 8 Assess, basis 

•Inrludi'S bath and wntcr-rloBet. 
t'V\ater supplied on tlie mrter rate only. 

S3. 12 

6 to 10 

4 ?0 












.75 pcf 





City or Town 


Ontario (Con.): 

Owen Sound 12,09(i 

Palmerston | 2,000 

Paris • 4^00(1 

Parry Sound . 4,(UKl 

Pembrofco . fi,(HHl 

Penetaniniis'.enr 3,500 

Perth ! 3,30(1 

Petcrboroiigh 19,300 

Petrolia... 4,000 

P'cton 4,(H)(i 

Port Arthur IG,(X)0 

Port Hope 5,000 

Prescott 3,000 

Preston ,5, 301 

Rainy River 2,000 

Renfrew sjqo 

St. Catharines . 13,500 

St. Thomas 15, -l."):;' 

Sandwich 2,10<ii 

Sarnia !>,.SI(|i 

Sault Sto .Muric ll.OOO; 

Seaforth ■>.> ,," 

Simcoe 3 ■;. 

Smiths FaM^^ t),.5oo 

Steelton 3,054 

Stratford 14,77!i; 

Strathroy 3,1001 

Sudbury 4, mm] 

Thorold. 2,3(Ki 

Tillsonburg 3,0(Hi 

Toronto 125, (MMi 

Trenton 5,000 

Walkerton 3,075 

Walkervillo 5,000 

Waterloo 4,,soo 

Welland 4,5(K) 

^Vhitby 2,7(X) 

Wiarton 2, .500 

•Includes bath ami nuter-closet. 


E III.— Contir 


: Dailv 


! Capita 


Flat (per yrar) 







j Per Dwelling 






j in Kal. 




> .50 


$3 33 yier family 



5 for first * 



Flat rate 


4Jto7 . 

3 .50 up 


10 to 30. . 




15 to 50 .. 

5 and upward 

i 1 and 
: upward 


. . . ,s 

-Assess. I)a.sis 


13J to40 

HaK'd on no. of room- 



\lso inctor rati 

• r> 

, ft 


12 stolO 2 



U 2tol6 

and up 


10 to 25. . 

5 and 6 per tap 



6to35 2 .. 

5.40 per tap 





— - 

. . ..Sto45. . . 

and upward 



Ha,sed on no. of rooms 
3 .50 to 6 



4 Sto 19.2.. 


.Sto 16. . . . 

3 ,50 and upward 

3 50 





3 and upward 



s(o24 . 

5 and upward 



5 to 30 


Sto 24. 

t> and upward 

t 1 


5 ancl upwa-d 



s and up 


9 li to 07 

5 to 12 




1 per tap 

t) .50 

150 ! 

. .titos. . . 

10.60 and upw.ird 

5 32 


4 Sto 10.2. 

4 to 6 


42 Hoth nut and n. 

■tor rates 


fij to 15 , 

IJased on no. of room^ 

2 .50 

50 ! 

fi 4to 10 

1 to 5 


Based on no. of ronm^ 



...6toS . 

4 SO 

1 60 



3 75 for first tap 



Iia,sed on no. of rouin- 

5 for first tap 






TABLi; 111. CnnlinnnI 

I il V (ir Town 

Ontario (( 'mi.): 

\\ 0(Ml:*torU 

Manitoba : 

Portiipc l;i I'lMirict 
Sjiiiit liiinilacct 



lal iiMi 

Saskatchewan : 
iTiiliiin Head 

Moose Jawt 

Norlli Hilt tiff on It 
I'riiicc ■ MxTt . 








in );:il. 


111,112 :U() 

J. nio '.'■• 
!(, IJO i.v.t 




2. (Hill 

17."i. (1(1(1 


10, (HH) 



Alberta : 



Kdniontoii, noitli . . 
Edmonton. >oiitli . . 


Medioiiu' H:it 
Rod Dotr 



British Columbia : 

Grand I'orks 



40, (hH) 


L' , 5(H) 
























(1 4to;i2 

. KUo to 

.H7} to 45 

40 I o 50 

1(1 to 10 

40 to 5(1 


. ti io25 

10 to 4N 

40 to 120 

. . . .SO. . 

I'lat (|ht vein 

INm- Dtti-llini; 

I'lat rate 





I Dollars) 

$1 50 

Of) to 40 
i ,, 10to40. .. 
Motor rato als 

Motor rate ii?od 

Mil (11 no. ol room 
(i : nd iiimard 

12 tolW 

1(1 to 21 

HaM'd on no. of rooms 

5 and upward 
18 per tap 
.S and upward 
S and upward 
12 for first tap 
20 for first tap 
12 and upward 
() .50 

; Hat rato 

♦Incluiies bat)i an«i water-closet. 
tWater supplied on the meter rate only. 

11 to MO 


1 por tap 
Flat rate 


tabu; III. r,mlmm.l 

< 'iipita 



< ity or 





ill Hill. 

British Columbia 


Michel I l.tHHl li 

Ni'Ihoii ! 7,(HMI 

New WcstiiiinsliT ir),(HH) 
I'rinrr liii|HTt . . I,(KKI ^\^^ 

Hi'Vi'lstokc I 4, (MM) 112 

Hi)-i.«lari(l I 4,(KMI - - 

Vancouver ilL»,i,(KMI i:«l 

Vernon i ;},(MMI - 

VietoriaJ I 5(),(KKI so 

•Incliiden h.-ith and wat<'r-rlns*'t. 
t.Subjeit to iii?eoiints of •'•V, In 30% 
JUntir supplii'd on meltr rair imly. 






l'l;it (|" '■ M:in 

I',- Dwillini. 





I Dollar) 










jr. i; 

SIX for lirsl (aii 

12 to IS 

12 to 22t 

l> and iipwanl 







12 to l.'i 



|i l! 




SKWMii. |)i*ro«M.(iF TMKCANAniAX SOCIETY OF CiviL Engixeers, IflU and 191 2 

(■il\ III- 'I'lnM! 

I\iiid >ii 






or Not 

Nova Scotia : 


£ 'nii)l>itii-ii 

I. a I'lanehe river 




Aniiapoli-* river 


Hi-iil'^rw.iti 1-, 

Si |iar:ile 

I.iiliave river 

I^Mrintoin h. - . 

( 'oiiiliiiied 

Halifax liarlioiir 

('.lace Ii:i> 


Halifax harlxiiir 


Kenivilh .. 

Cornwallis river 

I ivcrpoi'l.. 


Mersey river 


MiiMlftcii . 


Annapolis river 


Si( Ih^rtoii 


F.ast river 

" ' 


Sep. and 

Sydney liarli"ii7 


Sydney Min. - 





S;ilTii()n fi"'' r 


Coiiiliha d 

Aviin river 





Pr. Edward Is : 

Cluulolt'. ti\M. 

S, parate 

HillsUoronph rivi i 




Hedeque liay 


New Brunswick : 

Cainpl. liloi 

Milltdwn. , , 
St . .XiidriN^ - 
St. .lohti.. 
St. Stepluil. 
Sackville. . 
\Vo(id-^liiek . 

Separate Chalciir buy 




Miraiuiehi rivi r 
St. .Idlin river 
St. Croix river 
Petitcodiac rivi r 
Miraniichi ■■iver 
Hay of l'"iind\' 
St. Croix river 
Tanlrainar river 
St .lohn river 

• The 30wcr:ige sv3t.;tn3 a-e chi. Jlie.l into , wo kinds, " oombme.!" where the sewer, crry both domestic 
K^-^i.: =>tr*t drsinsKr :ir.r! sinrni wM^i in Ih" -.m- pipe. «nd " ^p:in*»" where thev c.rry domestic sew- 
age only. , ^^^ , 


TAlU.i; 1\. (■ //,,(,,/ 

<'it\ or T<)«ii 

Ki.i.l ..f 




i rciiu'.l 

S\ *((■(!) 

.li-(li:iii;i il 

-r N.M 


Quebec : 

Al 'OMVulf. . 


Moo-o- river 





Nicolef ii\er 




Small ?lreaiu 


Hiciivillc. . 

St. I-awrence river 

IlKick Lake. 

('oiiil.iri( (1 

riietforil rivi r 



l.idvre river 

< liicoiiiiiiii 


Saytietuiy riv( r 


Coatieook river 

( iioksliirt'. 


l".atoii rivir 



Lake St. I.oiii> 

!n; '.d 


St. l-'raiieis rivi r 

ir. .n.MJ 

1 aniliam.. 


Vai.ia.-ka riv. r 

Irascrvillc. . . 

liolh sip. 

Uiviin -dii-l.oi.p am 


anil eonii>. 

St. Ijiwniiee livi 




Vanui>ka river 


( Iraiul 'Mire. 


St. Maurice river 


i 'oiiiMnt (1 

( )ttawa river and iin 
wery ereek 



Chateauguay rivir 



Richelieu riv. r 


l.'.\.-iSoniplion rivir 


St. Ijiwreiice river 

l.ako Mcgantic. . . 

rliaudiere river. 


St. Lawrence river. 

1. annul ides.. . 


Acbigaii river 



St. I^wrence river 

U'llMOXVillc. , 


St. rrancisand Masa 
wippi rivers 



St. Lawrence river 



St. Ijiwrcnce river 

I.oiiisfvillc . 

. 1 




MaKO.; river 



St. I.awn nee river 

Maiicvillc . . . 

1 I < mliiiieil 

' Stream 

111 :'.t( d 

Mommorcniy.. . 

St. Lawrence river 



Si . Uiwrence and di 


li.'.Mi iMiIy pMrli.illy 

i),,!y p:ui "i I'.uti 

1 cun-lru.-li" 
iil,\ liidf ci 

-lUi Ti d 


t >iiiy part oi eily 
^t wri d 

III (■.ii,~'riii-iii'ii;in -a' - 
111' 111 pniposi d 

ricpo-ed pill itiea; ii'ii 

I'rairies river- 

I lull 

TABLE IV. Continued 

Citv or Tkwm 

Kind of 




or Nol 


Quebec (('«//(,); 

Moiitnal Wist. 


< liiiri'Miiini 
l'oi:ilc-uu\-'l n iirlili' 
l'i)'mlr ('lain'.. . 

Coiiiliiii il -I I'iirrf' river Iriiili'd Septic I iiiik 

.Micolct river Nol 

Molltl'eul sewers " 

St. l.iiwreiice river ! " 




Si,. .\liMe lie Helle 
Vile. . 

Si. Ilviifiiithe.. 

.S(. .li'Toine 

St. Joliiis.. . 

St. ,lo!«'|ili lieaiiec 

Si. Lamtxrl 

St. Hayiiiond 
Scot St own. . 
Sliawini^aii I all.- 
Slierlirooke. . . 


'I'helfonl Mine-.. 
Tliree liivel-.. 
Vallev field... 



Weslinoiiiil.. . 
Wiiid-or Mills. 

S'ptirulf , Lake .St , l.i 

Treateil In eim.slrtietioii, liypo- 
eldorileof lime 
Condiined St. Ijiwreiiee and St .1 Not 


diaries rivers 

Tril>ularies of St. 

Fraucis river 
Hi«a\iil river 
Si. Lawrence river 

Coinliined YaiiHiska river 

SiparaK .North river 

Coiidiiiied Rielielieii river 

Separate Cliaudifiie river 

S paiate St. Ijiwreiice river 

Sie..\nne river 
.Si parale .Salmon river 
I oinliini cl St. Maiiriee river 
" .St. I'ranc'is anil Mn 

j K"'-! rivers 
Si. Lawrence and 
Uichelieil rivers 
.li'siis river 
Thetford river 
St. Uiwrence river 
" St. Ijiwience river 

.Meoli I river 
Srparali Coalii'uok river 
Coniliineil Montreal sewers 
.Sparale St. I'raneis river 

I rented 

Town only partially 
sew. red 

In construclion only ; 
sewage to l)e (real - 

I'roposed "combined" 

In construction onlv 

If.ati d 


TVHl.i: IV. Conlinir.1 

City or Town 

Ontario : 


Han ic . 




lii iilpburg. 
Hrockville. . 


Col. alt,. 

C<ili<iur(.'.. . . 
Colliiifiw I 



I iivt rraiicr-.. 

|-orl William 


i lanaiio'jiif. . . 

l\iM<l ol 


t iiinliliii'd I iciroit rivi r 

Mailaua-ka rivrr 
S paratc l.aki' SiiiH-tM- 

< oiiiliiiird ! Miiira rivrr 

.S paraii' 

Ijoliiiuki a I i\< 
I iiaiiil rivi r 

I rrali'il 
or Not 

'rial.. I 



( 'oinliiii.'d 

St. I.awr.iii'.' riv.r 

'Ihaiii. .- riv.r I r.ali'.i lliroiiuli ^'p- 
li.' lank 
Nol ! Cjiy only parlially 
' r. all. I i .s.-vvcpmI 
In aid' ' Si'piic lank ami san.l 
! Si piic lank 
.\..| I I 
Trial. il Sptii- lank 



j inaliil ! 

, ! " ' l.akr Oniario " | 

Coinliini'.l Nollaua>ai;a liay lir.ili.l .>plir lank; only 

pari of io»n -i\Mr 
.Vol .1 

1 11 all 'i 

Vol I own only partially 

trrali.l *i-wt ii'.l 


III all il 

.S'paral.' } Sa.^ananiui- riv.r 

•' .>t . I.awrfiif. I iv.-r 

liolli M p. liay .if (^niiili' 
anil i-oinli. 

Srparair I liainl riv.r 

I oinl'iiii'.l liaiiiN I'iviT 

< lilrl|ili.. . 


" Kainini.-likwia anil 

Nrrliint; rivirs 
.^rparalr (iianil rivrr I m .--ipliriank 

Si . I.awiTiirr rivir Noi 

I oniliinril l.ak.- I liiron 

Spaiair Spiiil rivrr IMaHil Siiiliiii; lank ainl lil- 

i.aki '1*1 nii-kaniini: ."^.[itir lank.-^ 

Coniliimil \lioui iwi--iImiiI~ ol 

ill.- ^l■wal;.■ i- 
triali il li> ill. iiMial 
prt'i'ipilal ion an.i 
.■irpiic laiil. . 

I lo;! I 


TADI.K lV.-Conl.«««y 

Kind of 


City or Town 






■ li.'cbarKed 

or Not 


Ocurio (Von.): 

1 j 

1 i 



\Jkkf of the Woods 



St. Ijtwrence river 



(iiniliiiii <l 

Ijike Krie 

i No- 

1 Town partially ww- 



.SeuRog river 



IV>lh «|i 
and com!) 

rhaniea river 


Draini'd through coke 


Sparaie 'ieorKian bay 






Nu|>ane<> river 


Kiltration U-di 

New IJskcard. . 



S<-dimcntution taiika 

NiuKara Kails. . . . 

Condiined Niagara river 


North Hay. 

Se|)ar:ile Lake XipiHuing 


Septic tanka 

North Toronto*. . . 


Settling iMinin and 
fdter bids 


Ijike Siinroe 


Treated in liquefy- 
ing tanks. 

Osliawa. ... 

Small stream 


Tanks for treatment 


ireated 1 proposed 



<Mtawn river 


Small portion treated 
in septic tanka 

Owen Sound 

Sydenham river and 
(leornian bay 





PrO|X)9ed septic tank 

I'arry Sound 

Seguin river 


Town only partially 



Ottawa river 




Tiiy river 




Otoiittlx'e river 

Small part treated by 
H(>dimentation tank 



H<'ar ereek 


Town only partially 

Port .\rthur. 

Hoth wp 
and comb. 

Ijike SuiKiior 





St. Ijiwrence river 





Septic tanks and fil- 


ter beds 

Rainy River 


Hainy river 


Sedimentation tanks 



Honnechire river 


St. Catharine';.. . 


Stream to lake 


St . Thomas 


Kettle creek 


Septic tanks 

•\o» iiurl of lity of 




T AHLK IV. C-ntinunl 

KukI u( 


City or Town 





di'<i littr;e<J 

or Not 

Ontario (('«".). • 



l)< Iroit rivir 

'< tn-dted 


■■•1. ( Itiir river 


Suiilt Sic. Miirir 


St. Miiry river 


Sniitli8 rull» 

( oniliiiicil 

ItiiteitU river. 



St. .Mury river 

Mrutford.. . . 


Sturgeon lulls . 

.S (111 rut f 

Sturceon river 



.liinetion uiul Nolan 



Thcoutlon rive r 

Tliorold . 

lioth M'p. 
anil c-onib. 

Old Wcllund cunal 


Tilbury. . . . 


Toronto.. . . 


Toronto liay und lake 






W indt-or.. 
Wood .stock. 

Manitoba : 





Portage la I'riiii 
St. Bonil'ac •. . . . 

Town only partially 
.•*Wi r« d 

reated Septic tan k» anil coke 

Town only {>ailml!y 
I '1 hree-quartert of 
total Sow treated 
with hypoclilorite 
and in Hpdiinenla- 
lion tunk^ 

" I Sau(5!'en river 

" j Detroit river. 

Se|jarate j 

Combined; Welland river 


" Detroit river 

Both Sep. j 

and comb. I 


Combined , .X.ssiniJKiine river 

" I Hoyne river 

Separat<> 1 


Combined \ \'alley river 

Separate i .\ssiniboine river 
I Combined 1 Red river 

Treated .Septic tank and filter 

Treated S-ptic tanks and filter 
i beds 


. Ditiposal works in con- 
" I Town only partly 

' -I 

T.\Hl,i: IV. -r.m<«Hiift/ 

(in "r Town 

Manitoba C 'on 

>oiiriH.. . 
W lniii|n K.. 

Saskatchewan : 

i ii iiijiik'. 

IllillUM Ilrllil 

Miiplr Crt't'k . 

.Vt""^<' .Jiiw. 

Nn li HiilllilDrd 

I'riiM'c AlUrl . . . 



Swifl Ciiriciii 
Wcvliiirri.. . 


Alberta : 


( 'aniro^*'.. 
|-i(lltintit<)l).- . . 



Mciiiciiic Hal 

Kiii.l •>( 


' ( 'iin>l)ini'il 


( iiiiiliiiii (I 

( <iiiil)inril 

W luT.' 


I'miiIi il 

iir NKl 


It'll riviT Not ' I'urifiratioii UiiiK 

trraliil I'oiiHiilrriil 
'Iriaiiil iS'piic tuiikiiaiij Klli r 
Iti'il anil AKxIiiilx)!)!! N<il 
iiv(r.< Iriuliil 

Slriil liraiiiaiic mily 
TrPBlfd ! lillir lieil-" ami .-tplic 
! Iiiiik * 

- ! Siwlilarl «y.iU-iii 
! Stmlilart »y.«tiiii; 

Ulld-r > ii|i«lrilr|iipri. 

Mtlliirt critk 
.Miiu?«' Jaw tri'ik 

Niirlli Sa^<kaI(■ll(■wa^l 

S'(i,ii.i Illation tanks 

ami !ilii>li;<' Imli 
Septic tank ircut- 
(oMil ihi li I " Scpiii', Hill i inrn I a- 

tii>n, anil ilisiiifri- 
tion latiks, ami |i< r- 
I'lilatini; lillri- 
S paralr Siiiilli Sa~kalc liiwan Niil SfWU){(Mlis(io.sal workH 

Siiiiris river 

( oinl>lm il Hciw rivir 

S paratc i Slaiilry in rk 

( ijiiiliiniil I North Sa>kairlii«ii 

j riviT 
S.-parilti- : Hi-lly riMf 

CiiMjIiini'il I Oliliiian rivir 

Scparutr .>oiilli Sa-kalrliiuaii 
J rivir 


i I ,iiicl 

I n atiil 


iimlir I'onHlrnitiiin 
Slmlilarl sy>trlii 
Si'ilinicMtal inn tanks 

anil >liuli;i' UiN 
I'illir UmU ami suli- 

niiiiialii'ii tanks 

I li>pos:i| lank 

I'arl <•( M\\aj;r tnat- 

I il in si'plir lank 
S4>ilitiirntation tanks 

aial rapiil spriiikl- 

iiiK tiltris 
I'ropiiscil l|i«|.(is;i| 


S'ttay piiriliraliiin 
plant nmlir lon- 
.-iili laliiMi 

1 liW| 

TAUI.KIN. r,»,iu,,r,i 


Kiiiil or 

1 .S'Willlr 



In nil 1 



S* -iiiii 

<ll-rlllllL'> A 

.1 .Vol 

Alberta iCim.) : 

Hr.l llxr . 

\\| lioklwlii 

British Columbia : 

I rt'llic 

Kt limiia . 


< iiiiiliitii il Id il hi I r riviT 

S pariilr ^ rriiiiliuii riMr 
( iillllillMil Hlll«lillir rn rk 

S'|Kinili' KIk livi r 

I liiiiii|i-iiii livir 

tlvsK r li:iilKiiir 

Nttimimo. . ■' Hurlioiir 

Ni'lsDii. I 'diiiIiIiii'iI I KiHiiiiia> mm r 

\tw \\( -liniii-ii r ltiilhsi'|>. I'ruiir livir 

;lllll ciilllli 

Niirlli Vaiuiiuvrr. Scpuialr lliii iiuil jiilil 

rriiiri' |{ii|M rl 
\ aiHiimi r 

\i iiinri . 

\ hli.iia. 

.Spalali- racilii- 

( 'oinliiiird ( 'iil'.iMiliia I i\i-r 

Trail link 

H..ili~i|.. I'aiilir 
aliil ciiliili. 

i I'arifu' 

Not .S v^mci' I'untiiaf loll 
iri'att'd plaiil iimlri riai-'iil- 


i n all il III i'iiii>trilrtiiiii iiiil\ ; 
pri>|Mii« ■ iri'iiliiii'lil 
l'ri»lMi«.i if s«'Wai£i' ili^- 
pii^al work-" 

Tnairil Spur tank* 
Si piii- lank". 
Iiiiliiil) Milk: iiiiili r 



III riili^lriullotl 

< iiy iiiilv purliully 

:.1U| rill 

I'll all il Splir lank 

Niil riiiiiliii-iil>li' pari I~ 
liiutcil iiiriiHTiitril ami 

iriiiaiiiili r li'uiil 

mil |<> Ha 

I M' I 



.'>, Hii.lKclDwn, \.S. •• H,.s<rviMr of -'J,(MK),(KH) pil. ' Tlitx' fi^Mins r.ot .IciM' 
11, \iiriiiomli, .VS., "Hut rate lro;ii«7..")() I oSJd" should ri'iiil$7..")() to $25.00. 
19, Cliuinhly Hll^ill, (Jue., • rrcssiirc: ordiiiiirv, M) llis." slioulil rc:i,l 40 lbs. 

.'«) services" should rend 50 services. 
Hat nitc Jti lo $H" should read $>\ to $13. 
" revenue IJ'.>,.'>IH) " should read $1^5,000. 
'*>«"'T^ ■ ■ A. \V.<iirard A, W.Giard. 

uiains, 1 in. to (1 in." should read I i:i. to 8 in. 
• Hat rate, Sti to *12 " should read $8 plus 24c. on every $100 assess- 

21, Ivtstinuii, (^ue., 
21, I'aridiaiu, (Jue., 
21, l'ra.-.erville. Que. 
24, I»'il'atrie,Qui>.,' 
24, I.a|irairie, Que., 
Ml, St. Jerome, Que., 

39, Windsor Mills, (Jue., "springs, > mile <iistaiit " should read 31 miles disianl 

40, Arnprior, Out., "mains, 4 in. to 12 in." should read 4 in. to lO'in. 

41, Aylnar, Out., •meter rate, .'jc. to 'MW." should nail .'ic. to 30c. 
4.3, Hothwell, ( >nl .. " Reservoir: one of l."..(KK) pal." should read 100,000 gal. 
4.5, t'hatham. Out., ".s<rvices, 1] in." should read J in, 

49, Calt, Out .. power used, .'u li.p. to 1(H) h.p." should read 75 h.p. to IIH) h p 
49, C.alt.Ont., " Kesirvoir: one, 114,(H)0 pal." should read 234,000 gal. 
•}2, IrO(|Uoi.s, Out., "20 hydrants" .should read 22 hydrants. 
57, Napanee, Out., flat rate issul'jeet toadi.seoiuil of 12* [ht cent 
00, Ottawa, Out., "1109 hydraids" should retul 1190 hydrants, 
(i.'i. Tort KIkIii, Out., "2J miles of ('. I. mains " should read 3* miles. 
65, St. Cath.irines, Ont., "services. . . . 1 1, in. to S iii." should 
6<), St. Thoma.s, Out., " 175 hydrants" .should ri'ad 170 hydrants. 
7.'), Francis, Sask., "cost of supply plant $1,(MM)" should read $20,000. 

80, Grand I'orks, H.C, " In oix-ration since 1011" should reail 1900. 
86, Kamloops, B.C., " Reservoir: one of 0,(H)() tjal." should read 60,000 gal. 
88, rentioton, B.C., "estimated cost of plant, *95,(iU5" should read i-timatid ccjst of 

93, Yarmouth, X.S., Uialer " I'lat rates jxr dwelling": 7.50 to 20 slioul(. read 7..")() to 25. 

94, larnham. Que., Under " Mat rates ixr ilwelling:" to S shoidil n ad fi to 13. 

95, .\ylmer, Ont., Under " -Meter rates": 5 to 30 shoidd road 5 to 30. 

90, Napanee, Ont., Under " Klat rates": in-ert "suhject toadiscount of 12i per cent". 

■ail ', in. to ,•< 


I m> 1 

'mm:cM^fr3 ' mm^^'ijmmm':^. 

■•^ ^A ■'^ii^M^^^^^.m^i